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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So High....

My Dynamic Duo is awesome--that Blanco/Landrieu combination!!! Governor Blanco, I knew you'd set precedent but I'd never thought they'd setle the case before 11/13.....Good for you Governor KBB.....:o)

So High--Tab Benoit

I was going to see Tab in Concert tomorrow but I really DO need to be at work Friday--LOL....I'm jealous of his guitar skills---more practice and less messageboards, Sharon....I gotta keep track on the Blanco haters though.....I feel like the girl in one of my pics, who said that she was PMSing and that she was going to go and crash on her couch and eat lots of chocolate....I'll have to leave the messageboards alone for two weeks because one of those jokers will rub me the wrong way while I am PMSing......Those bloated, irritable, cramping feelings!!!!


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