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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Me love you Governor Blanco and Senator Landrieu!!!

To hell what them fools say about you...They are delusional and decieved.....I saw Senator Landrieu on C-SPAN this morning!!! You think I wasn't watching?!!!! She looked so pretty and sooooo happy......I don't ever want to see such tears as I saw last year Senator--tears of pain....It was too much to bare!!!

Sigh....The Queen Bee....Muah!!!! Me love you mama!!!! She is so pretty and also is that Senator of mine and how do they stay so young when I out of all us three is the only one that has has gray hairs????

If you don't think Blanco and Landrieu are pretty don't risk writing me and telling me so......I promise I'll cuss you the phuck out!!!! I've been to clubs in San Antonio are which much better (sociable) than the ones in New Orleans...For fun and action--nothing beats the San Antonio Riverwalk.....You racist loving mofos need to get out more.....(rolling my eyes and saying "lawd help your pathetic azzes") enough of the foolishness of messageboarders and chartoomers to last me another 6 months.....I ain't the one!!!!


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