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The Joys of Art

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Move on Up a little Higher....

I will be taking it to a higher level soon....No I don't plan on leaving earth....There are many more issues outside of Louisiana's that need to be dealt with on a higher plane....Well done Louisiana.....Oh so you had to fast, pray and get along with one another for almost an entire year....It was worth it....Please don't let the money go to your heads....Remain humble because the battle isn't over yet.....We've made significant strides but, I'm already starting to see pride and arrogance creep in.....Some of you are going to have us back at square one because of pride and arrogance!!!!

The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.....People should always be willing to watch, fight and pray...But they don't....They settle for the "trappings" of this world and the "deceitfulness" of riches....Apathy and complacency is draining the Spirit of Louisiana....Texas wants you gone from Texas so you'd better plan to come HOME and make Louisiana work!!!! We don't need anyone trying to "take their ease in Zion"!!!! If you don't want to work or don't plan to work then don't come to Louisiana looking for a handout!!!! Try the FEMA kitchen over in Washington, D.C.!!! It will be nice to possibly not have to write so many letters....Maybe the Spirit of God will lead me to do something exciting such as protest along with Cindy Sheehan at Bush's ranch....I'll spring for the Heineken Cindy!!!! Cindy...I like her....If you don't I don't care!!!! I spent eight years active duty Army just so I could say who I liked and who I do not like so if you don't like it then oh well!!!! In fact I deliberately spent eight years in the Army just so I could rub that in the face of White society!!!!! ;o)~~~~~ Freedom is NOT free--NOT even to White folks!!!!!

I've always been a NONCONFORMIST and controversial to boot....I guess that is why God finds me interesting.....How many of you can say that you honestly had the Devil pay you a personal visit?!!! Well I can!!!! Most of you would be scared of the Devil up close and personal....Not me I talk to him every day and let him know how much I hate him and I even asked God about a year ago to let me fight in the big battle as I want to kick Satan's azz!!!

Anteehoo, Senator Landrieu you get a break from me...You members of Congress are expensive!!! You won't hear from me for a while unless I find some more "Yeas" upsetting....Sorry Senator but the military troops need to be BROUGHT HOME!!!! But God is calling me to devote more time engaging in spiritual warfare at a higher plane....So keep praying for Louisiana Senator Landrieu and put the steak down....Now it is time to start developing my other side....My creative side Louisiana side....I haven't taken any pictures in a minute....Music...Music is important to God so that needs to be explored also....

Poetry.....Hmmmmmmm.....Me likes so me explore some poetry Governor Blanco.....Right now I'll just do a lot of reading which I haven't done in a while.....Don't worry Governor you will NOT be getting any poems from me!!!! I plan to do that kinda writing low key style, that way ONLY I decide on what goes into FILE 13....Writing, singing, poems, and gifts, strumming a tune just me and my little ole introverted, intuitive self.....InFP....InFP.....Well, yeah that's definitely me....


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