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The Joys of Art

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Congress I have had to push my date back a little further but 300 of you all are going to get post cards this week....I don't care if this is a break in session who ever got tossed out from the 109th Congress I'll make up the difference in the 11oth Congress.....Since I plan to enjoy myself this weekend I have set for me a deadline this week to pop off 300 postcards to you all....Laughing at the fact that InFPs are called " I never Finish Projects".....The 109th Congress can tell you that I DO FINISH PROJECTS ALL--530 SOMETHING OF YOU ALL!!!!!!! This is my weekend Congress and I want to pop off some words with you so i need to be " 'bout it--'bout it"...

My favorite Senator has been on my mind....Don't be mad at me because I appeared too shy to meet you in person Senator Landrieu....All things (happen) in due time Dear Senator....There's a time and a season for everything....

Caravan--The Neville Brothers

Governor Blanco, we still have yet a mighty work to do....There is such a thing as a "hedge of protection" Dear Governor....Get some sleep Dear Governor, you deserve it mama....Don't let the hurricane season trouble you......Just like I've said before, you have time and prayer on your side Governor Blanco.....


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