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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The White man's course on "Blackness"

Disclaimer: This is shouldn't be taken as the "gospel truth" but it is as close as it gets.....

Mission Statement: Our objective is to "school" White folks in the ways of Black folk and why we as Black people think and do some of the things that we do which at times can be quiet mind-boggling to our Caucasian cousins....This is an intense course and will studied in great detail encompassing many course sessions....

Session Number One: White folks have a lack of appreciation for the "Blue-eyed" soul singer Teena Marie..WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YA'LL??!!! Thus begins our "music listening appreciation session"....Listen up White people!!!!! Listen to this song bird!!! She's one of you!!! But we thank ya'll for giving her to us!!!!! We love you "Lady-T"!!!!

*Song Session Number One: Dear Lover--Teena Marie

**Song Session Number Two: Ooh La La La--Teena Marie

***Song Session Number Three: Out on a Limb--Teena Marie

****Song Session Number Four: Fire and Desire--Teena Marie (featuring Rick James)

*****Song Session Number Five: If I were a Bell--Teena Marie


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