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The Joys of Art

Sunday, August 13, 2006

God is NOT the author of confusion

"Men will conquer empires and build mansions grand and tall--but when they fall--but when they fall--when they fall....You'll still be Lord--You'll still be Lord of all....When the last kingdom crumbles, when the last sunset falls--YOU'LL STILL BE LORD OF ALL....

They're trying to nit-pick Governor....They wanted to see you down and out....They wanted to see you down for the count and so now they are nit-picking.....They are all about confusion, strife and discord....If people can plop their thumbs down on their Income Tax refund checks before the bank cashes it then they can do the same thing before the awarding of these LRA grants....The purpose is to eliminte fraud and trust me LOUISIANA--ALL EYES OF THE NATION ARE ON THIS ENTIRE STATE OF THE MOMENT....http://www.nola.com/newslogs/topnews/index.ssf?/mtlogs/
They don't want to see you as a success Governor so they despise you and rail against you....For a mayor that has yet to deliver Mayor Nagin has done more smack talking than a little bit.....You don't fool me Mayor Nagin....Crime might be a common occurrance in your city but it is NOT in mine and I've lived in big cities such as San Antonio!!!! They have almost 2 million people in that city.....New Orleans was not even a million strong....Get to work Mayor and quit hating on the Governor!!!
You gotta watch Senator David Vitter Governor Blanco.....He's got the look!!! At first I thought it was just me reading into things--especially reading into that picture with you Governor, Senator Vitter, Brownie and President Bush....But yet I see the same thing on a picture with him and Senator Landrieu....God commands us in his word to "try and test the spirits" to see exactly what kind of spirit is motivating people....I see a spirit of discord Senator Vitter.....I done seent what you can do Senator Vitter....Just ask Senator Landrieu!!!! You damn near snatched her wig off right there on the Senate floor!!!! He's sneaky, crafty and subtil Governor Blanco....You gotta watch Senator Vitter!!!!
Senator Cleo Fields.....You love confusion don't you?!!! Governor Blanco is he still wearing those over-sized glasses like he did during the 90's??? Why they haven't put you in jail or run you out of town on a rail is beyond my comprehension!!!
You still taking MONEY Senator Cleo Fields??? Well we know that you did give money to the Bill Jefferson Campaign but when was the last time that YOU WERE CAUGHT ON TAPE ACCEPTING MONEY?!!!! I BET YOU GOT SOME COLD HARD CASH STORED AWAY ALSO!!!!!! Senator Fields where were you BEFORE THE DESTRUCTION OF NEW ORLEANS?!!!
The reason that African-American leaders like you are still somewhat popular amongst Black people is simply because of this: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick..." Why Blacks would want to go back to the same pre-Katrina public housing (ie projects) and the same pre-Katrina lifestyle filled with poverty, gang violence and murder is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION!!!! "Hope deferred makes the heart sick...." Blacks would rather hope in someone or something that is not actually good for them or good to them, than rather have no hope at all and trust me, our race is scraping at the bottom of the barrel when it come to hope and trust in our African-American leaders.....But see me, I done broke with "race"....I'M GROWING IN GRACE!!!! I take my refuge in the Lord....Hide me under the shadow of your wings Lord until ALL these calamities have overpassed.....
SENATOR FIELDS YOU NEED TO BE MOTIVATING BLACKS TO COME BACK HOME, TO TAKE HOPE AND TO START PREPARING FOR THE GREAT THINGS THAT ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN THIS ENTIRE STATE....We are seeing blessings from God abound across the ENTIRE STATE OF LOUISIANA!!!! The only ones that can't see the blessings are the ones who are wrapped up in harming Louisiana through strife, confusion, chaos and discord!!!! Everyone else can see that blessings and prosperity abound across the entire state of Louisiana....Just like the Governor said before, good things are happening across the entire state of Louisiana.... You just gotta want to be part of the good things....


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