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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weird, wild , wacky and wonderful

My little brother is one to let me know of my blogger anniversaries....It will be four years in October....My audioblog account will be one year old in 5 days and it is renewed so stay tuned for more fun.....My AOL account is---damn let me do the math.....I have been a member of AOL ever since August 05, 1996.....

Name CajunDelyte
Location Cajun Country, Louisiana (Where else would I be??)

Gender Female
Marital Status Divorced but "married" to Cajun/Creole culture....
Hobbies & Interests Anything and everything that deals with Cajun and Creole culture and Louisiana....
Favorite Gadgets I'm a straight up technophile.....Can't you tell??? My new computer and my Dell Axim with WiFi and Bluetooth for starters....My new "baby" my cellphone which plays Madeline by Zachary Richard when some one calls me....Et toi!!!
Occupation A working technophile....Silently making my impression on the universe...

Personal Quote If you don't know what Zydeco or Cajun music (or enjoy them) is the chances of you and I being together are less than SLIM and NONE.....I make this stuff look effortless....Always busy never depressed.....Keep on learning and keep on striving..."Where there is NO struggle there is NO progress"--Fredrick Douglass

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