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The Joys of Art

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Movies and madness

We finally got to spend some time with Corey for his birthday and trust me he was very antsy concerning that fact....My ex came down Saturday around nine O'Clockish P.M. and off to the movies we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean--Dead Man's Chest....I so love me some Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp....I have been busy and it seems as though I don't get anything accomplished....I still have to send Todd his potholders but there is still room in the box and I don't like to do things half-empty....

This Bitter Earth--Miki Howard

Just a few more things to compliment your potholders Todd then your box will be on it's way....Your cup will always "runneth over" when you deal with me.....:o) My super***** Belinda (Me love you "B"!!) gets her wine that I promised her coming up this week....But she gone (not a typo) kill me because I left the smoked boudin and spaghetti that I promised I wouldn't forget to take home in the fridge at work....My ex brought over 15 bottles of wine back so I packed her five and some wine glasses that he bought and some cheese that he also bought....We can't forget about Summer and her radio show...I'm listening but I don't have a current address for you Summer so if it pleases you then I'd appreciate it if you send it to me via e-mail because I have something for you....

I have to hook up some stuff concerning my computer which I won't say because of Bush and the NSA....Governor Blanco you are looking good "that's mama!!" and you are doing awesome job....You and the entire state of Louisiana have come a long way....I love to see you happy dear Governor....I pray each and every day that you are "granted favor with God and with man"....But I still won't send you NO poem of mine!!! The Governor be hating on poetry....(snicker)....
Senator Landrieu you rock!!!!! Thanks for all that you have done for the state of Louisiana Senator Landrieu....I was there praying for you when you tearfully said "Dear God, it's all underwater!"....You were talking about St. Bernard parish....I was there praying for you you even when your fellow Congressmen had to sleeping on a couch in the Senate chambers and Senator Vitter was going off on you on the floor of the Senate....I was there praying Senator...But how in the world do you manage to stay looking so darn young and yet I have so many gray hairs?!!! It must be the steak!!! (snicker)....I see you Senator Landrieu over there marinating some steak....(snicker)....I must be the oranges in the marinade that's keeping you looking so young!!!! It's the "-ade"!!! That's what it is!!!!

Sigh...I wish I could take time off to relax, unwind and watch a classical movie or something of the sort....I'd rather do these things with friends--the ones so close and also the ones so far away....Maybe one day soon I will.....Peace out....
"Willie Landry Mount"--Trevor


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