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The Joys of Art

Sunday, July 23, 2006

File 13

Yeah you should hold a poetry contest Governor Blanco....Then that way I can drive down there on the weekends and around the Governor's mansion and see just how many "works of art" you've thrown in the trash can.... (snicker and LOL) Yeah....All submissions should be sent directly to you for evaluation!!! Sigh....I have this feeling that she'd throw my stuff in the trash can too...(shudder and cringe) Grrrrrr!!!! But hell, I don't write poetry anyway!!! (snicker)

Sigh....The sorrows of life are the joys of art....Speaking of Baton Rouge, it was the last place that I lived right before beginning my eight year stint in the United States Army.....It to me was just as "chocolate" and "vanilla" as New Orleans....I'm sorry, but I have to have a little "cream" in my "coffee" and that's just the way it is....

Black Coffee--Heavy D and The Boyz

We'll see how many minority contracts will be granted when all this federal (hurricane recovery) money starts rolling in.....And trust me I will be watching!!!! And if I don't like what I see then you all WILL BE HEARING FROM ME!!!!


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