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Saturday, July 08, 2006

You dropped the bomb on me

Sigh.....Teenagers do some of the most stupid stuff....They don't even freaking think about what they are doing!!!! I mean, I like to clown around especially on my weblog and I might even throw a cuss word or two (or three or four) around in the process but what these kids are doing now days is down right dangerous!!!!! They are making BOMBS!!!!! AND THESE BOMBS ARE OF A VERY DESTRUCTIVE NATURE!!!! NOW YOU CAN SEE WHY SOME TEENAGER BLEW HALF HIS FREAKING LEG OFF!!!!

You dropped the bomb on me--The Gap Band

And all it takes is a bunch of "sparklers"(the next things to be locked up behind the counter).....I won't go into the process of how they go about doing this but they dig a hole in the ground and place this explosive device in there with just one sparkler sticking out and it is lit.....My co-worker friend (not the woman who works in the lab) told me that some guys were making them and she was totally astounished at noise and the explosion and the fire that was created.....She said the first one that these guys exploded left her hands shaking for at least half an hour....No she was not the one engaging in this activity--only watching....This has the potential Governor to become a serious problem....But sad to say the kids mostlikely learned how to make them from the ADULTS!!!!

She said that when they light these things off they take off hauling butt because you don't want to be anywhere around these things when they go off....Now my friend knows what she is taking about because she has worked at a corrections center and has tried to shoot at her ex-husband four times and four times he buried her guns.....But she said that these concoctions are truly BOMBS!!!! I got this feeling that this is BAD NEWS for anyone during the holiday season!!!! If these things can rip off legs then they can totally kill a small child!!!!

I just looked up some stuff on the internet about these "sparkler bombs" and the pictures will totally astound you!!!!! These bombs DO GIVE OFF A LOT OF FIRE!!!! CLICK ON THIS LINK AND GO OH MY GOD!!!!! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the picture....

ThE thing about this is that I live next to an big open empty field....I can see some idiot kid trying to make one of these sparkler bombs and LEVELING THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!


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