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The Joys of Art

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spring Forward--Fall Back

All Night Long--Common featuring Erykah Badu

Oh wow!!!! I get an extra hour of sleep starting tonight!!!! That means I'll get three hours of sleep instead of only two!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bone Pickin'

Tab I'd go and see you down in Texas (He is sooooo awesome!!!) but I think I'll stay home and watch horror movies and continue writing to Congress....I still have a bone to pick with those jokers....

Bone Pickin'--Tab Benoit

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So High....

My Dynamic Duo is awesome--that Blanco/Landrieu combination!!! Governor Blanco, I knew you'd set precedent but I'd never thought they'd setle the case before 11/13.....Good for you Governor KBB.....:o)

So High--Tab Benoit

I was going to see Tab in Concert tomorrow but I really DO need to be at work Friday--LOL....I'm jealous of his guitar skills---more practice and less messageboards, Sharon....I gotta keep track on the Blanco haters though.....I feel like the girl in one of my pics, who said that she was PMSing and that she was going to go and crash on her couch and eat lots of chocolate....I'll have to leave the messageboards alone for two weeks because one of those jokers will rub me the wrong way while I am PMSing......Those bloated, irritable, cramping feelings!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I thought I smelled oranges

Perhaps not.....Her steaks are marinating though--at an undisclosed location......


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Love Covers a multitude of sin

The message might not always be pleasant but many times it is NEEDED.... Louisiana you'll be alright if you allow yourself to look beyond your faults in order to see your state's needs.....

Let Love Take Control--Tab Benoit

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Go Senator Landrieu!!!!!!

She's part of my "dynamic duo"!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's been terrific for them

It hasn't been terrific for me though!!!!

Immigrant workers sending millions of dollars abroad

By Bill Walsh
Washington bureau

WASHINGTON — The large number of Latin American immigrants who flooded into South Louisiana for jobs after Hurricane Katrina are sending hundreds of millions of dollars to their loved ones back home, according to a new study.

The projected number of cash transfers — known as “remittances” — from the United States to Latin America for 2006 showed its largest increase in Louisiana, according to an Inter-American Development Bank study released Wednesday. Researchers estimated that immigrants working in the state will send $208 million to Latin America countries this year, a four-fold increase since 2004.

“Where there are jobs, there are Latin American immigrants,” Sergio Bendixon, author of the bank study, said. “The large number of jobs after Katrina made Louisiana the state with the largest growth in remittances to Latin America.”

Overall, an estimated 12 million Latin American immigrants in the United States will send $45 billion to their home countries this year, accounting for a major economic force in a perennially struggling part of the world. The average remittance has grown to $300 a month, a 50 percent increase in the past five years.

With high unemployment and low-paying jobs in their home countries, the allure of service industry and construction work paying $10 an hour or more in the United States is enough for millions of Latin Americans to leave their families and, frequently illegally, come to the United States. The Inter-American Bank study, which surveyed 2,511 immigrants by telephone in May, indicates that the vast majority — 73 percent — send a portion of their wages home.

The bank has been tracking remittances since 2000 as part of a campaign to promote investments in insurance, housing and education as a way of stimulating the economy of Latin America.

“Remittances are an important opportunity to boost development,” said Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Bank.

Louisiana’s immigrant explosion is directly tied to the massive rebuilding after Katrina, the most destructive natural disaster in U.S. history. Faced with a severe worker shortage in all industries, local firms have been offering cash signing bonuses even to unskilled immigrants and paying far more than the minimum wage.

The influx of immigrants may be a financial boon for Latin America, but has put a strain on local Louisiana governments struggling to provide social services as well as school systems, which are racing to hire bilingual teachers. A housing shortage has forced many of the immigrants to seek shelter in local parks, under bridges or at truck stops. Jesus Gonzalez, pastor of Monte de los Olivos Lutheran Church in Kenner, said some homeowners allow immigrant construction workers to stay in their houses while they are rebuilding.

“Rent runs about $800 a month and they can put six people in there,” Gonzalez said.

The bank study suggests there also has been a financial upside to remittances originating in the United States. The survey found that 90 percent of the money stays behind and is invested in local communities. The study projected that immigrants would pour $2.1 billion into Louisiana’s economy in 2006.

Darlene Kattan, director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in New Orleans, said companies are signing up for membership in the hopes of tapping into what is a growing Latin American market. One of the newest members is Western Union, the firm that specializes in wire transfers.

Kattan said she was at a conference in Philadelphia recently and a Western Union official was touting his fastest-growing market: New Orleans.

“He told me the amount of money being sent (to Latin America) is tremendous,” Kattan said. “It’s so much they have joined the chamber and want to become very active. They are hiring people here. This has been really terrific for them.”

Bill Walsh can be reached at bill.walsh@newhouse.com or (202) 383-7817.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I bet this story has even Mayor Nagin Scared....It's terror time again New Orleans....

Killer's suicide note leads cops to grisly scene

By Walt Philbin, Steve Ritea and Trymaine Lee
Staff writers

Zackery Bowen walked up the ledge, looked over, then turned around and walked back.

A surveillance camera trained on the eighth floor at the poolside bar in the Omni Royal Orleans caught Bowen, 28, repeating the action, over and over, apparently hesitating as he prepared for one final, horrific act.

His descent into darkness began more than two weeks ago, police and associates said, when he murdered his girlfriend, 30-year-old Adriane “Addie” Hall, strangling her in their one-bedroom apartment over a French Quarter voodoo shop. Bowen killed his girlfriend of more than a year without a tinge of remorse, according to a suicide note he carried in his right front pocket, in a plastic bag, for police to find on his corpse.

Bowen left a second, rambling letter in the couple’s apartment, a graphic narrative scrawled of the his murder and descretion of Hall’s body, scrawled on eight small pages of his girlfriend’s journal. That letter, along with interviews with police investigators and the couple’s friends and co-workers in the French Quarter and Faubourg Marigny, tell a sordid tale of extreme highs and lows, starting with a Katrina-inspired love affair and ending in among the most gruesome slayings in the city’s history.
In the letter, Bowen confessed that for almost two weeks after the killing he continued to live with the corpse of the woman who had repeatedly proclaimed her love for him. In those final days, driven by an accelerating madness, underpinned by unrelenting fury and self-loathing, he dismembered her corpse — baking her limbs in the oven and cooking her head in a pot on the stove, police said — until he decided to methodically end his own life.

Bowen had planned every detail before heading to the hotel bar Tuesday night, except, perhaps, for the hestitation he faced on the ledge. The hotel security tape, described in an interview with police sources, shows him struggling to muscle up the courage.

Up to the railing, then back. Up again, then back.

Just before 8:30 p.m., he did it, leaping to his death on the street down below.

“I just find it so hard to believe,” said Caryn Lott, owner of Buffa’s, the French Quarter outpost where he had tended bar. “I’d be willing to bet it was something in his past...something that was underneath. I just don’t think we looked far enough.”

Life as bartenders

Much of Bowen’s past remains a mystery, only known by the painful details he leaked out to his friends in New Orleans. He ends the letter with a list of his “failures — school, jobs, military, marriage, parenthood, morals, love.”

“Every last one of these I failed at,” he wrote. “Hence the 28 cigarette burns” — 13 on each arm two on his chest — one for each year of my existance (sic).”

Friends said he grew up in Los Angeles, but the details that drove him to inflict those burns into his flesh are few.

Before meeting Hall, he had been married and had two children, a girl and a boy, said Louis Matassa, who later hired Bowen to make deliveries for his French Quarter grocery.

Lott recalled how Bowen claimed he had served in the military. Efforts to confirm his military service were unsuccessful Wednesday.

Though typically gregarious, Bowen’s demeanor took a dive when he talked about that part of his life, often after several rounds of Miller High Life and shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey, his drinks of choice. He would grow angry and distraught, Lott said, talking of how the government “messed him over,” referring to his military service, which he told friends included stints in Iraq and Bosnia.

While he sometimes spoke of that service with pride, somewhere overseas there had been an incident concerning a child that weighed heavy on him, said Donovan Calabaza, another bartender at Buffa’s, “but we really didn’t get into it.”

Lott didn’t like it when he talked about the military.

“How ‘bout them Saints?” Lott would say, trying to move him onto a lighter topic.

Hall’s life carried its own burdens. Friends said she grew up in Pennsylvania, though they had few other details of her past. Calabaza said he and Hall occasionally shared details about their similar childhood traumas.

She and Bowen fell in love the night Hurricane Katrina struck, said former mayoral candidate Leo Watermeier, who would later rent them their last apartment on N. Rampart Street, relaying the story they told him.

Blond and petite, Hall harbored an intense attraction to Bowen, a tall, strapping man with a magnetic personality. Lott said she hired him as “a little eye candy for the ladies.” They visited each other at the bars where each of them worked — she visiting him at Buffa’s, he visiting her at The Spotted Cat in the Faubourg Marigny.

Sometimes he took advantage of his looks at her expense, associates who knew the couple said, flirting or even making out with other women. Their relationship veered between highs and lows, but “she loved that guy,” said Eura Jones, who worked with Hall at The Spotted Cat. “She really loved him.”

When the blaring music at Buffa’s drowned out their conversation, they wrote love notes to each other, Calabaza said.

Would not leave Quarter

In the weeks after the storm, they became French Quarter icons, some of the last holdouts who resisted calls from the mayor and the military to leave the city. They peacefully resisted, inventing a new brand of post-disaster bohemianism.

They became inventors by necessity, fashioning a fly swatter from a pair of plastic plates taped onto a wire hanger. He fashioned a stove of sorts out of a metal bucket packed with felled branches and covered with an old barbeque grill.

In the afternoons, they sat on the stoop of their powerless Gov. Nicholls Street apartment, getting their news from neighbors and passers-by, often offering them cocktails. Bowen usually went shirtless in those humid weeks after the storm. Hall wore a tank top, lovingly stroking stray cats that sauntered up to where she and Bowen sat, sharing cigarettes.

“It’s actually been kind of nice,” Bowen said in those first weeks after the storm. “And I’m getting healthier, eating right and toning up.”

“We’ve been able to see the stars for the first time,” Hall said. “Before, this was a 24-hour lit city. Now it’s peaceful.”

Both working as bartenders at the time, Hall and Bowen were flush with booze and beer, sometimes trading it for water and ice when they couldn’t get enough from the Salvation Army. They got a three months’ supply of food, mostly canned, when a local grocer opened his doors and invited people to peacefully take what they want, rather than face the destruction caused by looters.

Hall devised a provocative way to lure police protection to their neighborhood. The New York Times described her habit of flashing her breasts at passing police cars to make sure their house got routine patrols.

But as the year wore on and life began to stabilize in New Orleans, their relationship began to fall apart.

Several months ago, Hall failed to show up for work — distraught by a brief breakup with Bowen. He also disappeared from his jobs at Buffa’s and making deliveries for Matassa’s. They would reuinite, but only for a time, friends said, before his downward spiral into madness took hold.

“It was a revolving door,” said Lisa Perilloux, a regular at Buffa’s.

One night in particular, she was seen screaming at him from Buffa’s doorway as he stood in the street, Perilloux said.

“He was getting rid of her,” Perilloux said, who said she never heard him say anything nice about Hall.

While Bowen struggled with his own demons, Hall had her own moments of instability. Friends describe her as having at-times a frightening mean streak. She was arrested on Aug. 14 after pulling a gun on a man at a French Quarter corner early in the morning. According to the police report, Hall pointed a “blue steel” handgun at the man and said, “What the (expletive) is wrong with you?”

As the man called the police, Hall ran to her apartment on Gov. Nicholls, where officers found her changed out of blue jeans and T-shirt and into a nightgown. At the apartment, officers found the gun, along with a bag of what police believed to be marijuana and two pipes. The man identified Hall as the woman who pulled a gun on him, according to the police reports.

Hall was booked with aggravated assault with a firearm, first offense possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The morning of Sept. 28, police again arrived at the Gov. Nicholls apartment, responding to a call about a disturbance, according to a police report. They found Bowen on the stoop of the apartment. Upon spotting the officers, Bowen got up and dropped an object that turned out to be a clear plastic bag of marijuana, according to the report. He was booked with first offense possession of marijuana.

Looking for a home

Even as they were falling apart as a couple, Jones said they faced more stress when they were evicted from the Gov. Nicholls apartment around the time of Bowen’s arrest. Hall also disappeared permanently from her job at The Spotted Cat around that time.

“I had a feeling something was seriously wrong,” said Ed Parrish, The Spotted Cat’s co-owner.

Around Oct. 1, they rented an apartment from Watermeier at 826 N. Rampart Street, above the Voodoo Spiritual Temple and Cultural Center.

But a few days later, they were fighting again — this time over which of their names would appear on the lease. Hall told Watermeier she was going to kick Bowen out. He had been cheating on her, Watermeier said, and she had not had enough.

No one ever saw her again.

On Oct. 6, a day after Bowen said he killed Hall, he wrote in his confession that he was “posed with the question of how to dispose of the corpse,” he wrote.

He continued that he passed out after drinking, went to work at Matassa’s, all day long devising a plan that involved cooking her body.

It was during the days of methodically dismembering her body that Bowen said he decided to kill himself after one final blowout — “spend(ing) the $1,500 I had being happy until I killed myself...So that’s what I did: good food, good drugs, good strippers, good friends and any loose ends I may have had...And had a fantastic time living out my days.”

Voodoo Priestess Miriam Chamani, who runs the center, said she last saw Bowen Saturday morning as he was walking back into the apartment.

Last Sunday, Bowen appeared “all jolly,” Preilloux said, as he quaffed beer and shot Irish whiskey at Buffa’s.

“He was (in) a great mood, best mood I’ve ever seen him in,” she said.

Calabaza quoted him saying he would take a “much-needed vacation” — to Cozumel or some other island resort.

Two nights before Bowen lept to his death, Kalabaza recalled telling Bowen:

“Just think, tomorrow night, you’ll be in paradise.”

Steve Ritea can be reached at sritea@timespicayune.com or by calling (504) 826-3396. Trymaine Lee can be reached at tlee@timespicayune.com or by calling (504) 826-3301. Staff writer Laura Maggi contributed to this report.

The Sins of our Fathers

He's been working on my last nerve for over 3 months.....He's selfish, manipulative and controlling....He wants me because I posses something that my brothers don't have and that is that I have always been "self-sacrificial".....He was the one who wanted me to sign custody of my son over to him because he was convinced that his "insurance" was better than my "insurance"....."My insurance has better coverage", he said....

Like a "John" to a "trick" he tells me two weeks ago "If I don't take care of you who else is going to take care of you".....This was his exact words....After hearing such profound words, how could I even begin to trust others in this world?? This was more than a "family should take care of each other" speech, this was straight-out and plain manipulation and control.....He is sitting on some big bucks right now and he wants to out right buy me....

He's the epitome of a desperate and dying baby boomer.....Previously, he out of desperation, and also in yet another vain attempt to rule my life, told me that he'd build me a house....This isn't the first time.....But, as always, that offer comes with the price of selling my soul to him.....

He wants his own kids to help heal his childhood hurts and wounds.....It was rough being called a "bastard child" and "po' boy" in his day and age.....He can't get past it....The voices from beyond the grave still controll him so that's why he is on a mission for his kids to help slay his demons.....There is still a lot of fear in him.....

But yet, we don't owe him anything.....He owes us....You owe us daddy....


Cyril Neville, you rock!!!!! Tab Benoit, you are just plain hot!!!!!! We see you too Waylon Thibodeaux!!!!!! Waylon is just awesome!!!! We love you!!!!

Our Voices

It Makes You Happy
--The Renditions

Can you really get enough of the song "Big Chief"??

Big Chief--Cyril Neville and Tribe 13

The Camera is a bit bouncy at first because I was swaying to the music....It's kinda hard to "drop it like it's hot" and keep the camera still.....

Download File

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Houma, Louisiana

This is my people....This is my culture.....This is my world....

We Make a Good Gumbo

We Make a Good Gumbo--Tab Benoit

Governor Blanco it don't get no better than this!!!!!

Download File

A higher plane

Human beings are three dimensional at the most and two dimensional at the VERY least--particularly most Christians....Now the dark, nefarious groups and entities out there know that more dimensions abound and they speak in "code" all around Christians with Christians never coming into the knowledge of the truth....They are very much contact with higher power and they are controlling (and being controlled) and manipulating (and being manipulated) these principalities and powers....

Two dimensional beliefs of the Bible started and have kept this lie alive: "Cain was the first murderer in the Bible." That is a lie and people are sitting there misinterpreting the Bible.....The Bible specifically states---IN FACT IT WAS JESUS WHO SAID IT HIMSELF--Satan (Lucifer) was the first murderer in the Bible!!!!! Jesus specifically told a "generation of vipers" that Satan was a liar, a murderer (and a thief) from the beginning and the truth abode NOT in him!!!!! So Cain was not the first murderer in the Bible---THE DEVIL WAS!!!!!!!


Congress get to work on restoring the wetlands!!!!!

Do you think we are making all these silly and sentimental videos for nothing??? I could be doing better things with my time such as lusting after Tab Benoit!!!!

For we war NOT against flesh and blood....

It's campaign season and the FORCES working iniquity, cross-purposes and destruction to the state of Louisiana are in full season.....I'll be putting on the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD AND I'LL BE DEALING WITH YOU VILE SPIRITS ON AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL!!!!



Garland Robinette

I watched your show on C-Span--several times at that--(everything gets sifted through my stream of conscience) and you managed to pat yourself on the back so much during the two hours and twenty-five minutes of that time that YOU SHOULD HAVE A FRACTURED SHOULDER!!!!!! My dynamic duo (Blanco and Landrieu) looked outstanding as usual.....Mama did look a bit tired though.....Get some rest Governor, He said that He would stay the storms....


Monday, October 16, 2006

I wonder

I wonder if people even half-way think like I do.....I guess ever since I could remember I felt a communication with other dimensions--the heavens.....It became very profound when Bush took office but before hand there were definite episodes.....You'd find it very weird for me to be telling the Governor of this state that God told me to tell her that He would stay the storms.....He wanted her to be more concentrated on the great work that is ahead of her than to be worrying about hurricanes this season so therefore he said to me...."Tell her that she has time and prayer on her side...." He said that He would stay the storms Governor Blanco.....On the flip side of things, the nefarious entities don't like to be talked about at all and they don't hesitate to pay me a visit at all such as recently....Folks wonder what i am talking about.....When I talk about these nefarious groups or entities they summon entities....I can be sitting down and see a shadow pass across the wall or they might summon a hostile entity to come and show it's presence.....You can feel the freque or it's low down, dirty vibe......But "Greater is He that is within me than he that is within the world..." Everytime "they" come around the Spirit of God comes upon me strong.....He is a strenght, fortress, a protective and a comforting force......Everytime, I sense their hostile presence, the power of God is already there to protect me and I can see Michael and Gabriel and the heavenly host right there poised to pound some heads.....

"Oh hand me down....Throw me down....Hand me down my silver trumpet Gabriel.....Hand me down, throw me down, anyway you get it down.....Hand me down my silver trumpet, Lord......

Satan's mad and I am glad.....Hand me down my silver trumpet Gabriel......'Cause he lost a soul, he thought he had.....Hand me down my silver trumpet, Lord.....

Oh hand me down....Throw me down....Hand me down my silver trumpet Gabriel.....Hand me down, throw me down, anyway you get it down.....Hand me down my silver trumpet, Lord...."

10/16/06--Steaks, baked potatoes, veggies and lots of rain

It's a great day to be stuck indoors....Movies,music and lots of love abound within....Without the night is dark and, it feels like rain.....It feels like rain....

** I purloined the words "without the night was dark" from Roadl Dahl from his short story "The Monkey's paw"....Read it long time ago in highschool....I remembered it....

How 'bout them Saints??!!!

Dem Saints are cuttin' up!!!!!! GO SAINTS GO!!!!!

The "Queen Bee" pose

Grrrrr!!!!!! Governor Blanco, you took one of my favorite pics of you off your website....It's the one with the "queen bee" pose.....That picture definitely says "queen bee"....It's the one with you and a constituent--a man in a sleeveless t-shirt with a tatoo on his arm.....You had on blue and it was like you turned around to the camera, your constituents and the entire world....The smile, the style and the pose definitely says "queen bee".....Grrrrrr!!!!! I like that pic!!!!!! Sigh...You just put that pic on your site....I can't be asking for too much, can I?!!!!

Queen Bee--Taj Mahal

Oh Lord the Governor Done did it!!!!

She went and proclaimed November 11 to be a day of Celebration--Veterans Day.....She shole made Senator Landrieu's day!!!! I'm already smelling oranges!!!! Senator Landrieu's already be-bopping through the house singing "fire, limpin' and burning down"!!!!! I can see you Senator Landrieu!!!! I got long range vision!!!!

Lawd!!!!! Senator Landrieu's about to marinate up some steaks Governor!!!! And her birthday's in November and with such a big family that she hails from she'll get lots of steaks for her birthday....Governor, she'll be marinating steaks all throughout next year!!!!!!

Senator Landrieu has a lot of spunk ( I can't think of any other word at the moment to describe it Senator) inside of her....She is toooooooo cute!!!!!! The time is now for her to let the entire nation see it....She's got a work to do....Over one year later--it's still magic Senator Landrieu.....

Home grown

I look at Tab Benoit as he is standing on stage and I say to myself....."Yeah.....This is what it is all about about....The preservation of "us"....The preservation of Louisiana....Preservation....Restoration....Hope....Faith....Love....Healing....

We have some of the most talented people on this entire planet right here in the state of Louisiana....We have the best looking men on the face of this entire earth, right here in Louisiana.....OMG does Houma, Louisiana have some of the best looking men in Louisiana.....I don't care what Mayor Nagin thinks.....He might be all "chocolate" but I got have me some scoops of "vanilla" and Mr. Tab Benoit ain't hurting in either the looks nor the talent departments NOT THAT I AM LUSTING....My goal is to remain celibate....Celibacy is such an empowering thing....It is a personal choice....You decide when and to whom to give your body sexually.....I truly believe that when you give your body to another you form some of the most powerful bonds there is---YOU FORM "SOUL TIES" TO ONE ANOTHER--soul bonds...At this moment I seek understanding and acceptance more than I desire a sexual relationship....

Welcome to My Love--Rachelle Ferrell

Tab Benoit epitomizes everything I dream of in a Cajun man---talented, sucessful, caring, handsome.....It was like "sigh"....Louisiana men will always, always have a special place in my heart and I learned my lesson by not marrying one.....

Houma, Louisiana is Louisiana's best kept secret.....The people down there are exceptional friendly, and accepting.....It really restored my faith in community....My son says that he bets that even the criminals are nice in Houma....The people in Houma are deep thinkers and progressive.....You can actually have an intelligent conversation with them and not come off as feeling like some sort of "weirdo".....Corey's like "Mama we really need to move here!!!! Let's move here!!!! Let's move here!!!!" Houma, Louisiana is really an InFP's dream come true....

Side note: See!!! I always knew that St. Luke the physician in the Bible was an InFP....He loved Timothy as his own son and took him under his wing....I liken Mr. Charles Boustany to the Luke in the Bible.....He reminds me very much of him.....

Together, we can grow, Louisiana (Hello St. Bernard Parish!!! Hello Mayor Nagin!!!!)....We can't afford to leave one another of the healing and restoration process....This state has everthing it takes to be a success right here within it's very own borders.....I know this....I can see it with my very own eyes.....:o)

Look Up (in Joy)--Patrice Rushen

Thursday, October 12, 2006



Cheney collects campaign cash, talks flood control in NO

In his first trip to New Orleans in more than a year, Vice President Dick Cheney on Thursday came to collect campaign cash at a Republican National Committee fundraiser and to get an eyeful of the city’s recovery, his spokeswoman said.
Whisked down a closed I-10 in a motorcade, Cheney arrived at about 3 p.m. at the Port of New Orleans, where he was greeted by five first responders before boarding a tugboat for a private meeting with Gulf Coast Recovery Czar Donald Powell, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-Metairie, and Brig. Gen. Robert Crear, commander of the Mississippi Valley division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Emerging from the closed-door session, Cheney briefly took reporter's questions. He said the briefing had focused on levees and flood control.
"Clearly, that's one of the most important parts of recovery process, which is altogether fitting given that this was the worst natural disaster in American history.”
Cheney acknowledged unfilled gaps in the recovery work, but said overall he was “tremendously impressed."
"We’ve got a lot of work to do yet, but it looks like the levees are back to pre-Katrina levels, and in some cases, better than that."
Cheney's spokeswoman, Lea Anne McBride, said Cheney “initially planned to come to the RNC event, and the vice president wanted to build in some time to see people affected by Katrina and find out where they stand in the recovery process.”
Meanwhile in Washington, the Democratic National Committee issued a news release mocking Cheney’s trip, saying he planned no sojourns to flooded areas of the city and calling the trip window-dressing for a fundraising junket.
Powell, addressing that criticism on Cheney's behalf, said, "That's unfortunate. I think he spent his time very wisely" focusing on flood control and economic issues.
Cheney left the tug boat to attend the RNC ceremony at the World Trade Center.

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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita turned 217 square miles of coastal land and wetlands into water
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
By Mark Schleifstein
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ripped away 217 square miles of Louisiana's fragile coastline, with each turning huge swaths of land to water overnight, accelerating a process that already posed grave threats to coastal communities, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey study.

Survey scientists compared satellite images taken in 2004 with similar images from October 2005 to match areas that were wetlands, undeveloped dry land and farmland with what looked like open water several weeks after the storms.

The survey underscores the state's repeated demands that federal officials speed efforts to rebuild the Louisiana coastline, both to protect fragile fisheries and wildlife and to augment the buffer of plants, soils and barrier islands that can slow the approach of killer storm surges.

Indeed, Gov. Kathleen Blanco last week brandished the study, then not yet publicly released, to buttress her lawsuit attempting to block the federal Minerals Management Service from holding additional offshore oil lease sales. The governor seeks to force the agency to first perform a proper environmental assessment of the effects of oil and gas production on the state's wetlands.

"I am using every tool available to me to fight the federal government and will not allow them to continue to disregard the safety and environmental health of our fragile coastline any longer," Blanco said in a statement.

Wetlands plan outdated

In southeastern Louisiana, the study results show that the sea swallowed 79.2 square miles of land and wetlands east of the Mississippi River.

"We had a 50-year projection for wetlands loss as part of the Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration plan," said USGS scientist Jimmy Johnston., referring to the proposed $1.2 billion collection of restoration projects still awaiting congressional approval. "Guess what? That's outdated. We went through 40 percent of that loss with these storm events."

"We feel it's actually going to be less than that, and some will recover, but it's still too soon to tell," he said.

Of the total land lost, Plaquemines Parish took the brunt of the land loss: 57.2 square miles. The biggest chunk of that loss came in a pie-shaped section of wetlands south of the St. Bernard hurricane levees, on the eastern side of the Mississippi River. Before the storm, the Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion Project had rebuilt land that area had lost in years of erosion.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Congress I have had to push my date back a little further but 300 of you all are going to get post cards this week....I don't care if this is a break in session who ever got tossed out from the 109th Congress I'll make up the difference in the 11oth Congress.....Since I plan to enjoy myself this weekend I have set for me a deadline this week to pop off 300 postcards to you all....Laughing at the fact that InFPs are called " I never Finish Projects".....The 109th Congress can tell you that I DO FINISH PROJECTS ALL--530 SOMETHING OF YOU ALL!!!!!!! This is my weekend Congress and I want to pop off some words with you so i need to be " 'bout it--'bout it"...

My favorite Senator has been on my mind....Don't be mad at me because I appeared too shy to meet you in person Senator Landrieu....All things (happen) in due time Dear Senator....There's a time and a season for everything....

Caravan--The Neville Brothers

Governor Blanco, we still have yet a mighty work to do....There is such a thing as a "hedge of protection" Dear Governor....Get some sleep Dear Governor, you deserve it mama....Don't let the hurricane season trouble you......Just like I've said before, you have time and prayer on your side Governor Blanco.....

A Cry for Restoration

Mojo Hanna--The Neville Brothers

Saturday, October 07, 2006


The reservations are already made.....:o)

I need some unwind time.....:o)

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Woman's Got to Have It

Many men don't seem to get it....I can't wait until next week--a road trip is in the works for the whole weekend--Friday through Sunday!!!! I am going to check out this Voice of the Wetlands Festival......It's my long week off so woohoo!!!!!!!!!

A Woman's Got to Have It--Neville Brothers

Oil and Gas Revenue Sharing for Dummies

For the misinformed and the uninformed--an "eye opener".....A guideline for the rest of us....

Louisiana 1927--Randy Newman

We'll punctuate it with "Louisiana 1927" by Randy Newman....."They're trying to wash us away...They're trying to wash us away..."

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fear, Hate, Envy and Jealousy

Fear, Hate, Envy and Jealousy--The Neville Brothers

You haters are so unbecoming, pathetic and ridiculous--to include you Mr. "Milk Dud".....My Queen Bee and I are a united "Cajun" front......Ya'll know a good thing when you see it!!!! Yes....She is...:o)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Know the Lord Will Make a Way

I know the Lord Will make a Way--Smokie Norful

"Yes he will...Yes He will....Yes He will..."

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Levee Board Consolidation

Big Chief--Neville-ization

"I'm gonna do every thing I could....Because I'm a big chief and I'm feeling good..."

Way to go Governor!!!!! Thanks for doing the "hard math".....
Louisiana, you did the right thing so thanks also....IT'S A BRAND NEW DAY!!!