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The Joys of Art

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seven Whole Days

Drinking Mellow Wine--The Sharon and Trevor Show---It's Happy Hour!!! (I'm a tad bit drunk)

"Ms. Perky Face" Senator Mary L. Landrieu
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I'm off until next Friday when I start nights.....Woohoo!!!! We had recorded some posts but I sound too drunk on them so I am considering NOT uploading them, but HELL at least I am not drinking and driving....Just drinking and AUDIOBLOGGING!!!! I made some mixed drinks in my deliciously pink colored margarita glasses and drank them on an empty stomach.... As far as audioblogging goes, we are still testing the waters on that medium....

Fire, Limpin' and fallin' down....
Big Chief---The Neville Brothers

As far as my former boyfriend, quit calling me.....You have succeeded in pissing me off....No!!! I'm not looking for a new man so don't even try blowing my blog and e-mail accounts up with messages!!!!

"I'd rather be on my own--on my own.."---Toni Braxton
Seven Whole Days--Toni Braxton

I like being single, free and being spoiled by my "gwirls" !!!! God works in mysterious ways....He called Eddie home but He sent me Belinda!!!! She always feeds me!!!! AND NO I'M NOT A LESBIAN!!!! Just having fun and living life under my own terms and NOT YOURS!!! SO NA NA NA NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :o)~~~~~~

"When you come home this morning honey, you had your belly full of gin...."--Professor Longhair Tipitina

Tipitina--Professor Longhair


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