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The Joys of Art

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stay Away from the Ant Mound!!!!

Senator Landrieu reminds me of my son....You can always tell when the both of them are going to do something wayward....Look at their faces and watch their noses....I remember the time my son Corey was less than two years old..I bought him one of those battery powered red fire trucks that you can steer and ride around on....So I took him behind the closed medical clinic to ride it around on the side walk....With it being summer he had on short and sandals....After a time he decided that he had enough riding around and wanted to walk (RUN) around in the grass....With him being so young you have to closely monitor them and I really didn't feel like chasing him across the empty lot that was next to the medical clinic....I was worse when I was about his age....We could go to Galveston, Texas and I would lead my mother on a chase all over the beach.....Anyway, he darted acoss the grass and then for a few minutes he was fine....Then he stopped...He had run right into an ant mound.....I took pictures and you can see his face so determined as he stepped off his little red fire truck....The perky nose that wayward people such as he and my wayward Senator possesses....

Senator Landrieu, dealing with President Bush is like dealing with a mound of ants....Don't mess with an ant mound unless you are packing a can of RAID and you're NOT wearing your nice pair of sandals.....I am tired of seeing you in pain from having to deal with that pitiful piece of a United States President....President Bush is diabolical....I don't know why his wife is trying to impress the citizens of Louisiana by even coming down here...Is it just to smooth over President Bush's lies??? We are NOT amused!!!! If President Bush wants to impress me all he needs to do is hand the Governor a check and get the hell away from Louisiana because everytime you look up he is threatening to veto legislation when it comes to helping Louisiana out.....
Hand the Governor a check and then get to steppin', Mr. President!!!! I'd really be impressed!!!


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