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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nagin's Camera's

3 shot in Irish Channel
April 18, 2007 11:04PM
From staff reports
Three young men were shot in the Irish Chanel at about 9:49 p.m. Wednesday.
The three were taken to University Hospital in undetermined condition, but none were believed to be life threatening least one, officers at the scene said.
Two of the wounded men were found in a house in the 600 block of 6th Street, etween Chippewa and St. Thomas streets. The third man was found outside the house, according to the officers, who asked not to be identified. Police spokeswoman Officer Jonette Williams idented the victims as a 23-year-old shot in the back and the foot; a 25-year-old shot in the buttocks and 15-year-old shot in the abdoment and the arm.
She said they were shot while sitting on the porch of the house where they were found.
Neighbors said at least one of the men lived in the house.
Eight evidence markers, usually used to mark bullet casings, place in front of the house: four in the street and four on the sidewalk.
Neighbors reported hearing "a lot of shots." One estimated six to eight shots were fired.
Two who asked not to be identified, said police often patrol the area and often stop and search young men.
City surveillance cameras are stationed at least one corner near the shooting scene, but police did not say whether it was working Tuesday.
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shourcade says...
Great job, Mayor Nagin, on your patronage-laden (i.e. Greg Meffert and friends) surveillance camera program! The ineptitude of your office is an absolute outrage!
Posted on 04/19/07 at 6:55AM

Bob504 says...
Look at the Ads on TV- St. Tammany Parish- Pres. "The North Shore is open for bussiness", What does New Orleans project?- Mayor Nagin says nothing. New Orleans desparately needs someone to project a positive image. When those in power say " If you're not part of the 52% chocolate, don't come here" The slow tragic decline of New Orleans is the responsibility of those who want to loot it for racist laziness till there is nothing left. Nobody want to come to the city of bad manners and bad attitude.


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