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The Joys of Art

Monday, August 07, 2006


Self-deluded people "beings" always overstep their bounds.....God has set boundaries for all of his creation!!!! Satan is very self-deluded (and so is our United States President and all those privy to secret organizations--"mystery Babylon" ie the false church)....That weekend when I had the experience of entertaining the angel (unaware?? Nope I saw you coming)....He walks in my office not really an office but let's just say that my job is to keep stuff secure and I am trained to be on the look out for "terrorists".....

The first thing he asks me is "You hungry??" I was since it was just 10:30 and I hadn't eaten anything yet....So I walk up closer to him and he starts shoveling these sweet treats out with his "hoofed hand"....Then he got to the pound cake and scooped a couple of slices out with his bare "hoof"....I am standing there thinking "deformed hand or not I don't want anyone trying to give me food with their bare anything and I don't even know you...." And trust me, that joker wasn't from Louisiana either.....So I tried to tell him that the twinkie would be enough, but you know Satan is persistant.....So noticing the concern on my face he tries to "jive talk me"...."Come get you some of this good stuff girl!!!" He says....Okay, so I place the twinkie which was wrapped and the slices of pound cake on a napkin--which we had plenty of....

Then he pulls out the "piece de resistance"---His Alabama sweet tea.....Oh I just had to have some of that....So God said let him do most of the talking--he's going to reveal a lot about himself....I had also read somewhere that when Jesus was tempted in the Wilderness...He didn't answer all of Satan's questions he let that self-deluded joker do most of the talking....Satan got to telling me that he gave some of this tea to his "friend" and "he fell off his feet"....I'm thinking to myself "This must be some bomb-ass tea!!!" I actually thought for a second that he meant his "friend" liked it alot... I was almost "ignorant" of one of his devices until I asked my next question...."What happened when he fell off his feet??"

That joker started to spill the beans!!! The "friend" had to be carted away by the paramedics and was in the hospital for almost a week but it was cool because they just laughed about it the next weekend (yeah right--more like it was just Satan that laughed)....Noticing concern on my face that joker knew he had said a bit too much and so he followed it up by asking me "You're not a diabetic are you??" I'm (genuinely) concerned so now he has to cover his lie by "feigning" concern....Can we all see now how the devil is subtil and crafty??!!!

Diabetics know what they can eat and what they can't eat....Satan knew that there was more in that tea than just some damn sugar.....So try and cover his lie he goes on to say that he eats a lot of sugar and that he consumes a five pound bag of sugar every two days.....But being the Devil that he is he still couldn't help himself from stopping to brag...."I put enough sugar in the tea to damn near kill a man!!!" Did you say "kill"?!!! No!!! He did!!!! So after that Mr. William Huntington left the job site and I just casually swept all the contents into the trash but only after letting a friend confirm that I did have some sweet treats on my desk....About an hour and a half later because it was a slow weekend and there was no one else around to witness our conversation--just the devil and me....


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