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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



I can see why God told me to stop and listen to this song Monday night....It didn't register then but it sure does now.....

I was reading an article in the Bayou Buzz last night and what I really felt is that plenty of Whites in Louisiana still want to see Blacks disenfranchised, hopeless and marginalized.....Now what the Mayor said was just wack about the Chocolate city thang but trust me a lot of Whites in Louisiana would rather see no "chocolate" around this entire state.....After reading some of this writer's comments about Louisiana becoming largely hispanic and that Blacks should pretty much acquiesce it reminded me of the time I was in the Army during BML training (Basic Medical Laboratory Technology ) training at M-4 school one of my fellow White classmates who was adopted by a Mexican family turned to me while we were walking to our cars and said "Don't you just envy their skin color??"....She was referring to some Mexicans who were also walking through the parking lot....She wasn't referring to Blacks trust me.....His column left me with the same feeling....."Don't you just envy their skin color??" "Don't you just "envy (them)??"

No....I do not....I have pretty much dated around the racial spectrum to include a Jewish pediatric urologist and trust me I don't sit around envying "their" skin color.....Mike is very olive complected....This is why a lot of minorities entering this country are able to use that same psychology on Black Americans and it is primarily thanks to the White population....I felt very "second class citizen" after reading his article and my family has been here for generations!!!!! And you wonder why a group of Mexican men could stand there and ask a single Black mother to just let them have her washer and dryer!!!!! They have already "arrived"!!!! They don't feel the need to respect us!!!!! I don't need the latest flavor such as this writer and Mayor Nagin apparently does....They're flavor struck!!!! It's time for Louisiana to lose that "Leander Peres" mentality!!!! It looks as though I can look forward to some race piting with Blacks being on the short end of the stick....."Don't you just envy??" Louisiana I hope that you prove me wrong on at least this one point....Sigh!!!!

Singing "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child..."


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