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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On point

Stephen is on point as usual.....Stephen too bad others can't see the things that we see.....I bet a lot of people even call us LOONY!!!! An except from Stephen's blog below....

I was listening to an interview with John Dean recently on the Randi Rhodes show. He has just written a book called “Conservatives Without a Conscience”. Dean was planning to collaborate on the book with Barry Goldwater, the so-called father of modern conservatism, though he died before that could happen. It’s basically all about how a group of political sociopaths – social conservatives (the religious right) and neocoservatives (the empire-building militarists) - have hijacked American conservatism and taken over the Republican party. In my own book, Is Bush the Antichrist? I outline the three Satanic forces behind Bush’s rise to power, which include the apostate religious right, the militarists, and also corporations, the demonic reincarnation of ancient pagan gods.


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