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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Dirty Rotten Filty Stinking Rich(D.R.F.S.R.)--Warrant

D.r.f.s.r. lyrics

Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

Italian cars as long as my street
I'm gonna wear exotic animals on my feet
Pretty rocks on my fingers,
Pretty bells on my toes
Lots of cavier for my mouth
Maybe I'll even pierce my nose

Give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance
And I'll be dirty rotten fithy stinkin' rich

Sign it all in the palm of my hand
Nothin's gonns get in my way
You understand?
Got a house, got a jet
Got a rolls royce painted blue
The only thing that's left for me babe,
Is for me to own you too

I'm gonna have more money,
Than you have ever seen
Baby, I just want all the frills
Gonna insulate my body in green
Gonna light my cigarettes with hundred dollar bills

Give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance
Give me, give me just half a chance
To take you on a hopeless romance
And I'll be dirty rotten fithy stinkin' rich

Employers in these industries (and consumers of the goods these industries produce) are primarily the ones who benefit from illegal immigration. In a recent study, Patricia Cortes, a graduate student at MIT, finds that U.S. cities that have higher larger immigrant inflows have lower prices for housekeeping, gardening, and other labor intensive services. Ten percent more immigration lowers prices for these services by about 1.3%.

Who benefits from this shidt besides lazy, coddled WHITE WOMEN?!!!!



  • Yawn.....Gardening and housekeeping is not that phucking labor intensive!!!!! This is labor intensive motherphuckers!!!!!
    http://sharonisdelighted.blogspot.com/2006/07/playas-in-hood.html Sigh....Yawn....Perception is definitely "reality" in the White man's world!!!!! And for the record I do not consider Cajuns and the majority of peoples in Louisiana to be White....White people to me denotes an Anglo Saxon mentality and these people subscribe to trashy and greedy ways....They are the ones who need trashy and cheap labor....There is NO shortage of U.S. workers so phuck their trashy, cheap and greedy mentality!!!!!

    By Blogger Sharon, at Wednesday, July 05, 2006 11:29:00 AM  

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