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The Joys of Art

Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's okay to cry

It's okay to cry Senator Landrieu and Governor Blanco....I drove from Louisiana to Houston, Texas through a category 1 hurricane (Claudette) in 2003 to attend a job fair at the Reliant Center and also to get back to my African Dwarf froggies in San Antonio....I am not lying to you!!!! The damn landlord was supposed to have fixed the air that weekend but they didn't touch it...I know because I had set my web cam to motion sensor so it would record anyone coming into the apartment while I was away...That damn landlord let my froggies boil to death back in 2003....When I got back to my apartment in San Antonio it was 115 degrees in that apartment....No joke!!!! Several months later when I played back the file I saw this....Gerald used to watch this file just so he could laugh at me....To recall that "Smidgen" died such a horrible and ghastly death!!!

Dead Froggies


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