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The Joys of Art

Thursday, August 03, 2006


New Orleans is stressing me out....Mayor Nagin is stressing me out.....Congress is stressing me out--BOTH HOUSES!!!!!! Senator Frist just needs to plain shut up!!!! Senator Frist doesn't need to be re-elected!!!! President Bush is stressing me out!!!!! President Bush doesn't even need to be in office!!!! The mean people on the internet are stressing me out!!!!! They think that by typing themselves into an advantage state of corporal tunnel syndrome they will change things either that or they try and control others lives via their keyboards....

Hold me Now--Kirk Franklin

So when you've done all you're could then you give it ALL to God.....You ALL GET PRAYER.....40 DAYS OF FASTING AND PRAYER!!!! New Orleans---you are under deep SPIRITUAL BONGAGE--and it shows!!!!! That fasting and prayer should cover most if not all of the most active part of hurricane season....Everyone should be crying out to God during this time but sadly most people will not.... Watch and see....

I think the thing that shows that the Bible is the true word of God is when you read it and look at how people react to the things of God...."Some repented and gave God the God the glory..." OR "Their hearts were hardened and they began to curse God---ie 'global warming is a myth!!'..." See God doesn't care whether you beliee if his word will come to pass or not....But he does care how you do react to His trying to get your attention....So with that in mind why would anyone wonder HOW or WHY a third of the population of the EARTH will be destroyed in the end time??!!!

Hurricane Rita and Katrina changed me but I don't think they accomplished too much in changing the hearts and minds of the citizens of New Orleans....To have put Nagin back in office definitely shows that city is NOT looking to God from whence ALL of their HELP comes....And can you believe that many of those jokers from New Orleans WANT TO STILL LIVE IN THE PROJECTS??!! I think I'll definitely fast from messageboards as they are definitely part of the things that get my eyes off of Jesus....


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