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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Prince of the Power of the Air

I had a battle with the Devil....Trust me folks when you start talking about "them" they will let you know that they are watching you....They practice black magic (Illuminati, NWO, Luciferian, Satanic, ancient pagan and mystical) and this is not your grandmother's New Orleans voodoo magic either.....

Well I had to stay at work an hour later and who would have ever known that the storm that was about to roll in would be a doozy!!!! So I leave work that hour later and I am headed off to do some school shopping....But before it was all done I would be drenched from head to toe.....So I decided to stop off and get me a beer if the rain stopped at the store that I always stop at after work for gas and refreshments....

Then it happened!!!! If you've never been in a hurricane trust me this came damn near close to it....People when I say the windgusts must have reached 50 to 60 miles an hour it was about that close....So I'm siting in my car with trees blowing down around me and also stop signs and lightning and a huge amount of hail coming down also.....I heard the voice of God--"Stand tall (strong) and go on with me my child"..."Okay God", I say...I know a lot has been stressing me out and some of my weblog posts reflect this.....So I was sitting there listening to Kirk Franklin and the storm took a turn for the major worse...I mean tropical storm like conditions my friends!!!! It got that bad!!!! So then I was like God this weather is NOT COOL maybe I should go inside the store....So I then exited my car and made a quick be-line for the doors of the store and others had already been running through the lightning, hail and tremendous amout of rain....But the only thing different from them was I was now running through 50 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts which tossed me around like a rag doll.....People it was truly that bad!!!! So as I am being tossed to and fro by this storm I drop my baby--my cell phone and I was like I am being blown up against the building--literally and now my 600 dollar phone is about to bite the dust also!!!! I made it inside--eventually!!! But not having received bruised knuckles, ankles and knees.... Police, fire trucks and EMT vehicles were all over the place!!!!!
But the prince of the power of the air had a little message for me.....He needed to let me know that he is still "the god of this world"--at least for the duration....See , I got my phone in February during income tax season and that was much later after hurricane Katrina or Rita....But for some reason I had programed this phone number into the phone....BUT I DON'T REMEMBER PROGRAMMING THAT NUMBER INTO MY PHONE AS I REALLY DIDN'T HAVE ANY REASON TO....THEY USE BLACK MAGIC SO MAYBE THEY PROGRAMMED IT INTO THE PHONE....AND BESIDES I HAVE OTHER NUMBERS IN THE PHONE SO ANY NUMBER COULD HAVE SHOWN UP--IF THEY WANTED ME TO SEE OTHER NUMBERS....BUT WE ALL KNOW THEY DIDN'T!!!!

Needless to say my 600 dollar baby was not injured by the torrential wind or rains--just a little wet....AS I LOOKED DOWN AT MY WET CELL PHONE BABY WHILE DRYING HER OFF I NOTICED A BIG WORD WITH A LITLE NAME....(LOOK BELOW)

THAT NUMBER WAS THE NUMBER TO FEMA!!!!!!!! You want to know the weidest part....After the weather subsided for the most part I got in my car and drove 11 miles down the road to my house as I only live 11 miles from my job.....It didn't even rain in my hometown and the sun was shining!!!!
People I know the Devil exists I have had too many runs in with him not to believe that he doesn't!!!!!
And I respond to your challenge FEMA and the rest of you Illuminati demons!!!! "Touch NOT my anointed and do my prophets NO harm!!!!!" Thus saidth the LORD!!!!!
I'm bruised but not broken.....People have you ever been blown around by a storm....It is hard to walk upright through 50 to 60 mile and hour winds.....I was blown to the ground a few times and actually came close to being blown into the wall....I just knew that I was going to be blown into the wall and be killed or knocked unconscious....Yes lots of people in the store/Jack in the Box restaurant saw me being blown around but what could they do for me??? All of my help comes from the Lord....If they came outside they would have been blown around themselves....In fact my (cashier) friend who used to weigh 218 pounds but now is a size 2 (yes she is!!!) told her fellow cashier co-worker that "you should have seen the wind and it was so strong that it literally 'blew' her around"....
See winds represent a type of "spirit" in the Bible.....That can be a Holy wind (as in the second chapter of Acts) or an "ill wind" (such as the Moriah conquering wind--Illuminati)....


  • Trust me things are very much still going on in the spiritual world...They are creeping about and acting up, just like they are doing right at this moment....Trust me--a lot of you are going to get a crash course in spiritual warfare--the hard way!!!!

    By Blogger Sharon, at Saturday, August 05, 2006 11:43:00 PM  

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