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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Work Ethic

Oh Lord...Senator Clinton stepped on one of my values so I woke up this morning steaming....But thank God she raised an independent minded daughter who quickly called her mother and told her that what she said is NOT true about the young-adults in this nation....There will be more to this post when I have time today.....Grrrrrr..I'm still hot over those comments....Happy Mother's day to you also Senator Clinton....Some of us had to work Mother's day!!!!

So now I am going into the "resist and insist" mode....

Ain't that a Bitch--Johnny "Guitar" Watson

I don't give a damn about corporations....And screw your military/industial complex too mofos!!!! They can take all this shidt that we call "convenience" and toss it all into the bayou for all I care.....In fact I am trying my best to simplify my life....As you know my (new) job might not be the most ideal job but guess what?!! I only work two weeks out of a damn month!!! I work seven days and seven nights and you might not believe this but they have a low-turn over rate!!!! I work at a major industry in fact it is the largest of its kind in the nation and before that I worked at the third largest petroleum refinery in the nation so I do know a little bit about corporations and how they work...And you might not believe this also but I am off seven straight days every single damn month from Friday to Friday!!!! Yeah that's right--a freaking week of rest and relaxation every freaking single month baby!!!! You all baby boomers have worked me into a state of exhaustion and I refuse to live up to you AND CORPORATE AMERICA'S expectations and give you any more of my life so I'm here now bucking the system!!! So screw your work ethics!!! You all gave your families' and the nation's soul to corporations!!!!! All you got was "FUCKED OVER" in return!!!! In fact you all were the ones who invented the 60 hour work week and we have all been paying for it in the United States ever since....Hey!!! What happened to those pension plans that corporate America promised you?!!!! Hey!!! What happened to your 401Ks?!!!! Hey!!! What happened to the company health insurance benefits that they promised you would always receive even after you retire?!!!!!
Well the buck stops here!!!! Let me tell you this, I've worked 87.5 hours a week many of months....In fact, back in 2004 and 2005 I worked 8 months straight without having not one Friday, Saturday or Sunday off.....Do you know what this does to you??? It burns you out!!! Do you know what this does to you??? It leads to ill health, hypertension and heart disease!!!!! Do you know what this does to you??? It causes insomnia amongst many other disorders!!!! Do you know what this does to you???? It leads to depression, anxiety and substance abuse--popping pills to go to sleep and popping pills to stay awake (let's not forget gambling addiction--If I could just win the lottery I'd quit my job)!!!! Do you know what this does to you??? It causes you to sacrifice you and your family's lives (in the form of sky-rocketing divorce rates) for the benefit of corporations!!!!
I happen to love my work schedule....It allows for creativity....It allows me time to interject certain aspects of "me" into the workforce and into the world.....It's allows time for a second income by either developing your own small business, a partnership or hell--just going to work for someone else at another job site (some people like doing this)....Remember that small garden you've always wanted to grow?? Remember how much you love fishing (crabbing) and could even sell some of your catch??? What about that service you have always wanted to do in the community??? Remember how you always wanted to start your own band (I'm definitely talking to my Cajun/Creole folks on this one).... I, myself would love to branch off into internet consulting and community service and promoting my Cajun/Creole culture because Lawd knows we need more of all this in the state of Louisiana.....
Most job work schedules should be set up "this" way...."What about the single parents (mostly) women who can't work grave yards??? What are you going to do about them?" Darling, I can prove to you that you can have five different shifts and there would be no need for all this illegal labor.........For the single mothers with small children, you would employ a 6-2 shift and they would be off on the weekends and if you throw a dollar an hour "incentative" for coming to work on time and not missing too many days claiming to be sick, you would seriously be in business....
Contrary to what the "establishment" believes, most people wil NOT spend their free time partying so there is NO need to work us to death!!!! You could employ more people and at the same time stabilize the family structure while also promote small business growth and entrepreneurship......This would equate to more job productivity and (individual) input instead of folks having to sign their names on paper bags and underwear garment tags just to get recognition all the while experiencing job "burn out" and feeling like indentured servants (I'd like to give a "shout out" to Inspector 12!!!).....This concept could be successfully implicated if job wages were slightly increased (because you gotta factor in "Cost of Living") and we had a system of affordable health care and even child care (let's include child-care subsidies)....
But trust me America, President Bush could give two shakes less than a "damn" about small businesses...That man is truly a corporate whore!!! Look at how many small businesses have folded under his administration!!!!! I think Senator Landrieu and Senator Kerry have figured this out by now.....Just look at how the SBA (Can you say B is for "bureaucracy!!!") has been dragging ass concerning Katrina and Rita victims....I guess it took Johnny "Guitar" Watson to figure out that somebody's doing something slick....."Shole is somethin' slick goin' on....Shole is somethin' slick....Shole is somethin' slick goin' on....Somebody shole is slick...."


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