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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Love Me in a Special Way

Love Me in a Special Way--DeBarge

For all those who can sense that I have been a tad bit irritated as of late.....Well, they are back from their cruise and I have been busting my butt off working and the such....My daddy comes over last Saturday to pick up my little brother and he comes in and for a second (just a second mind you) everything seems cool...Now I haven't seen this Bahamas "sunburned" joker (he wasn't sunburned...Lol...) in damn near a week but yet he proceeds to start on me...."Have you found another job?" he says.....In my head I am thinking, "I didn't know that I was freaking supposed to be looking for another one while your a** was gone....." So then I proceeded to IGNORE HIS A**!!!! That only served to piss him off....

While I played with stuff on the internet he stood there and sucked his damn teeth and waited for a response to his selfish a** question....Then he started saying stuff which only lead me to believe that he had been bad mouthing me (and perhaps whichever one of my brothers is on his shidt list at the time) to others....MY FATHER IS A TYPICAL SELFISH AND SELF-ABSORBED BABY BOOMER!!!!

Why am I saying that???

Listen closely!!!!

When I first moved back here in 2003 I was interested in teaching--most definitely at the university level but I'd have to start off lower as I don't have advanced degrees.....So we go 'round and 'round on this issue as he proceeded to grip, control and sabotage my life once again, we got to talking as we were headed from the Consumer Credit Counseling services one day, he wanted to know about what I wanted to do as far as work...I told him that I was interested in the teaching programs as the military was promoting soldiers to become educators....Well that joker (ie my daddy) didn't want to hear that shit (even after I had been signing up to schools for substitute work and the like and he very well knew of this) so he proceeded to say in a very condescending way "teachers don't make that much money and they have to work so hard and go through so much stuff...I don't know why someone nowdays would consider becoming a teacher...."

But catch this!!!!!!

This is what he came over after his cruise to talk to me about....Apparently he has been talking to someone either before the cruise, on the cruise or in Maryland where they flew to from Louisiana to board the cruise ship, about teaching jobs and here he is invading my private time with the internet about going into the teaching profession.....My daddy is a true hypocrite!!!!! People that is not the clincher!!!! He got a degree from Southern University in either 1967 or 1968 and guess what his degree is in?!!!!! PHYSICAL EDUCATION!!!!!!! HE HAS A DEGREE IN EDUCATION MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! Not withstanding, he works at a refinery and makes almost a hundred grand a year, so hence his attitude....And like everyone has been saying about his "cruising" attitude--"Not everybody is able"....

Trust me by the time he left my house he was hot and I don't give a damn!!!!

Governor Blanco you are doing well by promoting education and the teaching profession....Teachers are under-rewarded.....It is an honorable profession....My daddy has never supported anything his kids have done unless he could control the show and that is the reason we are stiffled to this very day!!!!!! A house full of unreached potential!!!! What a pity!!!!! I so love my Governor and my Senator even though I pick on Senator Landrieu....Put the steak down Senator Landrieu!!!! (snicker)

The Closer I get to you--Luther Vandross and Beyonce Knowles

Parents can be manipulating and controlling but teachers shouldn't be....Teachers should always be leaders and guiders....I was subtly warned by Dean Dowers (my "mama") that my daddy was too involved in my life while attending college at McNeese....I didn't listen.....Grrrrr!!!! This man stopped me from going to USL and being a RAGIN' CAJUN!!!! He manipulated me into staying close to home.....Grrrrr!!!!! Between him starting on me and a couple of losers on NOLA's messageboard trying to tell me that I don't have a right to call myself "Cajun" or "CajunDelyte", it was about a bad weekend for me....But his hurt was much more than their hurt....Because I don't know them...As far as I know they could be some pervert addicted to Viagra masturbating to porn online....Damn losers!!!! So screw them!!!!

Screw them all.....The ones who are true at heart (Gov. Blanco, Sen. Landrieu, Summer, Irene, Willie L. Mount) gets my props....Everyone else who is not true at heart is just faking the freaking funk and they are just hanging around trying to convince everyone that they are right!!!!

Dear Lover--Teena Marie

I'm tired of living in the "shadow" of my parents expectations....I stepped outside the "shadow" a long time ago....Little do they know....

"Here I am....Here's my love....I just want you to--come closer now....Wanna tell you words--words of love--words that make you wanna come closer now....Come a little closer so that we can see into the eyes of LOVE...."


  • Being true to yourself and at heart is the only thing that matters in this world...if you can't be true to yourself, who can you be true to?

    No one has a right to label you but you, If you are a Cajun at heart, then call yourself a Cajun. F the rest. Be happy with who you are and tell everyone else to f off.

    Sorry about the foulness, but I'm worked up now. I dare anyone to tell me I don't have a right to call myself who I am at heart, or to do what my heart desires. grrrrrrr

    It's a wonder I haven't had anyone tell me the same thing with me being out of state for a few years and all...damn, and cajun means so many different things. You are Cajun, and that's that.

    Just be true to yourself and live your life as your heart directs you. Everything else will fall into place.

    That's my two cents, but then again, you already knew that. ;D

    By Blogger Summer, at Tuesday, July 11, 2006 5:51:00 PM  

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