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The Joys of Art

Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's okay to cry

It's okay to cry Senator Landrieu and Governor Blanco....I drove from Louisiana to Houston, Texas through a category 1 hurricane (Claudette) in 2003 to attend a job fair at the Reliant Center and also to get back to my African Dwarf froggies in San Antonio....I am not lying to you!!!! The damn landlord was supposed to have fixed the air that weekend but they didn't touch it...I know because I had set my web cam to motion sensor so it would record anyone coming into the apartment while I was away...That damn landlord let my froggies boil to death back in 2003....When I got back to my apartment in San Antonio it was 115 degrees in that apartment....No joke!!!! Several months later when I played back the file I saw this....Gerald used to watch this file just so he could laugh at me....To recall that "Smidgen" died such a horrible and ghastly death!!!

Dead Froggies

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is for you Governor

Give her my part of heaven--Ivy Dugas with Jackie Callier and the Cajun cousins

Don't be sad dear mama.....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spiritually minded Sunday

Having done all to stand---stand!!!

Stand--Donnie McClurkin

What a Friend--Aretha Franklin

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Timeless Classics

Just a Closer Walk

What a Friend We have in Jesus

How Great Thou Art

Friday, August 25, 2006

Playas, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate

Playas gonna play--3LW (Three Little Women)

State Treasurer John Kennedy what is your problem??? Still got beef with the Governor don't ya?!! Recovery takes time because of the fact that hurricanes Katrina and Rita decimated 41 of 64 Louisiana parishes.....Get with the program Mr. Kennedy and quit hatin' on the Governor!!!! It's a brand new day you haters!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sumthin' 'bout dat name....

Something about the name Jesus--Kirk Franklin

It's just the sweetest name I know....He's the only one who can calm the storm....He's the only one who can calm the raging sea....And "Oh how love the name Jesus....It's just the sweetest name I know....."

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush cautioned against placing too much importance on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's Gulf Coast strike, saying a long, sustained rebuilding effort is still needed. "It's a time to remember that people suffered and it's a time to recommit ourselves to helping them," Bush said Wednesday. "But I also want people to remember that a one-year anniversary is just that, because it's going to require a long time to help these people rebuild." A day earlier, the Bush administration's Gulf Coast coordinator, Don Powell, said $44 billion has been spent to get the still-battered region back on its feet. A far larger sum - more than $110 billion - has been designated for the massive rebuilding project.
Read the Story

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Orleans needs competent leadership

I wish Mayor Nagin would postphone his "grandstanding" until after the hurricane season....We could sure use more people praying.....It's amazing how it ALL comes back to you in a FLOOD of memories....

"Nagin's re-election was "the final straw" for me and dictated my decision not to return to New Orleans. " -canwegonow » Crime & Safety

"New Orleans will never return if there's not a dollar to be made. If you look at all the growth areas in this country they grew because of decent wages, excellent housing, and low taxes. So the city needs to create itself as a boom town..." -GeoHou » Orleans

New Orleans Wins the War--Randy Newman

Local inertia dooming recovery, report says

N.O. 'has no plan at the moment'

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

From staff reports

The lack of a comprehensive rebuilding plan and shortages of housing and labor are crippling New Orleans' recovery from Hurricane Katrina, while other communities in the Gulf Coast region are coping with a windfall of economic growth, according to a storm-impact study released today by independent researchers.

The first in a series of reports by the Rockefeller Institute of Government of the State University of New York and the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana is critical of leadership in New Orleans for failing to articulate a plan for the future.
"New Orleans has no plan at the moment, and the excruciatingly slow pace of the recovery bears witness to that," PAR President Jim Brandt said. "What seems to make the difference is the ability of local officials to take clear, decisive steps to get the
planning process under way as well as provide an opportunity for as many members of the public to participate as possible."

Communities out of range of the storm, including Baton Rouge and Jackson, Miss., have seen their economies grow sharply as a result of increased population and revenue, according to the study, "GulfGov Reports: One Year Later." Although eastern St. Tammany Parish was hit hard by Katrina, it too is among the communities that have experienced an economic surge since the storm.

The "hurricane economies" were created in different manners across the Gulf Coast.
"Some communities are experiencing an economic boom, while others are fighting to recover economically," Brandt said.
"The recovery of the most damaged communities has been slowed by the uncertainties surrounding federal plans to revise flood-elevation levels (for rebuilding), continuing disputes with insurance companies over damage coverage and the fact that the federal housing aid program is just now getting under way in Louisiana and Mississippi," Brandt said.
Housing and labor shortages cut across the region from Cameron Parish to Gulf Shores, Ala.

"There are not enough workers to fill available jobs, nor is there adequate affordable housing to accommodate them," the report says.
Suggestions for future
The report is part of a three-year project just begun by the Rockefeller Institute and PAR with the help of a $900,000 grant from the Ford Foundation. The John C. Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University and Jackson State University are partnering with the project, which includes a team of researchers focusing on 22 jurisdictions in the Gulf Coast region. Former Mississippi Gov. William Winter is the advisory committee chairman.

The goal of the reports is to provide a baseline analysis of how the storms changed these communities and to make recommendations for future action.
"The importance of a timely planning process cannot be overstated," said Dr. Richard Nathan, co-director of the Rockefeller Institute and the co-principal investigator on the project. "Without clear guidelines from community leaders about what areas will be rebuilt and when, many residents put off making a decision about whether to return, and the longer the delay, the more likely they are to stay where they are. That, in turn, has consequences for any community's long-term survival."

While a few communities have rebuilding plans in place, New Orleans "most notably, does not," the report says. Unless residents have specific information about how and where a community plans to rebuild, they will find it hard to make decisions about rebuilding, the report says.
'Two disasters'
"In the end, Katrina and Rita produced two disasters. The first was the immediate crisis created when the hurricanes made landfall," the report says. "The second was the difficulty various levels of government had in working together to respond to the crisis. This was -- and remains -- the more dangerous of the two because the inability to work well together has spilled over into the recovery efforts, with ordinary citizens caught in the middle.

"The long-term impact could be the haphazard rebuilding of the devastated communities, meaning mistakes will be repeated, segments of the population will be left out, and a rare opportunity to reshape a region for the better will be lost," the report says.
To see the report, visit www.rockinst.org/gulfgov.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Senator Landrieu meets the Alien

I smell oranges Senator Landrieu--Oranges....

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Joys of hope and healing

He Loves me--Kirk Franklin

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick...."

The parable of the talents reveals to us the sad consequences of not trusting God when He’s been generous to us. Precisely because the Lord is not a “harsh taskmaster,” He fully understands that there is suffering in living with deferred hopes. We can read His compassion in Proverbs 13:12 — “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” God’s Word recognizes how difficult it is to live with unfulfilled expectations. But this proverb simply notes the obvious. We can find the remedy for our sick hearts in what I call the “chain of hope” in Romans 5:3-6: “[W]e rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” (Emphasis added.)

As we persevere in doing good, we find the endurance to continue by the grace of God. This perseverance produces that noble character in us, and noble character produces hope. Hope doesn’t put us to shame because we are hoping in a God who has shed His blood for us and poured His love into our hearts!

What we find here in Romans is that years of waiting on God should produce more hope, not less. Is that an upside-down thought to you? It’s certainly not the way we would rationally think about hope. Waiting on God often shifts the content of our hope. As we wait, we see the many ways He proves His faithfulness to us — starting with the Cross and ending with the bright promise of heaven — and all the big and little mercies in between. That vista of grace can’t help but dwarf the outstanding request we have before God!

The tension we experience is in the gap between our prayers and our circumstances. We have a desire, yet it seems that in God’s infinite purposes it is better that we wait on this desire to be fulfilled. It may be that we wait a certain time or that we wait indefinitely, finding out as we go that His grace truly is sufficient to sustain us. Either way, we can trust God with our desires because He is the perfect embodiment of steadfast loving-kindness and tender mercies to us. How do I know this, you might ask me in return? This is how He describes Himself throughout His Word — found in our infallible, live-giving, promise-infused Bibles.

Monday, August 14, 2006

You jarred my memory

Can I take you out tonight--Luther Vandross

Can I take you out tonight (house remix)--Luther Vandross

The Bush Agenda

The Bush Agenda (a 365 day planner)by: cajundelyte (38/F/Bayou land. Cajun Country)
08/13/06 09:27 pmMsg: 674164 of 674202

0. Wake up in the morning
1. Convince everybody that I'm Right
2. Convince everybody that we need to FEAR
3. Convince everybody that terrorists lurk behind every nook and cranny
4. Convince everybody that I'm a "uniter" and NOT a "divider"
0. Wake up in the morning
1. Convince everbody that I'm right

"Oh hell, I'm repeating myself..."--George W. Bush

We have long stopped listening to you Mr. President!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

God is NOT the author of confusion

"Men will conquer empires and build mansions grand and tall--but when they fall--but when they fall--when they fall....You'll still be Lord--You'll still be Lord of all....When the last kingdom crumbles, when the last sunset falls--YOU'LL STILL BE LORD OF ALL....

They're trying to nit-pick Governor....They wanted to see you down and out....They wanted to see you down for the count and so now they are nit-picking.....They are all about confusion, strife and discord....If people can plop their thumbs down on their Income Tax refund checks before the bank cashes it then they can do the same thing before the awarding of these LRA grants....The purpose is to eliminte fraud and trust me LOUISIANA--ALL EYES OF THE NATION ARE ON THIS ENTIRE STATE OF THE MOMENT....http://www.nola.com/newslogs/topnews/index.ssf?/mtlogs/
They don't want to see you as a success Governor so they despise you and rail against you....For a mayor that has yet to deliver Mayor Nagin has done more smack talking than a little bit.....You don't fool me Mayor Nagin....Crime might be a common occurrance in your city but it is NOT in mine and I've lived in big cities such as San Antonio!!!! They have almost 2 million people in that city.....New Orleans was not even a million strong....Get to work Mayor and quit hating on the Governor!!!
You gotta watch Senator David Vitter Governor Blanco.....He's got the look!!! At first I thought it was just me reading into things--especially reading into that picture with you Governor, Senator Vitter, Brownie and President Bush....But yet I see the same thing on a picture with him and Senator Landrieu....God commands us in his word to "try and test the spirits" to see exactly what kind of spirit is motivating people....I see a spirit of discord Senator Vitter.....I done seent what you can do Senator Vitter....Just ask Senator Landrieu!!!! You damn near snatched her wig off right there on the Senate floor!!!! He's sneaky, crafty and subtil Governor Blanco....You gotta watch Senator Vitter!!!!
Senator Cleo Fields.....You love confusion don't you?!!! Governor Blanco is he still wearing those over-sized glasses like he did during the 90's??? Why they haven't put you in jail or run you out of town on a rail is beyond my comprehension!!!
You still taking MONEY Senator Cleo Fields??? Well we know that you did give money to the Bill Jefferson Campaign but when was the last time that YOU WERE CAUGHT ON TAPE ACCEPTING MONEY?!!!! I BET YOU GOT SOME COLD HARD CASH STORED AWAY ALSO!!!!!! Senator Fields where were you BEFORE THE DESTRUCTION OF NEW ORLEANS?!!!
The reason that African-American leaders like you are still somewhat popular amongst Black people is simply because of this: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick..." Why Blacks would want to go back to the same pre-Katrina public housing (ie projects) and the same pre-Katrina lifestyle filled with poverty, gang violence and murder is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION!!!! "Hope deferred makes the heart sick...." Blacks would rather hope in someone or something that is not actually good for them or good to them, than rather have no hope at all and trust me, our race is scraping at the bottom of the barrel when it come to hope and trust in our African-American leaders.....But see me, I done broke with "race"....I'M GROWING IN GRACE!!!! I take my refuge in the Lord....Hide me under the shadow of your wings Lord until ALL these calamities have overpassed.....
SENATOR FIELDS YOU NEED TO BE MOTIVATING BLACKS TO COME BACK HOME, TO TAKE HOPE AND TO START PREPARING FOR THE GREAT THINGS THAT ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN THIS ENTIRE STATE....We are seeing blessings from God abound across the ENTIRE STATE OF LOUISIANA!!!! The only ones that can't see the blessings are the ones who are wrapped up in harming Louisiana through strife, confusion, chaos and discord!!!! Everyone else can see that blessings and prosperity abound across the entire state of Louisiana....Just like the Governor said before, good things are happening across the entire state of Louisiana.... You just gotta want to be part of the good things....

Saturday, August 12, 2006

His Grace abounds

"Now by your GRACE we come...."

Only By Grace


Grace is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in Christianity. Both Protestant and Catholics often do not comprehend the full significance of this wonderful reality.

Protestants usually define grace as "God's unmerited favor towards us in Christ". Though not incorrect, this definition is incomplete, for grace also includes the divine gifts which flow from this favor, such as our new life in Christ, God's indwelling Presence and the ability to bear spiritual fruit.

Sacred Scripture says that grace is Jesus' Incarnation (2 Corinthians 8:9), by which He took on our poor human nature in order to fill us with the "riches" of grace (Ephesians 1:6). Grace is more than mere divine favor, it is sufficient power in our weakness (2 Co 12:8), it strengthens us (Hebrews 13:9; 2 Timothy 2:1), enables us to stand firm (Romans 5:2; 1 Peter 5:12), and helps us in time of need (He 4:16).

The Bible also states that grace is manifold (1 Pt 4:10), that God lavishes "grace upon grace" on us in Jesus Christ (Jn 1:16; Eph 1:7), and that we can "grow in grace" (2 Pt 3:18). It even says that our words can give grace to those who hear them (Eph 4:29), for our edifiying words can draw others to God.

Finally, grace is the Beatific Vision of the Trinity which we will enjoy for eternity when Our Lord returns (I Pt 1:13; Eph 2:7).

So Scripture clearly presents grace as something beyond mere "unmerited favor". It is a reality which embraces and permeates every aspect of our life in Christ.

Many Catholics also have an impoverished view of grace. They have been taught that grace is something you "get more of" by receiving the Sacraments. This is rather unfortunate, for it gives the false impression that one somehow "earns" grace by performing religious duties. In fact, grace is a gift from God which one cannot possibly earn. Nor is grace a static possession which one accumulates like coins or stamps (1).

"Getting more grace" is a poor expression for what Scripture calls "growing in grace" (2 Peter 3:18). When we attend Mass, receive Communion, go to Confession, etc, we draw closer to God, deepen our friendship with our Maker, and allow grace to permeate and transform our entire life. So we do "get more grace", but in the sense of a growth and deepening of our spiritual life-not the accumulation of a collectable!

It is a shame that so few Christians really understand grace, for it is the very heart of Christianity. To understand it is to experience a profound transformation in ones spiritual life!

Types of Grace

God Most High is Infinite, Eternal, boundless. We are finite, limited creatures. While we can quite naturally relate to our fellow creatures who are "on the same level" as ourselves, Infinity remains beyond our grasp, above our limited natural perception. So we are unable to naturally perceive God.

(This in no way demeans our creaturely state. Everything we are and have is a gift from our Creator, including the very desire to seek God! As we cannot create ourselves for sustain our own existence, so we cannot seek the Most High by ourselves.)

We can deduce the existence of an infinite Creator solely by the use of our natural reason and by observation of creation (Ro 1:17). Yet we cannot see this Deity with our natural eyes (Jn 1:18; I Ti 6:16), nor know Him personally by our finite powers, nor take the initiative of establishing a relationship with Him, for such things would entail us exalting ourselves to a Divine level, which we simply cannot do.

Does this mean that we can never know our Maker? No, for the Lord takes the initiative which we cannot. Because we cannot choose God, God chooses us (Jn 15:16) and draws us to Himself (Jn 6:44), elevating us above our natural limitations to experience supernatural fellowship with the Most High. This merciful condescension of Divine Love towards our created weakness is called Grace.

Grace is, in essence, a gift. God bestows it freely; we have no "right" to it. The greatest Gift of all is our Maker's Self-Gift to us, which is called Uncreated Grace. All other gifts, apart from God Himself, are created graces.

Uncreated Grace

Theologians generally speak of three forms of Uncreated Grace: the Hypostatic Union (Jn 1:14; 17), in which the Second Person of the Trinity unites with a human nature; the Indwelling Presence of God in the just soul (Jn 14:17) and the Beatific Vision (I Pt 1:13). Some add to this list the divine plan for our salvation, God's love for us, the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus' Divine nature, and the Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church, for these are other aspects of God's manifold Self-communication to us.

Created Grace

In a sense, every gift of God is a "grace". So we sometimes say that physical life, food, etc. are "natural graces". But the term more truly applies to the supernatural gifts which establish and deepen our union with God.

Sanctifying grace is a supernatural quality which the Sacrament of Baptism confers on the human soul. It sanctifies the soul (hence its name) and elevates her beyond her mere natural abilities, thus enabling her to commune with God. This grace is permanent unless forfeited by mortal sin. Thus sanctifying grace is sometimes called habitual grace, for it is "habitually" (or constantly) present in the soul.

Actual grace is a temporary supernatural aid from God (2 Co 12:9). It enlightens the human mind and strengthens the will (2 Ti 2:1; He 13:9) enabling us to carry out a specific good work according to the Divine Will (Eph 2:10).

Cause and Effect

Though distinct, Uncreated Grace and created grace are related as Cause and effect. Each Self-communication of God to humanity produces a corresponding created grace.

In the Hypostatic Union, the Divine Word (Cause) assumes a created human nature and infuses it with a (created) grace known as the grace of the Hypostatic Union (effect). Thus Jesus is both Uncreated Grace and grace-filled humanity (2): "full of grace and truth" (Jn 1:14).
The Divine Indwelling (Cause) creates sanctifying grace (effect) in the just soul, making her a child of God and a partaker in the Divine Nature. Though still a creature, the soul mysteriously participates in the inner life of God by grace. This inner Presence is the Source/Cause of all actual graces as well.
Finally, we perceive the Beatific Vision (Cause) by means of another created supernatural grace called the light of glory (effect). This is a quality which God bestows upon the intellect, enabling it to perceive the Divine Nature directly (as Scripture puts it, to see God "face-to-face"). We will discuss the light of glory more in the third article; for now we will note that, unlike sanctifying and actual graces, which we receive in our lifetime, we do not receive the light of glory until we get to Heaven.

Leonard Foley, "Grace, Our Love Relationship with God", Catholic Update, 1977.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Smack Talking

A little less smack (talk) and a lot more action!!!!

"Mr. Nagin, please be advised that the people of this great city need a clean sweep of the city's thugs and trash, safe streets, places to live and work, and a rebuilding plan for the city. That's an appropriate tribute to those who lost their lives or everything they own. The living need hope.... " -nannie169 » Crime & Safety
"Would it make sense to have the feds come in and take over the city's operations, much like they did in D.C. some years back? Our local government seems utterly incapable of dealing with the massive challenges we face. " -iggyiggy » Orleans

Get with the Program

Thumbprints of confusion

Ok!!! Now the answer to the question of why you gonna need a thumbprint for the LRA Program has been answered so can you now shut up Senator Cleo Fields???? God is NOT the author of confusion but apparently in many cases African American leaders such as yourself, the NAACP, Mayor Ray Nagin, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are!!!! And if you don't like what I have to say, I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some repented and gave God the Glory

Some repented and gave God the glory....Some cursed God....This article is an example of somebody who wasn't changed by neither Katrina nor Rita....

Woman finds burglar eyeing porn
By Trymaine Lee
Staff writer

A 30-year-old New Orleans man was captured Sunday after a Carrollton homeowner walked in to find him watching pornography on the Internet, New Orleans police said. He's also suspected in a string of recent burglaries in the neighborhood, police said.

Richard Barnes, who police said crawled through the doggy door of a home in the 1200 block of Lowerline Street, was caught Sunday by the home's owner after she returned from an afternoon outing, police said.

The woman unlocked her front door, walked in and almost immediately encountered Barnes masturbating while online, police said. The frightened homeowner grabbed her oversized dog and bolted from the house.

Once outside, she phoned 2nd District police. Officers arrived, took the woman's description of the burglar and headed into the neighborhood. Barnes, described by police as a "career criminal with arrests for mostly drugs and burglary," was arrested a few blocks away.

At lockup Barnes consented to a DNA swab test, New Orleans police spokeswoman Sabrina Richardson said. She said investigators will now test it against a semen specimen at the burglarized home.

It may not be the only home Barnes broke into, police said. Richardson said 2nd District investigators have tentatively linked him to a string of other burglaries in the neighborhood, where residents have seen a man resembling Barnes lurking.

Richardson said many residents in that part of town don't lock their doors at night or when running errands, and that Barnes would go house to house twisting knobs.

"That is his (mode of operation)," Richardson said. "There was no forced entry. In that area, some people have dogs, large dogs, and in this case he came through a doggy door. In some of the others, he just tries twisting knobs."

Police believe Barnes may be involved in at least 10 recent break-ins in the area.

"Our investigators were very excited" about this arrest, Barnes said. "It's like seeing your hard work come to light. It's a very rewarding feeling. And it's not to often that you have that feeling."

Trymaine Lee can be reached at (504) 826-3301.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Lovely in Love

Lovely in love....My Queen Bee

First Fruits

Don't think that I forgot about my fasting and prayer devil!!!!! Prepare for your spiritual "beatdown"....I pray that God sends Michael and Gabriel to tap dance on your head!!!!!

Ephesians 6:10-12 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

The Governor's Coming Home

Man she ain't home yet?!!! It's been like FOUR DAYS and I'm going crazy (But MAMA I've been eating concrete over here while you've been gone--I'm still bruised and sore)!!!! For some reason it just feels like the Governor has been gone forever!!!! Do I miss her that much?!!! "They don't know that I go running home when I fall down....They don't know who picks me up when no one else is around--'cause deep inside this ARMOR--the warrior is a child...."

I'm Coming Home-Rockin' Dopsie Jr.

Lean not to thine own understanding

Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding, but in ALL thy ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy paths......But they don't hear you Lord....THERE'S NO WONDER WHY NEW ORLEANS IS IN STATE OF "BONDAGE"--BOTH PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY!!!!!!!

A voice crying out in the wilderness


Bush is shole proving that to be true!!!! He's got people more concerned about "marrying and giving into marriage" than ever before--but that's the subtilty of the devil....He's subtil and he's crafty and he comes to get your mind OFF of Jesus!!!

LISTEN UP FOLKS!!!! FLESH AND BLOOD SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!!!! HELLO!!!! FOLKS WILL NEITHER MARRY NOR WILL THEY GIVE INTO MARRIAGE WHEN CHRIST ESTABLISHES HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH!!!! HELLO AGAIN!!!! PEOPLE WE WILL HAVE FELLOWSHIP, RELATIONSHIP AND COMMUNION WITH ONE ANOTHER AND WITH HIM AND THAT IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE FRUITS AND LUSTS OF THE FLESH HAS EVER FELT!!!!! YOU ALL ARE WORRYING ABOUT THE WRONG THINGS!!!! Sad to say the majority of the world is very carnally minded and it just brings forth death folks and enmity with God....How many will reject the kingdom of God simply because it will NOT include sexual intercourse?? PLENTY!!!! Well He never designed it to be that way anyway!!! Keep on listening to them Bush twins!!! You'll find out the hard way!!! (No pun intended!!) God has predestined his kingdom to be one of fellowship, COMMUNION and relationship!!!!


Self-deluded people "beings" always overstep their bounds.....God has set boundaries for all of his creation!!!! Satan is very self-deluded (and so is our United States President and all those privy to secret organizations--"mystery Babylon" ie the false church)....That weekend when I had the experience of entertaining the angel (unaware?? Nope I saw you coming)....He walks in my office not really an office but let's just say that my job is to keep stuff secure and I am trained to be on the look out for "terrorists".....

The first thing he asks me is "You hungry??" I was since it was just 10:30 and I hadn't eaten anything yet....So I walk up closer to him and he starts shoveling these sweet treats out with his "hoofed hand"....Then he got to the pound cake and scooped a couple of slices out with his bare "hoof"....I am standing there thinking "deformed hand or not I don't want anyone trying to give me food with their bare anything and I don't even know you...." And trust me, that joker wasn't from Louisiana either.....So I tried to tell him that the twinkie would be enough, but you know Satan is persistant.....So noticing the concern on my face he tries to "jive talk me"...."Come get you some of this good stuff girl!!!" He says....Okay, so I place the twinkie which was wrapped and the slices of pound cake on a napkin--which we had plenty of....

Then he pulls out the "piece de resistance"---His Alabama sweet tea.....Oh I just had to have some of that....So God said let him do most of the talking--he's going to reveal a lot about himself....I had also read somewhere that when Jesus was tempted in the Wilderness...He didn't answer all of Satan's questions he let that self-deluded joker do most of the talking....Satan got to telling me that he gave some of this tea to his "friend" and "he fell off his feet"....I'm thinking to myself "This must be some bomb-ass tea!!!" I actually thought for a second that he meant his "friend" liked it alot... I was almost "ignorant" of one of his devices until I asked my next question...."What happened when he fell off his feet??"

That joker started to spill the beans!!! The "friend" had to be carted away by the paramedics and was in the hospital for almost a week but it was cool because they just laughed about it the next weekend (yeah right--more like it was just Satan that laughed)....Noticing concern on my face that joker knew he had said a bit too much and so he followed it up by asking me "You're not a diabetic are you??" I'm (genuinely) concerned so now he has to cover his lie by "feigning" concern....Can we all see now how the devil is subtil and crafty??!!!

Diabetics know what they can eat and what they can't eat....Satan knew that there was more in that tea than just some damn sugar.....So try and cover his lie he goes on to say that he eats a lot of sugar and that he consumes a five pound bag of sugar every two days.....But being the Devil that he is he still couldn't help himself from stopping to brag...."I put enough sugar in the tea to damn near kill a man!!!" Did you say "kill"?!!! No!!! He did!!!! So after that Mr. William Huntington left the job site and I just casually swept all the contents into the trash but only after letting a friend confirm that I did have some sweet treats on my desk....About an hour and a half later because it was a slow weekend and there was no one else around to witness our conversation--just the devil and me....

Lord of the Butterflies???

Lol....That issues has been "tabled"....That is what I do when I don't understand things....I don't jump to conclusions or get crazy like a lot of God's people....I simply tuck it away until God's gives me further understanding on the subject....I was at home and my mother start hollering at me "Girl!!! You'd better kill that fly!!!! You know what flies represent in the Bible huh?!!!" I was thinking I learned what they represent in the Army and I had already seen the first one of those spiritual things...Flies are one of the Four "Fs" and Todd can vouch for this since he was in the military...The four "Fs" are the ways that disease and germs are mostly transmitted ....They four "Fs" are: Flies, fingers, fluids and feces....I was told while in the military that every time a fly lands on your food it automatically does two things: it throws up and it also takes a poop....
Flies were sent to spy by the Devil...He is called the "Lord of the Flies".....Beelzebub....Hence the term "a fly on the wall"...I have come to the conclusion that those things that I have seen more of are indeed spies....They are flies....Sure they might look similar to physical butterflies--even the ones in the Ambien commercial--only they don't glow nearly as much as the ones in the Ambien commercial....They are slightly larger than the butterflies in the physical realm also.....But since I always feel a quickening in my spirit I feel that they are spying (for Bush's daddy--the Devil)....No they are not fairies, pixies or even Tinkerbell from the Disney Channel.....Until I get more revelation from God on them I will label them as flies--spies....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Prince of the Power of the Air

I had a battle with the Devil....Trust me folks when you start talking about "them" they will let you know that they are watching you....They practice black magic (Illuminati, NWO, Luciferian, Satanic, ancient pagan and mystical) and this is not your grandmother's New Orleans voodoo magic either.....

Well I had to stay at work an hour later and who would have ever known that the storm that was about to roll in would be a doozy!!!! So I leave work that hour later and I am headed off to do some school shopping....But before it was all done I would be drenched from head to toe.....So I decided to stop off and get me a beer if the rain stopped at the store that I always stop at after work for gas and refreshments....

Then it happened!!!! If you've never been in a hurricane trust me this came damn near close to it....People when I say the windgusts must have reached 50 to 60 miles an hour it was about that close....So I'm siting in my car with trees blowing down around me and also stop signs and lightning and a huge amount of hail coming down also.....I heard the voice of God--"Stand tall (strong) and go on with me my child"..."Okay God", I say...I know a lot has been stressing me out and some of my weblog posts reflect this.....So I was sitting there listening to Kirk Franklin and the storm took a turn for the major worse...I mean tropical storm like conditions my friends!!!! It got that bad!!!! So then I was like God this weather is NOT COOL maybe I should go inside the store....So I then exited my car and made a quick be-line for the doors of the store and others had already been running through the lightning, hail and tremendous amout of rain....But the only thing different from them was I was now running through 50 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts which tossed me around like a rag doll.....People it was truly that bad!!!! So as I am being tossed to and fro by this storm I drop my baby--my cell phone and I was like I am being blown up against the building--literally and now my 600 dollar phone is about to bite the dust also!!!! I made it inside--eventually!!! But not having received bruised knuckles, ankles and knees.... Police, fire trucks and EMT vehicles were all over the place!!!!!
But the prince of the power of the air had a little message for me.....He needed to let me know that he is still "the god of this world"--at least for the duration....See , I got my phone in February during income tax season and that was much later after hurricane Katrina or Rita....But for some reason I had programed this phone number into the phone....BUT I DON'T REMEMBER PROGRAMMING THAT NUMBER INTO MY PHONE AS I REALLY DIDN'T HAVE ANY REASON TO....THEY USE BLACK MAGIC SO MAYBE THEY PROGRAMMED IT INTO THE PHONE....AND BESIDES I HAVE OTHER NUMBERS IN THE PHONE SO ANY NUMBER COULD HAVE SHOWN UP--IF THEY WANTED ME TO SEE OTHER NUMBERS....BUT WE ALL KNOW THEY DIDN'T!!!!

Needless to say my 600 dollar baby was not injured by the torrential wind or rains--just a little wet....AS I LOOKED DOWN AT MY WET CELL PHONE BABY WHILE DRYING HER OFF I NOTICED A BIG WORD WITH A LITLE NAME....(LOOK BELOW)

THAT NUMBER WAS THE NUMBER TO FEMA!!!!!!!! You want to know the weidest part....After the weather subsided for the most part I got in my car and drove 11 miles down the road to my house as I only live 11 miles from my job.....It didn't even rain in my hometown and the sun was shining!!!!
People I know the Devil exists I have had too many runs in with him not to believe that he doesn't!!!!!
And I respond to your challenge FEMA and the rest of you Illuminati demons!!!! "Touch NOT my anointed and do my prophets NO harm!!!!!" Thus saidth the LORD!!!!!
I'm bruised but not broken.....People have you ever been blown around by a storm....It is hard to walk upright through 50 to 60 mile and hour winds.....I was blown to the ground a few times and actually came close to being blown into the wall....I just knew that I was going to be blown into the wall and be killed or knocked unconscious....Yes lots of people in the store/Jack in the Box restaurant saw me being blown around but what could they do for me??? All of my help comes from the Lord....If they came outside they would have been blown around themselves....In fact my (cashier) friend who used to weigh 218 pounds but now is a size 2 (yes she is!!!) told her fellow cashier co-worker that "you should have seen the wind and it was so strong that it literally 'blew' her around"....
See winds represent a type of "spirit" in the Bible.....That can be a Holy wind (as in the second chapter of Acts) or an "ill wind" (such as the Moriah conquering wind--Illuminati)....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five Miles 'til emptyness

" I need a good man to fill me up..I need a good man to give me love...."--Brownstone

Five Miles Until Empty--Brownstone

That might be your azz singing that but it is NOT me.....I define my own destiny and not any men or "woes" (not a typo because I could have correctly typed "hoe") so you betta recognize....I'll never be in competition with another woman for a man and if his azz wants to be in her arms then so damn be it....Hell, I could most likely get better looking women than his sorry azz could ever be with--if I wanted to and NO I HAVEN'T EVER BEEN WITH A WOMAN (But you sorry ass men who are intimidated with a woman being with another a woman crack me the hell up!!! So, I say this just to "F" with you!!!! You damn losers!!!! You think of everything in terms of SEX!!!!)....

Certain women from certain races, classes and cultures think that they are the shidt---see I done dealt with them all as a Black woman....You walk into the club and you're all looking good and don't think that them Mexican women, (some but not most) White women and them other women are NOT out to break your ballz over a man--then you'd better think again....Hispanic women are the worse--they covet every race's man!!!! I must confess that my "vanilla men" will always have a predominate place in my heart out of all the others....But you'd betta like Cajun/Zydeco!!!!

I just smile in their face---because all the time they want to take your place--the back stabbers--back stabbers....Dum azz woes ("woe" is not a typo-I should have correctly typed "hoe")!!! I will NOT compete for a man over you and I don't have to spread my legs for no man in order to get what I want outta life either!!!! See I done been called "black dog" by the White and Mexican azz bytches!!! Though I must confess my White sisters haven't given me that much slack in life except for the (White) trash in San Antonio....So if you don't like what I have to say, then I really don't give a damn....You don't ever have to worry about me moving back to that "suck-ass" city.....I so truly HATE SAN ANTONIO!!!!!

Women try and compete with women over EVERY DAMN THING!!!! It is truly pitiful and disgusting!!!! I was in North Carolina and I was going through a divorce/child custody hearing and this dum azz chick that I finished Medical Laboratory School with in the Army ALWAYS wanted to drag me into her "rings of competition" and here I was going through a major crisis....Lawd!!!!

But see, during the three event Physical Fitness Test I could out perform two out of the three events better than her azz could.....I lack in upper body strenght but I make up in sit-ups and the two mile run....I could run the shidt outta you in my hey-day!!!! Going the distance was my forte!!!! Five-mile, six mile run and even more---shidt let's go baby-boos, and hell I was into my 30's!!!!! Let's do the damn thang!!!! Yeah!!!

I had this Puerto Rican woman tell me (who actually should have been mothering me) that I "cheated" by having a C-Section.....My son's child-birth was very difficult and yet I had this woman telling all this.....I quite frankly told her azz that the only thing I cheated was "death" because just months before that Specialist Evans from my unit at Fort Hood died after giving birth to her son....She was medically retired (and taken off of life-support) and the doctor was discharged from the military....But before she died we had some qualms, but I never held that against her....I hate it when women hurt other women....It shouldn't be so....

Me Like It!!!

Oooohhhh!!!! I like it Governor and you look soooooooo pretty!!!!! Yes...Truly, I do love your newest website addition....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Queen Bee

Ya know if she works the beat into a zydeco/Cajun sort of beat it could be her re-election campaign song.....It's just a thought!!!! (sheepish grin)

Queen Bee--Taj Mahal

Tell it like it is

I am glad that I am not the only one who sees what is going on....New Orleans (attitudes) can be very frustrating.....

Tell it Like it is--Aaron Neville

All bets are off???

You Are--Kirk Franklin

The media cracks me up!!!! First it was "hurry up and place your hurricane bets", now it is "we'll we've rethought things....This season is not going to be as active...." BUT PRAYER WILL BE!!!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY AND ASK GOD FOR THAT HEDGE OF PROTECTION!!!! HE SAID "PRAY THAT YOU BE COUNTED WORTHY...."!!!


Congress needs to start sending their own sons and daughters to war...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tell it like it is

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sees what is going on....New Orleans (attitudes) can be very frustrating....

Tell it Like it is--Aaron Neville

What's the Matter Mayor Nagin???

It's getting hot in New Orleans isn't it???? There's nothing like taking the heat--ask Governor Blanco--she can tell you.... Even your consultant is talking mad smack about you...God doesn't show you things for nothing Mayor Nagin!!!! You need to get right and you need to GET THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS RIGHT ALSO MAYOR NAGIN!!!!

Restore the Joy of my Salvation

Restore unto me the Joy of my Salvation--and renew a right spirit in me....

My friend Juanita just had to put her dog to sleep this past week....She has been very distraught over losing her faithful companion of 14 years.....I know some of you reading this have already jumped to conclusions and have concluded that "it's just a dog"....

Juanita is no stranger to death, tragedy and pain....In one year she was in the funeral home almost 12 times....She lost her youngest son when a school bus hit and tragically killed him while he was riding his motorcycle to work.....Her youngest grandchild was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from helping her do yardwork....Not to mention the numerous relatives that she lost that year....In fact her daughter was so distraught over the loss of her youngest child that she packed the rest of her children up and moved to Tennessee--to a town and a state that she hadn't ever been to before neither did she have family there....She just heard the name of the city on television one day....She was there for almost two years and did quite well thanks to a church and her boss...

I've never had to go through such pain but trust me we all will experience tragedy in our lives....My tests so far have been in the area of employment and relationships....I can't say that I actually did well on my tests....In fact, it was my relationship with the men in my life that caused me to walk away from my relationship with God....I know I didn't handle my tests well...I'd get so mad at God because some guy broke my heart and say to him "You either give me a good job or a good man and then stay the hell (the 'F' word) out of my way...." Yes I did say those things to God....God and I had one hell of a rocky relationship....Instead of asking God to take the pain away I was quick to cuss at him....Trust me, I said plenty more horrible stuff to God....

I have never had a first love--that is in the romantic sense--but I know that Jesus is my first love....He's a faithful companion....He is the only one that sticketh closer than a brother....My heart no longer pines for relationships....God is the one that establishes relationships....He places people in our paths....

Juanita was telling me about the relationship that she had with one of the co-hosts of the Home Shopping network....This tiny little woman from Louisiana became good friends with one of the women from the HSN channel...Juanita used to own several antique stores and as a result she watched the HSN channel a lot....This woman and Juanita used to talk on the phone to another constantly and one day when the HSN channel did a segment from New Orleans they met and had lunch together.....I know folks are rolling their eyes and are saying to themselves " I always knew people from Louisiana were insane...." God places people in our paths--physically and prayerfully....Yes he does, Louisiana....


New Orleans is stressing me out....Mayor Nagin is stressing me out.....Congress is stressing me out--BOTH HOUSES!!!!!! Senator Frist just needs to plain shut up!!!! Senator Frist doesn't need to be re-elected!!!! President Bush is stressing me out!!!!! President Bush doesn't even need to be in office!!!! The mean people on the internet are stressing me out!!!!! They think that by typing themselves into an advantage state of corporal tunnel syndrome they will change things either that or they try and control others lives via their keyboards....

Hold me Now--Kirk Franklin

So when you've done all you're could then you give it ALL to God.....You ALL GET PRAYER.....40 DAYS OF FASTING AND PRAYER!!!! New Orleans---you are under deep SPIRITUAL BONGAGE--and it shows!!!!! That fasting and prayer should cover most if not all of the most active part of hurricane season....Everyone should be crying out to God during this time but sadly most people will not.... Watch and see....

I think the thing that shows that the Bible is the true word of God is when you read it and look at how people react to the things of God...."Some repented and gave God the God the glory..." OR "Their hearts were hardened and they began to curse God---ie 'global warming is a myth!!'..." See God doesn't care whether you beliee if his word will come to pass or not....But he does care how you do react to His trying to get your attention....So with that in mind why would anyone wonder HOW or WHY a third of the population of the EARTH will be destroyed in the end time??!!!

Hurricane Rita and Katrina changed me but I don't think they accomplished too much in changing the hearts and minds of the citizens of New Orleans....To have put Nagin back in office definitely shows that city is NOT looking to God from whence ALL of their HELP comes....And can you believe that many of those jokers from New Orleans WANT TO STILL LIVE IN THE PROJECTS??!! I think I'll definitely fast from messageboards as they are definitely part of the things that get my eyes off of Jesus....

Pink Lights

I found some pink lights at walmart for only 5 bucks....They were discounted....They rock!!!!! For women who might be interested that computer ovulation calender but it is only effective if you're one of those people who have a regular cycle--and that is NOT me...Nevertheless I ain't pregnant and I am not having so sex so YEAH ME!!!!!!

I got some blue crabs tonight also.....;o)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kiss Me on My Neck

Kiss Me on My Neck--Erykah Badu

This should be a day of victory for us but yet it is bittersweet....Governor Blanco why are people from New Orleans so damn weird??!!! Nagin is a classic example....They bite the hand that feeds them....So now to the world they appear selfish and ungrateful and NOW THE ENTIRE STATE AND THE NATION IS SUFFERING FROM KATRINA FATIGUE!!!! But yet KATRINA many times MISTREATS her sister RITA!!!! THE CITIZENS OF NEW ORLEANS WOULD DOWNRIGHT SPIT ON JESUS!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Perfect Peace

All you Blanco haters can blow--category THREE TROPICAL STORM style!!!!! Governor Blanco when you've done all that you can to stand--YOU STILL STAND!!!!!!! I'm glad she's running for re-election!!!!!

Isaiah 26:3 - Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Me love you Governor Blanco and Senator Landrieu!!!

To hell what them fools say about you...They are delusional and decieved.....I saw Senator Landrieu on C-SPAN this morning!!! You think I wasn't watching?!!!! She looked so pretty and sooooo happy......I don't ever want to see such tears as I saw last year Senator--tears of pain....It was too much to bare!!!

Sigh....The Queen Bee....Muah!!!! Me love you mama!!!! She is so pretty and also is that Senator of mine and how do they stay so young when I out of all us three is the only one that has has gray hairs????

If you don't think Blanco and Landrieu are pretty don't risk writing me and telling me so......I promise I'll cuss you the phuck out!!!! I've been to clubs in San Antonio are which much better (sociable) than the ones in New Orleans...For fun and action--nothing beats the San Antonio Riverwalk.....You racist loving mofos need to get out more.....(rolling my eyes and saying "lawd help your pathetic azzes") enough of the foolishness of messageboarders and chartoomers to last me another 6 months.....I ain't the one!!!!


The Bible says to rejoice when you are "reviled against and persecuted for righteousness sake", but sometimes it is easier said than done....So how it goes onthe typical message board....Nothing but mostly powerless losers inhabit messageboards who rail against intelligent discourse because like the powerless losers that they are, they are afraid of anyone with the guts and the CREATIVITY to change things....

So the typical day on a messageboard goes like this with folks trying to bash you and you've only talked to them for five minutes...Sometimes it is discouraging but then I got to thinking--after reading over my InFP profile again--one thing stuck out in my mind.... "Doing a good deed, for example, may provide intrinsic satisfaction which is only secondary to the greater good of striking a blow against Man's Inhumanity to Mankind." (Such as mailing carepackages promoting Louisiana culture).....And as long as I keep this principle in mind it will ALWAYS BE A WIN-WIN SITUATION FOR ME YOU TIRED AZZ MESSAGEBOARD LOSERS!!!!!!