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The Joys of Art

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bush's Father's Day Card

This enclosed in a card will be a great Father's Day gift for President Bush....

George Bush

Ode To Bush and FEMA
by: drfreudianslipknot 04/27/06 07:12 pm
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Conduct Unbecoming

With that smile upon your face,
you say you love the human race.
Yet your actions speak loud and clear,
you prey on the weak with fear.

Conduct unbecoming a human.

What is up with all this shit?
You are nothing but a hypocrite!
You look at them, smiles a plenty.
The knife you hide is always ready.

Conduct unbecoming a human.

You are shallow not hallowed.
Hanging souls from the gallows.
You are beastly and cruel,
selling souls your golden rule.

Conduct unbecoming a human.

You lurk in the shadows, laying in wait.
False promises of heavenly gates.
I tell you this and I mean what I say,
you will reap what you have sown one day.


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