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The Joys of Art

Monday, August 07, 2006

Lord of the Butterflies???

Lol....That issues has been "tabled"....That is what I do when I don't understand things....I don't jump to conclusions or get crazy like a lot of God's people....I simply tuck it away until God's gives me further understanding on the subject....I was at home and my mother start hollering at me "Girl!!! You'd better kill that fly!!!! You know what flies represent in the Bible huh?!!!" I was thinking I learned what they represent in the Army and I had already seen the first one of those spiritual things...Flies are one of the Four "Fs" and Todd can vouch for this since he was in the military...The four "Fs" are the ways that disease and germs are mostly transmitted ....They four "Fs" are: Flies, fingers, fluids and feces....I was told while in the military that every time a fly lands on your food it automatically does two things: it throws up and it also takes a poop....
Flies were sent to spy by the Devil...He is called the "Lord of the Flies".....Beelzebub....Hence the term "a fly on the wall"...I have come to the conclusion that those things that I have seen more of are indeed spies....They are flies....Sure they might look similar to physical butterflies--even the ones in the Ambien commercial--only they don't glow nearly as much as the ones in the Ambien commercial....They are slightly larger than the butterflies in the physical realm also.....But since I always feel a quickening in my spirit I feel that they are spying (for Bush's daddy--the Devil)....No they are not fairies, pixies or even Tinkerbell from the Disney Channel.....Until I get more revelation from God on them I will label them as flies--spies....


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