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The Joys of Art

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Grrrrrr!!!!! Senator Landrieu!!!!!!

Me thank you very very mucho amiga!

Sen. Mary Landrieu

June 2, 2006

Dear Seniorita Mary Landrieu,

You don't no me yet miha but thanks to you're vote for free amisty for me and all my 600 relatives who will now be able to gayne axxess into dis wundoful contry. It would break me heart not to bring my intire family along with me. You have made this posiple. We thank very mucho miha. Again, thanks mucho. in riturn I will give to you free Spanish lesons. I will evun cook you special diner of chulupas, carne asada, barbacoa and i will marynate your stakes any way you lyke.

muchos gracious,

Juan C. don Vega

San Antonio , TX

Oh!!!! So she's too good for crawfish boils now days?!!!!!


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