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The Joys of Art

Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm always by your side

It's almost close to my 39th birthday....God this place is still cluttered--too much for my comfort....God said to me to as I start growing older to start lightening my load as I walk down his path for righteousness sake....I need to start parting with stuff--stuff that I have packed around for almost half my life....

Sweet Baby--Macy Gray

I have cross-stitchings here that I made that are over 15 years old that I have just been packing around where ever I have lived....They have never even seen picture frames--only the inside of a Ziplock bag....But what am I going to do with them??? I don't even watch football!!!

It's a drawing power.....We are drawn nearer to Him and to one another by His might, by His Spirit and by His power....

Eating fried catfish and boiled (very buttery) corn...Life is good!!! Muah!!!!!


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