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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So that's what's wrong with me!!!

Back in 2003 before I moved back home to Louisiana I told my friend Mike (not the urologist Mike) how sometimes I would go into the stores with Walmart in particular in San Antonio and I would have to leave out because I felt sick, nauseated and damn near broke out in a sweat....It happened more times in San Antonio (being surrounded by extroverted Mexicans who can live in a two bed room apartment with 50 people to a room) than it did when I was young--not that it happened all the time either.....I was always under the impression that it was because my brain was trying to focus on too many things in the store....He just laughed and said "No...It's because you're an introvert personality..." So I started doing research on it and lawd did I come out as a text book case InFP....Everything I started reading was TRUE!!!! To include the "out of body" experiences I've had on people who tried to invade my space!!!! But they were out of place!!!! One of the characteristics of an InFP is that we constantly "process information"....I am watching you Senator Vitter so don't think that I am not reading everything I can that comes across me with your name on it.....

We love words.....Yep InFPs do love words....I could read at a very young age so I knew exactly what kinda beer was in my baby bottle when I was christened....LOL.....Yes it's true!!! Jax beer...J-A-X spells Jax!!!! And one time while at my grandmother's house in Opelousas for the summer my uncle came home (he is the baby and grandmother had him as number 12 at age 48)and my grandmother told him that there was some (p-i-e) on the stove....I said to her..."Grandmother I want another piece of p-i-e..." I was a cutup even then at age 3....

Perfectionists we are.....It doesn't matter how much I acomplish I'll always have that feeling like I am not doing enough....The fact that I feel I have too much stuff in here that is becoming clutter is also driving me mad....NO THE "LINOLEUM PEOPLE" AIN'T GETTING ANY MORE OF MY STUFF....THEY WANTED THE WASHER AND DRYER AND THEY'D TAKE THE KITCHEN SINK IF YOU'D LET THEM!!!!! I want to simplify...I want to cocoon myself....I want to surround myself with joy, hope and healing....It is well with my soul....It is well....


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