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The Joys of Art

Monday, July 31, 2006

Comedy Style

Laugh until you cry!!!!

Bringing down the house

Friday, July 28, 2006

I am weak but He is strong.....

32 Such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he pervert by flatteries; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

33 Those who are wise among the people shall instruct many; yet they shall fall by the sword and by flame, by captivity and by spoil, many days.

34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be helped with a little help; but many shall join themselves to them with flatteries.
35 Some of those who are wise shall fall, to refine them, and to purify, and to make them white, even to the time of the end; because it is yet for the time appointed.

Idioms and idiots...."look like" and "feel like"....Sigh.....

There's a time coming when they will seek to leave military service but they won't be able to....

"This is a moment of intense conflict in the Middle East," Bush said. "Yet our aim is to turn it into a moment of opportunity and a chance for broader change in the region."

"Liken him(President Bush) unto Nimrod"--GOD

I'm always by your side

It's almost close to my 39th birthday....God this place is still cluttered--too much for my comfort....God said to me to as I start growing older to start lightening my load as I walk down his path for righteousness sake....I need to start parting with stuff--stuff that I have packed around for almost half my life....

Sweet Baby--Macy Gray

I have cross-stitchings here that I made that are over 15 years old that I have just been packing around where ever I have lived....They have never even seen picture frames--only the inside of a Ziplock bag....But what am I going to do with them??? I don't even watch football!!!

It's a drawing power.....We are drawn nearer to Him and to one another by His might, by His Spirit and by His power....

Eating fried catfish and boiled (very buttery) corn...Life is good!!! Muah!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This Wonderful Invention of Love....

Compassion is the ONLY thing that will slow "them" down.....What is compassion??? Well, it's obviously some form of love, but it is also understanding without necessary approving....It's empathy, sympathy, mercy and grace all rolled into one....Love can tear down the strongest mountain...It can cross the raging sea....Love can clear up a cloudy day and set a troubled heart free....Love can give hope when there's no reason...Love is the reason for the hope....Open your heart and show the world, this wonderful invention of Love....Love can also place a hedge of protection around an entire state....This book The Prophesied End-time is an excellent book and should be required reading for those who really do give a care.....

Wonderful Invention--Truth

I'm an Orange Moon

Orange Moon--Erykah Badu

"If you want to 'feel' me--better be divine....Bring me water--water for my mind...."--Erykah Badu

Sadie how did your collar get put on upside down?!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The White man's course on "Blackness"

Disclaimer: This is shouldn't be taken as the "gospel truth" but it is as close as it gets.....

Mission Statement: Our objective is to "school" White folks in the ways of Black folk and why we as Black people think and do some of the things that we do which at times can be quiet mind-boggling to our Caucasian cousins....This is an intense course and will studied in great detail encompassing many course sessions....

Session Number One: White folks have a lack of appreciation for the "Blue-eyed" soul singer Teena Marie..WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YA'LL??!!! Thus begins our "music listening appreciation session"....Listen up White people!!!!! Listen to this song bird!!! She's one of you!!! But we thank ya'll for giving her to us!!!!! We love you "Lady-T"!!!!

*Song Session Number One: Dear Lover--Teena Marie

**Song Session Number Two: Ooh La La La--Teena Marie

***Song Session Number Three: Out on a Limb--Teena Marie

****Song Session Number Four: Fire and Desire--Teena Marie (featuring Rick James)

*****Song Session Number Five: If I were a Bell--Teena Marie

Monday, July 24, 2006


Yes....I still love looking at birds and also feeding them.....I still feed my cardnals at my home and I still torment grackles to a certain extent....Being a member of the National Audubon Society I found a place in my heart for them....They actually crack me up....

MockingBird--Taj Mahal (featuring Etta James)

And yes, I still do love blowing my horn at them when I am driving through the parking lot of stores....LOL....They get startled and jump and then they give me dirty looks....But it is all in fun....And yes I do feed the grackles nowdays, after feeling sory for them as plenty of them have defects from hanging around refineries....Trust me, seeing a grackle with a mohawk is not cool at all!!!!

Oh yeah...i have a nest of baby mockingbirds naer my house and I can hear them....It's funny how something so little and starts off sounding like a untune whistle can grow up to have some of the most beautiful sounds come from it....

A Chick Flick Extravaganza

I always approach housework with renewed curosity....How some people have house work down to a "science" just plain baffles me....I'll never reach that level....So I created my own levels of achievement in life (with God's approval) for all those who happen to have not noticed it yet (snicker)....I have decided to do things differently and in my own sort of "ya-ya" way....That's "Ms. Ya-Ya" to you baby!!!! Somebody has to rock the boat!!!! If anything it will definitely prove to be interesting....Let's see how it all works out....So sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities.....:o)~~~~~

Wow....I have got all my packages off and plenty accomplished and I still have off until Friday when I start back working nights....B has her wine, cheese and wine glasses (my B had to work Friday and Saturday night on our seven days off)and now she is off and gets to enjoy her wine....My cousin was down from Cali with his 91 year old grandmother from Houston, Texas and we went to the Casino Thursday night and stayed out until two a.m.--I'm not a gambling woman as I have no extra money to be gambled away, but I went for the beers and the company....
Todd, your package should be coming up soon....I finally found a bigger box!!!! Uh....(snicker)...There's one thing included in my package that you might have trouble figuring out what to do with it but hey you're ex-military---just be creative.....Let's just say they go good in gumbo or in a salad......LOL....(snicker) Well!!! They do!!!! (LOL)

Summer has all the food stuff that I promised her....I regret starting my road trip off to Eunice so late in the day.....I am glad to see that she and her family are doing well.....She has a nice and spacious home and plenty company to boot--ore than she desires at times I suppose.........But she's got plenty of dancing room!!!!

I only ask one thing and that is that y'all don't put the stuff that I gave you to the "curb" or in the trash....Free to donate them to someone or give them to another but don't trash them....It really was an expression of my love and appreciation....Knowing my gifts were in the trash would make me feel so sad......:*o(

Now it is time for my chick flicks!!!!!! Sigh!!!! Life is good!!!!!

What goes better with chick flicks besides blue crabs??!!

The Blame Game


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unrequited love

Obviously the German Chancellor has NO LOVE for President Bush.....Trust me folks--gin will make you sin!!!! Whenever the President goes out of town he always goes out of town to get tore up!!!! Right now his inhabitions are low and he is feeling quite "lovable" if you know what I mean....Isn't that Condi's job to cater to the President's feelings?? But, hey, I can't fault the President....We ALL take risks when it comes to the game of LOVE.....And don't we all??? (Pause and calmly think about this)

What is Love??--EnVogue


File 13

Yeah you should hold a poetry contest Governor Blanco....Then that way I can drive down there on the weekends and around the Governor's mansion and see just how many "works of art" you've thrown in the trash can.... (snicker and LOL) Yeah....All submissions should be sent directly to you for evaluation!!! Sigh....I have this feeling that she'd throw my stuff in the trash can too...(shudder and cringe) Grrrrrr!!!! But hell, I don't write poetry anyway!!! (snicker)

Sigh....The sorrows of life are the joys of art....Speaking of Baton Rouge, it was the last place that I lived right before beginning my eight year stint in the United States Army.....It to me was just as "chocolate" and "vanilla" as New Orleans....I'm sorry, but I have to have a little "cream" in my "coffee" and that's just the way it is....

Black Coffee--Heavy D and The Boyz

We'll see how many minority contracts will be granted when all this federal (hurricane recovery) money starts rolling in.....And trust me I will be watching!!!! And if I don't like what I see then you all WILL BE HEARING FROM ME!!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm for real

I'm the real deal....

Deliver Us from Evil

Thank God for Guardian angels huh little baby?!!! And thank God for a "hedge of protection".....
U.S. President George W. Bush hands back a crying baby that was handed to him from the crowd as he arrives for an outdoor dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Trinwillershagen, Germany, July 13, 2006. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (GERMANY)
Can you imagine how that conversation went down concerning me:
Satan: (appearing before the throne of God and being his usual ole accusing self)
God: Whence thou cometh?
Satan: From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.
God: Have you considered my servant Sharon?
Satan: Yea. But remember back in 1988 you told her in a dream that she was wrestling with me and that I was trying to come against her. I was right there in the dream as you spoke to her and she saw me as even said that I appeared as an "opaque spot" in the dream. You have placed a hedge of protection around her as she does you will. I can't get to her like I want to. But (Satan chuckling as he contemplates his evil deeds) if you remove the hedge I can then institute my plans. She'll fall for my "sweet treats".....All skinny people love sweet treats (Yes, angels DO eat as it states this in the Bible...Angels eat.. Read Psalms 78:25 )....And when she gets a "taste" of what I have to "offer" it will be so to her demise....(Satan ending his discourse with a chuckle)
God: Consider it done
Satan: Nay!!! You consider it done!!!
God: I would not have my sons and daughters ignorant of your devices Satan
Satan: Yea...But those "dysfunctional" folks from Louisiana aren't the brightest bulbs in the package....I shall have her soul in less than three days....
God: Behold, you have within your power to tempt her even so to her demise....
Satan:Yea.... And it shall be so to her demise!!! (An evil and wicked laughter resonating from within him as he departs the throne of God)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Good going Governor!!

We got your back Governor!!!! Louisiana demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!
Find out what it means!!!!

Respect(Ultra Mix)--Aretha Franklin

President Bush your (well-prayed over) post card should be arriving soon as I sent it off today....

Blanco sues federal agency over offshore environmental damage
By DOUG SIMPSON The Associated Press BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -

Gov. Kathleen Blanco sued the federal government on Thursday in an ongoing attempt to increase Louisiana's cut of the federal royalties generated by oil production off the state's coast.The suit seeks to block the federal Mineral Management Service from holding a scheduled Aug. 16 lease sale of 4,000 blocks in the western Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas exploration, accusing the agency of disregarding the environmental damage caused by the drilling. In a written statement, Blanco said the agency plans to hold the sale before getting adequate information about additional damage done to the coast last year by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."This action shows a callous disregard for the serious concerns the state has articulated in letters requesting the lease sale be postponed," Blanco said.MMS, a part of the Department of the Interior, issued a statement saying the agency is "confident that we have conducted sufficient analyses to make an informed decision on proceeding with Lease Sale 200."New Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has said trying to block the lease could endanger Louisiana's economy by making energy companies nervous about doing business in the state.Although the suit does not seek money, it represents Louisiana's latest attempt to get a larger share of the royalties. State officials have argued for years that Louisiana deserves a far bigger cut of the royalties that oil and gas companies pay to the federal government — partly to pay for roads leading to the coast, partly to pay for restoration of the coast.With no power as governor to block the sale, Blanco turned to the courts."The governor has made clear all along, this is her card to play," Sidney Coffee, Blanco's adviser on coastal issues, said of the lawsuit.Louisiana now get less than 2 percent of federal royalties, and the state's congressional delegation has brought the issue up annually on Capitol Hill, trying to increase that percentage.The House is considering a bill to give Louisiana and other Gulf states 50 to 75 percent of the royalties — a level the White House considers too high. A Senate bill offers a more modest revenue sharing program, giving the four oil and gas producing Gulf states 37.5 percent with another 12.5 percent to go into a conservation fund and 50 percent to the U.S. Treasury.The planned lease sale includes 3,787 unleased blocks covering about 20.4 million acres offshore from Texas and in deeper waters off of the coast of Louisiana. MMS said the sale could result in the eventual production of up to 262 million barrels of oil and 1.44 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trust and Obey

This song has been on my mind for at least a week....Obedience is better than sacrifice....I do try and do things according to God's will and not just for show or self-gratification....So if I send you something or offer you something it is because I have talked to God first and trust me anything that I send you I have prayed over it asking God to send forth the Holy Spirit and through that earthen vessel use it to minister to the receiver of my gift....

Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey

When we walk with the Lord
in the light of his word,
what a glory he sheds on our way!
While we do his good will,
he abides with us still,
and with all who will trust and obey.
Trust and obey, for there's no other way
to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

2. Not a burden we bear,
not a sorrow we share,
but our toil he doth richly repay;
not a grief or a loss,
not a frown or a cross,
but is blest if we trust and obey.

3. But we never can prove
the delights of his love
until all on the altar we lay;
for the favor he shows,
for the joy he bestows,
are for them who will trust and obey.

4. Then in fellowship sweet
we will sit at his feet,
or we'll walk by his side in the way;
what he says we will do,
where he sends we will go;
never fear, only trust and obey.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have so much food here that I need to get rid of a lot of this stuff....I have a lot of kids food items for your daughter such as raviolli, beefaroni, spaghettios and the like, soups, crackers, cookies and the like.....I'd really like for you to take some of this stuff as my ex is determined to tortue me by buying a mountain of food stuff....

On point

Stephen is on point as usual.....Stephen too bad others can't see the things that we see.....I bet a lot of people even call us LOONY!!!! An except from Stephen's blog below....

I was listening to an interview with John Dean recently on the Randi Rhodes show. He has just written a book called “Conservatives Without a Conscience”. Dean was planning to collaborate on the book with Barry Goldwater, the so-called father of modern conservatism, though he died before that could happen. It’s basically all about how a group of political sociopaths – social conservatives (the religious right) and neocoservatives (the empire-building militarists) - have hijacked American conservatism and taken over the Republican party. In my own book, Is Bush the Antichrist? I outline the three Satanic forces behind Bush’s rise to power, which include the apostate religious right, the militarists, and also corporations, the demonic reincarnation of ancient pagan gods.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006



An important announcement


Manipulative and Controlling men

I don't know what it is but I attract a lot of manipulative and controlling men....My ex who if he has any fanatsies of us ever getting back together can forget it!!!! Look deep before you leap folks!!!! So my ex tries to play some little manipulative guilt game on me telling me that my son said that no one has sliced a cake from him before and I wasn't having it....Then he gets mad beause I set him straight and says well then he won't come back after dropping his delivery off in Lafayette....I started say to "You promise??".....

Desire--(dancehall mix)--enVogue

Thank God we only have one child together....When Corey gets around 18 I will be turning cartwheels....Corey and I did slice a cake last year....We had a cake made with our pictures on it last year....Sigh.....Do certain people always just want something from me....Not everyone but I feel like certain people in my life are trying to suck out my very soul....Like I owe them something....Sometimes I feel like moving to an undisclosed location....Which is why I liked North Carolina....I had a support network and I was away from the controlling and manipulative influences....The manipulators and controllers were steaming mad as they seek you to be solely dependent upon THEM....

My ex-husband just totally wastes money on things that I think should be left on the shelf....So the wine was cool, but this joker also bought about 30 to 50 pounds of fireworks and Corey doesn't even like those things....These fireworks take up an entire duffel bag!!!!!

Summer if you want them they are yours....I'll come over and take pictures of them being set off....What the hell am I going to do with all these explosives in my damn house?!!!! Grrr!!! If that joke ever moves to Louisiana I'll be ticked so let him stay home in San Antonio with HIS PEOPLE--the linoleum people....

Sigh I need to get some rest....So I am about to high tail it back to bed again as I didn't get much sleep last night....I got your e-mail Summer but I can't mail these fireworks as that is illegal....That bag must weigh at least 50 pounds!!!! Geesh!!! That is the thing about my ex--he never met my needs....He tried to give me what he wanted to give me and a lot of that is why I resent him....Life is about meeting needs but sad to say people are about fulfilling their desires, lusts and fantasies that they have concerning others....Desires are meant to be ADDED to our life as they are NOT needs!!!! Amazing Grace---"He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs"..... ("Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His rightneousness and all else will be added unto you)...People seek their "desires" first and trust me God will give you just what you ask for especially if you keep bugging him for it....One reason I don't go looking for a "man"....God gave me all the things that I used to fantasize about and trust me plenty of those things that glittered weren't even gold....

When you are honestly seeking to do God's will he places people in your life and along your path to minister to you , comfort you and meet your needs, or have you minister to them or have both of you minister to one another....I know there were many times I have told God, "well if you don't give me a man I'll go out and get one myself!!!" I did and I GOT BURNT IN DOING SO!!!! Then there I was crying and saying to God and anyone else who would listen "I GAVE HIM MY BEST!!" Now did God ask me to give that man my "best"??? NO... I did that on my own....God didn't even place that "man" in my path I did that myself!!! In the long run NEEDS weren't even being met but DESIRES shole were (ie lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eye)!!!! Lots of women have said those exact words, especially after they have given up the "goods"..... Don't cast your pearls to the swine....They will happily trample upon them....

A Tool of the Illuminati....

FEMA=A front organization for the Illuminati , PNAC and the NWO..It's time to give FEMA a complete overhaul Congress!!!!!! FEMA bo beema is at it again!!!! Yawn...Mr. Chertoff you are beginning to bore me once more....Where exactly does the buck "stop" with you?!!! Oh I know at the "dislocation allowances" department....Evil folks in our United States government....Is that why you all sent that maleviolent spirit here to glare at m???

Letter urges state to plug gaps in storm preparationsBy Bill Walsh Washington bureau WASHINGTON - There are still serious gaps in Louisiana's hurricane preparations, according to the Bush administration's top homeland security official, who urged Gov. Katlheen Blanco on Monday to plug them - and do it fast - as the busiest part of storm season approaches. Secretary Michael Chertoff praised Louisiana for its 2006 hurricane preparations, especially given ongoing recovery operations from the devastation last year. But in nine-page letter that reads in part like a to-do list and part like a business contract, Chertoff reminded Blanco that federal help would be contingent on the state taking additional critical steps in preparing for evacuations, sheltering victims, emergency communications, transportation and law enforcement. He urged her to get the job done in 10 days.The letter appeared to be an effort to pre-empt the kinds of squabbles that occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina between the state and federal authorities over who was in charge and, ultimately, who was responsible for the poor preparations that various investigations noted."The secretary wanted to make certain that there are very clear roles and responsibilities outlined, expectations are understood and ultimately leaving no doubt in anyone's mind what the capabilities are at every level," Russ Knocke, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, said. Col. Jeff Smith, the governor's director of Homeland Security an Emergency Preparation defended the state's perparation for this hurricane season. "There's no questions that plans can always be improved upon and coordinated," Smith said. "This letter is just another step along that journey." In the parlance of hurricane preparedness, Chertoff made clear in the letter that the federal government is "leaning forward" to assist Louisiana this hurricane season, something it was accused of failing to do last year. He said the federal government had pre-staged an unprecedented amount of emergency supplies throughout the region, had mobile homes ready to go, a registry of more than 250 debris removal contractors and mobile communications units standing by. Estimating than 96,000 people wouldn't be able to evacuate from South Louisiana on their own, he said the federal government has inked contracts to get up to 80,000 out by bus, 46,000 by air and 15,000 by passenger rail. He warned, though, that it is up to state and local officials to get evacuees to pick-up points where federal transportation will have their engines running. He urged Blanco, along with 11 parish presidents and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin also copied on the letter, to provide a list of pickup spots by July 26. He likewise gave the state until July 26 to identify 75,000 shelter beds within Louisiana. "We have taken extraordinary steps to make arrangements with other states on your behalf to shelter those individuals," Chertoff wrote. "However, we cannot fairly ask other states to assume sheltering Louisiana evacuees until Louisiana itself has exhausted its internal resources." In the next 10 days, he said, the state should come up with a list of special needs medical patients who will need to be evacuated and sheltered in a hurricane. He said the state "must use its legal authority" to assess whether hospitals can shelter patients in a hurricane, review evacuation plans for nursing homes and make sure there are enough ambulances standing by. To avoid any confusion over law enforcement, Chertoff urged Blanco to work with his hand-picked federal coordinating officer, Gil Jamieson, to develop a "deputization plan" for federal officials who would be deployed to Louisiana to keep order after a storm. Blanco has already told the federal government that she will need a hand in evacuating people if another major storm hits. Chertoff said he is ready, but state and local officials have to order evacuations quickly to give the feds enough time to step in. He suggested a series of meetings leading up to a major storm to coordinate evacuation strategies. "We are prepared to provide that support," he said. "But we cannot do so effectively without your close cooperation and assistance."(Bill Walsh can be reached at bill.walsh@newhouse.com or (202) 383-7817.)

Monday, July 17, 2006


Nix that white jacket when you are on photo ops where dirt is involved!!!! Who in the world is dressing you?!!! Don't make me have to come down there!!! Lawd!!! White and mud have never had a "love affair" with one another--AND THEY NEVER WILL!!!!

Fire your P.R.!!!! I'll come down there and handle it all for you for free!!! Another thing is that I didn't like that little "David Vitter" episode during your press conference where he came out ahead of you and then turned around and walked back....It had me HOT AND STEAMING MAD!!!! Was he trying to upstage you?!!! If he wants to come out before you he had better be blowing on a trumpet and with a scroll in the other hand be announcing "All hail Queen Kathleen!!!" What he did was uncalled for!!!!

Now back to the white jacket.....That's a faux pas....If anything wear a white top and a cool (or cute) pinstripe jacket....Pinstripes are you mama.....It gives you the motherly look since you have such a young looking disposition to you....I would have said hello when I last saw you but I was shocked at how beautiful you were--beautiful....Trust me on this dear mama....Remember this: PINSTRIPES ....However, those pinstripes in that picture on that link is quite questionable for a photo op....The way they interlock is kinda scary!!!!! You are poetry in motion, "mama".... Pinstripes rock and they also play on color....Smart, beautiful, Kathleen--it's you!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Movies and madness

We finally got to spend some time with Corey for his birthday and trust me he was very antsy concerning that fact....My ex came down Saturday around nine O'Clockish P.M. and off to the movies we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean--Dead Man's Chest....I so love me some Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp....I have been busy and it seems as though I don't get anything accomplished....I still have to send Todd his potholders but there is still room in the box and I don't like to do things half-empty....

This Bitter Earth--Miki Howard

Just a few more things to compliment your potholders Todd then your box will be on it's way....Your cup will always "runneth over" when you deal with me.....:o) My super***** Belinda (Me love you "B"!!) gets her wine that I promised her coming up this week....But she gone (not a typo) kill me because I left the smoked boudin and spaghetti that I promised I wouldn't forget to take home in the fridge at work....My ex brought over 15 bottles of wine back so I packed her five and some wine glasses that he bought and some cheese that he also bought....We can't forget about Summer and her radio show...I'm listening but I don't have a current address for you Summer so if it pleases you then I'd appreciate it if you send it to me via e-mail because I have something for you....

I have to hook up some stuff concerning my computer which I won't say because of Bush and the NSA....Governor Blanco you are looking good "that's mama!!" and you are doing awesome job....You and the entire state of Louisiana have come a long way....I love to see you happy dear Governor....I pray each and every day that you are "granted favor with God and with man"....But I still won't send you NO poem of mine!!! The Governor be hating on poetry....(snicker)....
Senator Landrieu you rock!!!!! Thanks for all that you have done for the state of Louisiana Senator Landrieu....I was there praying for you when you tearfully said "Dear God, it's all underwater!"....You were talking about St. Bernard parish....I was there praying for you you even when your fellow Congressmen had to sleeping on a couch in the Senate chambers and Senator Vitter was going off on you on the floor of the Senate....I was there praying Senator...But how in the world do you manage to stay looking so darn young and yet I have so many gray hairs?!!! It must be the steak!!! (snicker)....I see you Senator Landrieu over there marinating some steak....(snicker)....I must be the oranges in the marinade that's keeping you looking so young!!!! It's the "-ade"!!! That's what it is!!!!

Sigh...I wish I could take time off to relax, unwind and watch a classical movie or something of the sort....I'd rather do these things with friends--the ones so close and also the ones so far away....Maybe one day soon I will.....Peace out....
"Willie Landry Mount"--Trevor

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I found him on the sidewalk one night and gave him to Corey to take a picture before we returned him back into the "wild" (ie his crawfish hole)....That little crawkiddie going to grow up to be a fine (and delicious) young thing...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Perfect Love

"Perfect LOVE casteth out ALL FEAR... " How many of you know what is the shortest verse in the Bible ? The shortest verse in the Bible is: "Jesus wept"...We learned this as children and my brother who is two years younger than me added his own special touch to it: "Jesus wept and Peter slept..." There is NOTHING WRONG WITH WEEPING, just don't get caught "sleeping".....

Right in the Middle--Luther Vandross

Me Shole Love Dis One!!!

Buh-Bye Mr. Santorum
by: rhabd0mancer (32/M/Columbus, OH) 07/14/06 07:02 am
Msg: 12155 of 12189
4 recommendations

You will have plenty of time to look for WMDs when you get your ass kicked out of Congress in November.

Booyah!!!!!! I love it!!!!! Awesome post!!!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Move on Up a little Higher....

I will be taking it to a higher level soon....No I don't plan on leaving earth....There are many more issues outside of Louisiana's that need to be dealt with on a higher plane....Well done Louisiana.....Oh so you had to fast, pray and get along with one another for almost an entire year....It was worth it....Please don't let the money go to your heads....Remain humble because the battle isn't over yet.....We've made significant strides but, I'm already starting to see pride and arrogance creep in.....Some of you are going to have us back at square one because of pride and arrogance!!!!

The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.....People should always be willing to watch, fight and pray...But they don't....They settle for the "trappings" of this world and the "deceitfulness" of riches....Apathy and complacency is draining the Spirit of Louisiana....Texas wants you gone from Texas so you'd better plan to come HOME and make Louisiana work!!!! We don't need anyone trying to "take their ease in Zion"!!!! If you don't want to work or don't plan to work then don't come to Louisiana looking for a handout!!!! Try the FEMA kitchen over in Washington, D.C.!!! It will be nice to possibly not have to write so many letters....Maybe the Spirit of God will lead me to do something exciting such as protest along with Cindy Sheehan at Bush's ranch....I'll spring for the Heineken Cindy!!!! Cindy...I like her....If you don't I don't care!!!! I spent eight years active duty Army just so I could say who I liked and who I do not like so if you don't like it then oh well!!!! In fact I deliberately spent eight years in the Army just so I could rub that in the face of White society!!!!! ;o)~~~~~ Freedom is NOT free--NOT even to White folks!!!!!

I've always been a NONCONFORMIST and controversial to boot....I guess that is why God finds me interesting.....How many of you can say that you honestly had the Devil pay you a personal visit?!!! Well I can!!!! Most of you would be scared of the Devil up close and personal....Not me I talk to him every day and let him know how much I hate him and I even asked God about a year ago to let me fight in the big battle as I want to kick Satan's azz!!!

Anteehoo, Senator Landrieu you get a break from me...You members of Congress are expensive!!! You won't hear from me for a while unless I find some more "Yeas" upsetting....Sorry Senator but the military troops need to be BROUGHT HOME!!!! But God is calling me to devote more time engaging in spiritual warfare at a higher plane....So keep praying for Louisiana Senator Landrieu and put the steak down....Now it is time to start developing my other side....My creative side Louisiana side....I haven't taken any pictures in a minute....Music...Music is important to God so that needs to be explored also....

Poetry.....Hmmmmmmm.....Me likes so me explore some poetry Governor Blanco.....Right now I'll just do a lot of reading which I haven't done in a while.....Don't worry Governor you will NOT be getting any poems from me!!!! I plan to do that kinda writing low key style, that way ONLY I decide on what goes into FILE 13....Writing, singing, poems, and gifts, strumming a tune just me and my little ole introverted, intuitive self.....InFP....InFP.....Well, yeah that's definitely me....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's a Small World After All

LOL.....I saw where Governor Blanco met with the Mayor of Folsom yesterday....Mayor Marshell Brumfield is the Mayor of Folsom and he just happens to be a very close friend of my daddy....LOL...You should have asked him if he knew "Howard D."....They went to Southern University together and are very close friends.....It was the four of them : Howard, Randolph, Barron (who was shot and died as a consequence) and Marshell....I actually happen to like the town of Folsom as it seems much better than the small town that I grew up in.....

Life is a Highway--Tom Cochrane

( I had to search and look for this one....LOL....Yes, even after having over 3 thousand songs)

When I first went to Folsom back in 1986 I saw one of Marshall's daughter's cousin driving a Grand Am and as a consequence my first car was a Grand Am.....I loved my '87 Grand Am.....And it was brand spanking new bought by guess who---LOL---yes my daddy....Look he is not all that bad but we do have some unresolved issues.....So when I was reading in the paper how the Governor met with Marshell Brumfield I had to ask my mother of course if he was Mayor of Folsom (I am still ticked at my daddy) as his family has lived in Folsom for ages....LOL....Small world isn't it!!!!! They also had this awesome seafood restaurant that we went to...It rocked!!!!

LOL....My son Corey has a very wonderful singing voice....I am about to go to bed and just picked him up from my parents as I am working nights until Friday morning....He is watching tv which you'd think he'd be tired after going to bed at 10:30 A.M. yesterday morning.....He is upstairs in his room singing "Life is a highway....I want to ride it all night long...." I guess "Life" truly is a highway.....:o)

Life Is A Highway--Tom Cochrane

Life's like a road that you travel on
When there's one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind
There's a world outside every darkened Door
Where blues won't haunt you anymore
Where the brave are free and lovers soar
Come ride with me to the distant shore
We won't hesitate break down the garden gate
There's not much left today
Life is a highway
I want to ride it all night long
If you're going my way
I want to drive it all night long

Through all the cities and all these towns
It's in my blood and it's all around
I love you now like I loved you then
This is the road and these are the hands
From mozambique to those memphis nights
The khyber pass to vancouver's lights
Knock me down get back up again
You're in my blood I'm not a lonely man

There's no load I can't hold
Road so rough this I know
I'll bee there when the light comes in
Tell 'em we're survivors

Chorus x2

There was a distance between you and I
A misunderstanding once but now
We look it in the eye

There's no load I can't hold
Road so rough this I know
I'll be there when the light comes in
Tell 'em we're survivors

Chorus x 3

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oils well that doesn't end well

What do you expect from a bunch of Luciferians Senator Landrieu and Governor Blanco??!!! President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney you both don't fool me for a micro-second!!!! You both put your trust in Luci's Trust and trust me God has you in his eye sight....

Lucifer--Dies Irae

Spare me the Twinkies, pound cake and Alabama sweet tea....Satan doesn't phase me and his attempts to kill me were foiled....I swept his "sweet treats" in the trash but not after I had people verify that they did exist....One co-worker came in and said to me "Oh I see you got yourself some goodies.....I was thinking in my head "These are NOT goodies and could you believe that the devil gave them to me?!!!"

Oil is the devils's elixir and trust me it is well loved by him....That stuff is loaded with brimstone (Sulphur or Sulfur--however you want to spell it)....People are getting turned off by it---well that is everyone except Satan and his minions who will try and destroy the earth over it....But God isn't going to allow that to happen so some of you'd better go BACK and read Revelations 11:18....Plenty of you are going to get a HEAD STOMPING over God's green earth and trust me--you deserve it!!!!!

So keep on playing with God.....President Bush everyone is hip as to what you are trying to do....People have long figured you out.....You have this idea formed in your demented and pathetic little mind that if you can bring about the destruction of over 1/3 of the earth then you can usher in the return of Christ....You have many of the misinformed going along with you but trust me Mr. President, God will NOT say to you "Well done thy good and faithful servant..." God is going to smash your head in you sneaky snake as you are not on His side at all!!!! You put your trust in Luci's Trust Mr. President and God sees this....God is going to deal mightily with you Mr. President and you too Mr. Cheney....Mr. Cheney your crumbling little heart is not after God but yet it is after everything that is vile, foul and destructive and don't think that God isn't seeing this.....So spare me the sweet tea, Twinkies and pound cake....ANYTIME I SEE SOME "BEING" DROP FROM THE SKY AND APPEAR IN MY OFFICE CARRYING ANYTHING IN HIS "HOOFED" HAND I AM GOING TO SWEEP IT IN THE TRASH....IT COULD BE CRAWFISH BISQUE FOR ALL I CARE!!!!

After Satan left, me, God and the angels had a good laugh!!!!! Have you ever offered a diabetic something with sugar in it??? Well I have and I know that they don't just DRINK and EAT everything since they know that it could have an adverse effect on them....Lol at the devil just bragging away about how he damn near killed someone ("come get you some of this good stuff girl", he says) and during that time I am just recalling Biblical scripture in my mind--"steal, kill and destroy; he comes as an angel of "light"; A liar, murderer and a thief"....All these words were used to describe THE DEVIL HIMELF!!!!!

Spare me your vile and foul rhetoric Mr. President and your second in command....God is going to deal mightily with you two and you can't twart scripture!!!! And to this I say "Yeah and 'so be it'"....Even so Lord Jesus..."



Love Me in a Special Way

Love Me in a Special Way--DeBarge

For all those who can sense that I have been a tad bit irritated as of late.....Well, they are back from their cruise and I have been busting my butt off working and the such....My daddy comes over last Saturday to pick up my little brother and he comes in and for a second (just a second mind you) everything seems cool...Now I haven't seen this Bahamas "sunburned" joker (he wasn't sunburned...Lol...) in damn near a week but yet he proceeds to start on me...."Have you found another job?" he says.....In my head I am thinking, "I didn't know that I was freaking supposed to be looking for another one while your a** was gone....." So then I proceeded to IGNORE HIS A**!!!! That only served to piss him off....

While I played with stuff on the internet he stood there and sucked his damn teeth and waited for a response to his selfish a** question....Then he started saying stuff which only lead me to believe that he had been bad mouthing me (and perhaps whichever one of my brothers is on his shidt list at the time) to others....MY FATHER IS A TYPICAL SELFISH AND SELF-ABSORBED BABY BOOMER!!!!

Why am I saying that???

Listen closely!!!!

When I first moved back here in 2003 I was interested in teaching--most definitely at the university level but I'd have to start off lower as I don't have advanced degrees.....So we go 'round and 'round on this issue as he proceeded to grip, control and sabotage my life once again, we got to talking as we were headed from the Consumer Credit Counseling services one day, he wanted to know about what I wanted to do as far as work...I told him that I was interested in the teaching programs as the military was promoting soldiers to become educators....Well that joker (ie my daddy) didn't want to hear that shit (even after I had been signing up to schools for substitute work and the like and he very well knew of this) so he proceeded to say in a very condescending way "teachers don't make that much money and they have to work so hard and go through so much stuff...I don't know why someone nowdays would consider becoming a teacher...."

But catch this!!!!!!

This is what he came over after his cruise to talk to me about....Apparently he has been talking to someone either before the cruise, on the cruise or in Maryland where they flew to from Louisiana to board the cruise ship, about teaching jobs and here he is invading my private time with the internet about going into the teaching profession.....My daddy is a true hypocrite!!!!! People that is not the clincher!!!! He got a degree from Southern University in either 1967 or 1968 and guess what his degree is in?!!!!! PHYSICAL EDUCATION!!!!!!! HE HAS A DEGREE IN EDUCATION MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! Not withstanding, he works at a refinery and makes almost a hundred grand a year, so hence his attitude....And like everyone has been saying about his "cruising" attitude--"Not everybody is able"....

Trust me by the time he left my house he was hot and I don't give a damn!!!!

Governor Blanco you are doing well by promoting education and the teaching profession....Teachers are under-rewarded.....It is an honorable profession....My daddy has never supported anything his kids have done unless he could control the show and that is the reason we are stiffled to this very day!!!!!! A house full of unreached potential!!!! What a pity!!!!! I so love my Governor and my Senator even though I pick on Senator Landrieu....Put the steak down Senator Landrieu!!!! (snicker)

The Closer I get to you--Luther Vandross and Beyonce Knowles

Parents can be manipulating and controlling but teachers shouldn't be....Teachers should always be leaders and guiders....I was subtly warned by Dean Dowers (my "mama") that my daddy was too involved in my life while attending college at McNeese....I didn't listen.....Grrrrr!!!! This man stopped me from going to USL and being a RAGIN' CAJUN!!!! He manipulated me into staying close to home.....Grrrrr!!!!! Between him starting on me and a couple of losers on NOLA's messageboard trying to tell me that I don't have a right to call myself "Cajun" or "CajunDelyte", it was about a bad weekend for me....But his hurt was much more than their hurt....Because I don't know them...As far as I know they could be some pervert addicted to Viagra masturbating to porn online....Damn losers!!!! So screw them!!!!

Screw them all.....The ones who are true at heart (Gov. Blanco, Sen. Landrieu, Summer, Irene, Willie L. Mount) gets my props....Everyone else who is not true at heart is just faking the freaking funk and they are just hanging around trying to convince everyone that they are right!!!!

Dear Lover--Teena Marie

I'm tired of living in the "shadow" of my parents expectations....I stepped outside the "shadow" a long time ago....Little do they know....

"Here I am....Here's my love....I just want you to--come closer now....Wanna tell you words--words of love--words that make you wanna come closer now....Come a little closer so that we can see into the eyes of LOVE...."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Plant My Feet On Higher Ground

I re-uploaded it....This mp3 file works....

Higher Ground--Missy Elliott

Mmmhmmmm.. mmmmmm..
Ohh yea yea yea
Ohhhh.. mmmm-mmmhmmmm
I'm movin.. higher ground..

(Ohh) I'm movin on (mmhmm) can't nothin stop me now
(Mmm-yeah) I'm pressin on (higher ground) to higher ground
(MMMM!) Each step I take (oooooh) is a new dawning of
(Ohh, oh-ohh) A brand new day (higher ground) for higher ground

Obstacles and situations, people places and things
I must overcome, cause there's a battle to be won
With my mind set on higher things
These things have become my footstool
I'm determined to reach my goal
I need peace for my soul

(Ohh) I'm movin on (that's why I'm movin on) can't nothin stop me now
(I'm pressin on) I'm pressin on (to higher ground) to higher ground
(MMMM!) Each step I take (each step I take) is a new dawning of
(For my higher place) A brand new day
(On my higher ground) for higher ground

I'm pressin on, the upward way
Brand new heights I'm gaining, eeeeeveryday
No higher place, that I really have found
(Lord plant my feet on) plant my feet on (On higher ground)
Forgetting what (forgetting what, is already behind me)
Is alread be, ohhhh-oooooh-ohhhhohwhoahhhhh
(I'm moving forward) Moving yahyeahh (for what's ahead)

I'm moving on.. can't nothin stop me now (nothing's gonna stop me)
I'm pressing on.. to higher ground (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Each step I take (ohhhh hohhhh) is a new dawning of (yes it is)
A brand new day (yeahhhh) for higher ground

The race is not given to the swift
Nor the battle to the strong only
But instead (??? ???)
But we gotta stay strong and fight on
Sometimes you feel like your foot might slip
Cause it's too much goin on
Just realize your goal is greater than your struggle
Just hold on and be strong

I'm moving on.. (I'm moving on) can't nothin stop me now
(nothing, no-no-no)
I'm pressing on.. (ooohooohooh) to higher ground (oahhyeahyeahh)
Each step I take (oh is the dawning of a new day)
Is the new dawning of (???)
A brand new day (yeahhyeahh) for higher ground

I'm moving on.. can't nothin stop me now
I'm pressing on.. to higher ground
Each step I take.. is a new dawning of
A brand new day.. for higher ground

Be strong, and fight on
But by all means, keeeeeeeeeeep moving

[Missy] I'm a witness (I'm a witness) for Jesus (nobody but Jesus)
[Missy] When I was down, and no one was there
[Missy] He picked me up, and he carried me
[Missy] I'm a witness (I'm a witness) for Jesus (nobody but Jesus)
[Missy] When I was down, and no one was there
[Missy] He picked me up, and he carried me

"Mama" I have something for you then I'm going to take a (short) break and then climb onto higher ground....He is calling us to a "higher calling"....We have made significant strides for Louisiana through Jesus, fasting and prayer....Not swiftness, not braveness but endurance has brought us through....We have to do what God has called us to do....

Last night was a rough night for me.....Sigh....

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Although I find it interesting and very comical at times that inspite of the "big fix", the Bush klan isn't supporting you, I don't laugh at people when they are in ill health or there is a possibility that they might have a life-threatening disease....To me that is NOT funny....So Congresswoman Katherine Harris you have my sympathy and prayer.....SEE!!!! I DO HAVE SOME REDEEMING QUALITIES!!!!!

Rep. Katherine Harris to have surgery
7/7/2006, 6:28 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Rep. Katherine Harris announced Friday she will undergo surgery later this month to remove an ovarian mass, which will be tested to determine if it is malignant.

You dropped the bomb on me

Sigh.....Teenagers do some of the most stupid stuff....They don't even freaking think about what they are doing!!!! I mean, I like to clown around especially on my weblog and I might even throw a cuss word or two (or three or four) around in the process but what these kids are doing now days is down right dangerous!!!!! They are making BOMBS!!!!! AND THESE BOMBS ARE OF A VERY DESTRUCTIVE NATURE!!!! NOW YOU CAN SEE WHY SOME TEENAGER BLEW HALF HIS FREAKING LEG OFF!!!!

You dropped the bomb on me--The Gap Band

And all it takes is a bunch of "sparklers"(the next things to be locked up behind the counter).....I won't go into the process of how they go about doing this but they dig a hole in the ground and place this explosive device in there with just one sparkler sticking out and it is lit.....My co-worker friend (not the woman who works in the lab) told me that some guys were making them and she was totally astounished at noise and the explosion and the fire that was created.....She said the first one that these guys exploded left her hands shaking for at least half an hour....No she was not the one engaging in this activity--only watching....This has the potential Governor to become a serious problem....But sad to say the kids mostlikely learned how to make them from the ADULTS!!!!

She said that when they light these things off they take off hauling butt because you don't want to be anywhere around these things when they go off....Now my friend knows what she is taking about because she has worked at a corrections center and has tried to shoot at her ex-husband four times and four times he buried her guns.....But she said that these concoctions are truly BOMBS!!!! I got this feeling that this is BAD NEWS for anyone during the holiday season!!!! If these things can rip off legs then they can totally kill a small child!!!!

I just looked up some stuff on the internet about these "sparkler bombs" and the pictures will totally astound you!!!!! These bombs DO GIVE OFF A LOT OF FIRE!!!! CLICK ON THIS LINK AND GO OH MY GOD!!!!! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the picture....

ThE thing about this is that I live next to an big open empty field....I can see some idiot kid trying to make one of these sparkler bombs and LEVELING THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Word and Shout!!!

Sharon and Trevor --Taking you there--Part 1

We got you Mr. B*sh--Padhners in Crime

Sharon and Trevor --Taking you there--Part 2

Sharon and Trevor --Taking you there--Part 3

Unhappy Birthday Mr. Bush

Jabonte's Lyric

Sharon and Trevor --Word and shout!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tiger Rag

Tiger Rag--Kid Ory (Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra)

I always deliver.....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My thoughts on Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp

They are gorgeous!!!!!! I will be seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest" when it comes out...

Back to work!!!!

Alright!!!! Congress!!!! Back to work!!!!! Your holiday is over and will NOT be extended until the end of the week!!!! You all need to be putting in overtime!!!!!

I'm the one who is working off from the nightshift!!!!

Night Shift--Commodores

I just, after all these years realize how "deep" is the meaning of this song....The Commodores are talking about men, who through their music tried to awake society's "social consciousness" or at least make most of us "stop and think"....I'm sure that this still even after all these years goes over plenty of your heads...."But you don't hear me though...."



Dirty Rotten Filty Stinking Rich(D.R.F.S.R.)--Warrant

D.r.f.s.r. lyrics

Dirty rotten filthy stinking rich

Italian cars as long as my street
I'm gonna wear exotic animals on my feet
Pretty rocks on my fingers,
Pretty bells on my toes
Lots of cavier for my mouth
Maybe I'll even pierce my nose

Give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance
And I'll be dirty rotten fithy stinkin' rich

Sign it all in the palm of my hand
Nothin's gonns get in my way
You understand?
Got a house, got a jet
Got a rolls royce painted blue
The only thing that's left for me babe,
Is for me to own you too

I'm gonna have more money,
Than you have ever seen
Baby, I just want all the frills
Gonna insulate my body in green
Gonna light my cigarettes with hundred dollar bills

Give me, give me just half a chance
To lead you in this corporate dance
Give me, give me just half a chance
To take you on a hopeless romance
And I'll be dirty rotten fithy stinkin' rich

Employers in these industries (and consumers of the goods these industries produce) are primarily the ones who benefit from illegal immigration. In a recent study, Patricia Cortes, a graduate student at MIT, finds that U.S. cities that have higher larger immigrant inflows have lower prices for housekeeping, gardening, and other labor intensive services. Ten percent more immigration lowers prices for these services by about 1.3%.

Who benefits from this shidt besides lazy, coddled WHITE WOMEN?!!!!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

It's raining so I won't have to hear all that noise coming from these kids popping firecrackers....It's too wet and besides they need to think about their neighbors and their blue roofs....

Art of Noise--Into Battle--Beat Box

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Playas in the Hood

Now what made me want to come home and search for my picture of the 21st Combat Support Hospital??!! Still unpacking--of bags and emotions...."This is for my people (soldiers) that's still rolling 'round at Fort Hood....This is for my playas at Fort Hood....Up to no good....Just kickin' like we really should...It's just an ordinary day....Ordinary day...."

Playas in the Hood--Donell Jones--(Da Fort Hood Version)

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Cruising--Smokey Robinson

"I love it when we're cruising together...."--Smokey Robinson