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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tough Love

We Got A Love Thang--Ce Ce Peniston

(If anyone can remember Ce Ce's video back in the day, she had her son in this video....He was such a cutie!!!)

I totally forgot that Senator Mary "perky nose" Landrieu was going to be in town....Now don't get me wrong, she has been able to maintain her incredibly youthful appearance like no other, but Governor Blanco watch Senator Landrieu's face and nose and when they both get "perky" then she is about to do something she ain't supposed to be doing....In other words, making her constituents mad at her.....

Exactly how do we go about suspending Senator Landrieu's Congressional limousine privileges for a whole month??? She needs it!!!! Call it TOUGH LOVE.....This is for her own good....That D.C. traffic circle isn't that hard to get around--even on foot....She'll be okay as long as she avoids the D.C. sniper....LOL....Can you see her now low-crawling and ducking behind bushes and trees??? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! It's called the "three to five second rush" military Mary!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!


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