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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Governor rocks!!!!

Let her work.....Why are they always flapping their damn lips over something?!!! She is handling her business!!!! Damn!!!! They need the nepotism demons beat out of them!!!! LOL!!!!

They just want to make money hand over fist Governor Blanco by selling out Louisiana and raping Louisiana's coastline....They don't give a damn about heritage and culture....THEY'D BE JUST AS CONTENT TO PACK UP AND START ALL OVER SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! MTBE is toxic to our water, toxic to our land and toxic to our Louisiana culture and people can't see why I get passionate about corporations ruining the land....Our people have always survived off the land....If this were your home state and all this shidt was happening to you you'd damn near lose your mind also, but we all know that a plenty folks in this country have always had a "fuck Louisiana" attitude anyway....Sorry if the language offends you but I like don't care....Some things are worthy of losing your mind over....You weren't around here when Rita struck and blew all that asbestos that lines vessels in the refinery all over the place....WELL I WAS!!!!! I only saw mofos in other states complaining on messageboards on Yahoo and the Weather channel about how they had a hard time finding gas (and cheap gas at that) because Louisiana was down....So hence my attitude and if you don't like it then pray for me and let God deal with me....Your ass don't live here in Louisiana and no I don't plan on moving so screw that!!!!! If it ain't worth dying for then it damn shole ain't worth living for and that is my attitude about the entire situation....God can use anger but he can't use fear and there is NO FEAR in me--you hearing me?!!!! Anger is a great motivator.....Everything that I have put on this blog has been criticized to include pictures of my son.....People online have created screen names calling my son a "bastid kid" by attaching the latter to my own screen name....Well, I've never even had a child out of wedlock, an abortion or even a miscarriage....YES!!! I'M SURE!!!!
I spent over a grand of my own money writing to each and every member of Congress and some of you had the nerve to get on my blog and criticize Governor Blanco simply because she appears in my video CD to Congress.....But I guess we should hail your "chicken-shit" attitude about things right?!!!! Exactly when was the last time you wrote your Congressman??? How about your Governor??? Sigh...I get this feeling that the answer to those questions is NEVER.....
I don't need saving folks..... Nor did I put a disclaimer at the bottom of my weblog saying "for entertainment purposes only" if the truth hurts your monkey ass then either holler "amen" or "ouch"......Most of you people don't want truth, you want fucking entertainment!!!! I am not here to strip for you, date you, make you feel good, screw you, be your BDSM, give you money, give you cyber/phone sex, send you a zillion pictures of myself, let you watch me play with myself or be your girlfriend!!!! And I'm damn shole not here for you to tell me how to think!!!!! No expectations, no disappointments!!!! Got it?!!!! How in the hell can folks come online and EXPECT something from complete strangers is beyond human reasoning!!!!! Yeah I've helped out my friends online and even sent care packages because I wanted to, and guess what I had a friend online give me 500 bucks to move back to Louisiana and I've never even met him....But I didn't demand or expect anything from him and neither did the ones I sent care packages to....But people act as though the minute you sign on to your account you are here to fulfill their wishes and desires.....You don't even know me, for all you know I just might be a government experimental turtle who was trained to type.... Yes turtles can be trained to type--think Karl Rove....
THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND THIS CAJUN WOMAN IS A CAJUN MAN AND I'M PRETTY WELL SATISFIED IN THAT DEPARTMENT!!!! YEAH YOU RITE!!!! Some of you act as though I owe you something!!!! You don't even know me!!! Let's keep this in prespective!!!
And not too many people can actually say that the DEVIL himself has visited them...Well I can--and you know what?!!! I WASN'T SCARED OF HIS ASS EITHER!!!!!!


  • LOL...I see some folks on Yahoo 360 with over 200 and something friends on their list....How in the hell can you sit there and read over 200 e-mails and/or blogs each day??? But you see folks giving shout outs like they really know that person and that so-called "friend", has themself almost 300 friends whom they have had some kinda contact online on their own list....Knowing a person doesn't constitute giving a "shout out" to someone simply because he said some dope shidt on his blog one day....Trust me, his shidt mighta been dope that day but I guarantee, you STILL don't have a CLUE about that person....

    By Blogger Sharon, at Wednesday, June 14, 2006 10:14:00 AM  

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