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The Joys of Art

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five Miles 'til emptyness

" I need a good man to fill me up..I need a good man to give me love...."--Brownstone

Five Miles Until Empty--Brownstone

That might be your azz singing that but it is NOT me.....I define my own destiny and not any men or "woes" (not a typo because I could have correctly typed "hoe") so you betta recognize....I'll never be in competition with another woman for a man and if his azz wants to be in her arms then so damn be it....Hell, I could most likely get better looking women than his sorry azz could ever be with--if I wanted to and NO I HAVEN'T EVER BEEN WITH A WOMAN (But you sorry ass men who are intimidated with a woman being with another a woman crack me the hell up!!! So, I say this just to "F" with you!!!! You damn losers!!!! You think of everything in terms of SEX!!!!)....

Certain women from certain races, classes and cultures think that they are the shidt---see I done dealt with them all as a Black woman....You walk into the club and you're all looking good and don't think that them Mexican women, (some but not most) White women and them other women are NOT out to break your ballz over a man--then you'd better think again....Hispanic women are the worse--they covet every race's man!!!! I must confess that my "vanilla men" will always have a predominate place in my heart out of all the others....But you'd betta like Cajun/Zydeco!!!!

I just smile in their face---because all the time they want to take your place--the back stabbers--back stabbers....Dum azz woes ("woe" is not a typo-I should have correctly typed "hoe")!!! I will NOT compete for a man over you and I don't have to spread my legs for no man in order to get what I want outta life either!!!! See I done been called "black dog" by the White and Mexican azz bytches!!! Though I must confess my White sisters haven't given me that much slack in life except for the (White) trash in San Antonio....So if you don't like what I have to say, then I really don't give a damn....You don't ever have to worry about me moving back to that "suck-ass" city.....I so truly HATE SAN ANTONIO!!!!!

Women try and compete with women over EVERY DAMN THING!!!! It is truly pitiful and disgusting!!!! I was in North Carolina and I was going through a divorce/child custody hearing and this dum azz chick that I finished Medical Laboratory School with in the Army ALWAYS wanted to drag me into her "rings of competition" and here I was going through a major crisis....Lawd!!!!

But see, during the three event Physical Fitness Test I could out perform two out of the three events better than her azz could.....I lack in upper body strenght but I make up in sit-ups and the two mile run....I could run the shidt outta you in my hey-day!!!! Going the distance was my forte!!!! Five-mile, six mile run and even more---shidt let's go baby-boos, and hell I was into my 30's!!!!! Let's do the damn thang!!!! Yeah!!!

I had this Puerto Rican woman tell me (who actually should have been mothering me) that I "cheated" by having a C-Section.....My son's child-birth was very difficult and yet I had this woman telling all this.....I quite frankly told her azz that the only thing I cheated was "death" because just months before that Specialist Evans from my unit at Fort Hood died after giving birth to her son....She was medically retired (and taken off of life-support) and the doctor was discharged from the military....But before she died we had some qualms, but I never held that against her....I hate it when women hurt other women....It shouldn't be so....


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