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The Joys of Art

Thursday, October 23, 2003

The Prodigal Daughter...

It feels DAMN GOOD to be home again....What a horrible time I have had living in the "phony city"....Word to the wise and significant: "Never give up anything that you can't afford to give away..."Damn Messicans....

Hey Yahoo!!! Where do you get the girly men from??? Are they imported??? On a lighter note: I am going to Belize and Cozumel in November.....Life is good!!!

With My Biznass please don't mess!!!
Sigh...I need a vacation to Cozumel and Belize very badly....STRESS!!! I am starting to let nerds on Yahoo upset me again and I told myself that I wasn't going to bring Sodom or Gomorrah with me when I fled the "city"....Seven fun filled days aboard a cruise ship....I plan to spend all seven sipping on some champagne (or some "henny"..LOL...like they serve "henny" on cruise ships)....24-hour pizza catering?!!!
OMG...My son and little brother are going to love that....

Don't start none...Won't be none...My son and I deserve this cruise ( my daddy is paying for it...:o) ) after being held down....I was physically held down (restrained) with my ex-sister-in-law last Sunday trying to tell me that I couldn't leave town with my son....Messicans are so hung up on their Hispanic last names and they act like you become (or should become) Hispanic just because you marry into their family...Hell the phucking LO!!! I was born and raised in Louisiana!!! My mother's family's last name was Lavigne!!! Mental note: Give the Messicans back their last name....They act like you are just borrowing it anyway.....Yeah my son's people acted like they can go contrary to my divorce decree and custody papers and keep me in the "phony city"....(Can you say "tribal-minded"??)...I should have filed charges of assault, battery, false-imprisonment or something of that nature....Antehoo...After me calling cops I am glad the cops saw through the madness (after I spilled the family's skeletons out of the closet--they love this kinda drama anyway--I could have talked for days---I just gave them (my son's people) what they wanted and I gave my finest performance....I had been ready to scream this stuff to the world and that is just what I did--bet they won't F with me NO moe)...I had to stay until the next because they told the police I had drank a beer and I couldn't leave until the next morning....Yeah... Like it takes a beer from 3 pm Sunday until 7 am Monday to leave your system...The nerve of that HO calling me an unfit mother to the police...It was not the first time that she called me unfit...When I was divorcing her brother he had his whole family in San Antonio write notorized statements about me calling me unfit....And you wonder why their own mother left their dad...They do hateful stuff just he did (such as snatching kids from school in Houston) when his wife left him.....I might have changed my mind and stayed but when I called my mother on the phone to tell her that I was coming home to Louisiana she got on the phone and started arguing with my mother and she tells my mother that she'd better not call her mother's house again (in Houston)...SHE DOESN'T EVEN SPEAK TO HER MOTHER...SHE CUSSED AT HER MOTHER THE WEEKEND OF MY SON'S BIRTHDAY PARTY IN HOUSTON AND SHE LEFT CRYING, RANTING AND RAVING AND WENT BACK TO SAN ANTONIO... SHE HAS NOT EVEN SPOKEN TO HER MOTHER SINCE THAT DAY....HER MOTHER HAS SINCE THAT DAY TAKEN ILL AND WAS HOSPITALIZED...THE DOCTORS TOLD HER THAT SHE WOULD REQUIRE AN OXYGEN TANK FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE...SEE WHAT KIND OF MESS I MARRIED INTO?!!! I was not down for her disrespecting my mother....They can play those little sick games in their family if they want to but the buck stops right there when it comes to my family...The next day I was on my merry way to Louisiana..... Now to change my last name and residency back.....And when I get on that cruise ship I am going to have a beer EVERYDAY in celebration of leaving SAN ANTONIO....I DON'T REGRET LEAVING....

Oh louisiana, louisiana
They’re trying to wash us away, they're trying to wash us away
Oh louisiana, oh louisiana
They’re trying to wash us away, oh lord, they’re trying to wash us away
They’re trying to wash us away, they’re trying to wash us away
(Aaron Neville [ Randy Newman] - Louisiana 1927)