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The Joys of Art

Monday, July 17, 2006


Nix that white jacket when you are on photo ops where dirt is involved!!!! Who in the world is dressing you?!!! Don't make me have to come down there!!! Lawd!!! White and mud have never had a "love affair" with one another--AND THEY NEVER WILL!!!!

Fire your P.R.!!!! I'll come down there and handle it all for you for free!!! Another thing is that I didn't like that little "David Vitter" episode during your press conference where he came out ahead of you and then turned around and walked back....It had me HOT AND STEAMING MAD!!!! Was he trying to upstage you?!!! If he wants to come out before you he had better be blowing on a trumpet and with a scroll in the other hand be announcing "All hail Queen Kathleen!!!" What he did was uncalled for!!!!

Now back to the white jacket.....That's a faux pas....If anything wear a white top and a cool (or cute) pinstripe jacket....Pinstripes are you mama.....It gives you the motherly look since you have such a young looking disposition to you....I would have said hello when I last saw you but I was shocked at how beautiful you were--beautiful....Trust me on this dear mama....Remember this: PINSTRIPES ....However, those pinstripes in that picture on that link is quite questionable for a photo op....The way they interlock is kinda scary!!!!! You are poetry in motion, "mama".... Pinstripes rock and they also play on color....Smart, beautiful, Kathleen--it's you!!!


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