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The Joys of Art

Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh Lord the Governor Done did it!!!!

She went and proclaimed November 11 to be a day of Celebration--Veterans Day.....She shole made Senator Landrieu's day!!!! I'm already smelling oranges!!!! Senator Landrieu's already be-bopping through the house singing "fire, limpin' and burning down"!!!!! I can see you Senator Landrieu!!!! I got long range vision!!!!

Lawd!!!!! Senator Landrieu's about to marinate up some steaks Governor!!!! And her birthday's in November and with such a big family that she hails from she'll get lots of steaks for her birthday....Governor, she'll be marinating steaks all throughout next year!!!!!!

Senator Landrieu has a lot of spunk ( I can't think of any other word at the moment to describe it Senator) inside of her....She is toooooooo cute!!!!!! The time is now for her to let the entire nation see it....She's got a work to do....Over one year later--it's still magic Senator Landrieu.....


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