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Friday, September 15, 2006

Come down George come on come down

Five damn days, five long days at the end of the fifth, he (Bush) walking up like 'hey'!!!
Hey Governor Blanco, our main man "Brownay" (not a typo) got a lil bit more to say!!!!

George Bush

Brown: Earlier Bush visit after Katrina would have helped
9/15/2006, 5:24 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

CLEVELAND (AP) — The government's response to Hurricane Katrina would have been better if President Bush had visited New Orleans sooner after the hurricane to signal the administration's commitment, former Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael Brown said Friday.

Brown, who quit under fire in Katrina's aftermath, told the City Club of Cleveland public forum that things might have been different if he had spoken up sooner about the severity of last year's Gulf Coast hurricane.

In that case, "perhaps the president would have landed Air Force One that first day instead of looking out the window (on a flyover tour)," Brown said.

White House spokesman Alex Conant said Friday that the president has taken full responsibility for the government's response.

"The federal government has committed more than $110 billion to help the Gulf Coast and most of the money has already been sent to the region," Conant said. "I think $110 billion is a strong federal commitment to rebuilding the Gulf Coast."

Bush's first Katrina visit to the Gulf Coast was four days after the hurricane and what he experienced of the crisis was mostly by air. He acknowledged the failure of government hurricane relief efforts to that point and said, "The results are not acceptable."

"Whoever let that picture be taken of him peering out the window at New Orleans, they ought to be fired," Brown said. "I mean that was just stupid. The president should have landed that day."

The president's quick personal presence in New Orleans "would have given me the bully pulpit to say to the rest of the departments and agencies, HHS (Health and Human Services) and DOT (Department of Transportation) and all of the others, that I need help," Brown said.

Brown said the president pledged the administration's support during a video conference call on the day after the hurricane reached land.

"I told the president it was my estimation that 90 percent of New Orleans had been displaced and flooded, and he seemed surprised by that and basically told the rest of the Cabinet to give me whatever I needed," Brown said.


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