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The Joys of Art

Friday, May 05, 2006

Woke up this morning with my mind...

stayed on Jesus--no other help that I know....Every morning....Governor Blanco Me wonders if Kat Landry said a prayer for Louisiana and the nation yesterday.....Do you think she said a prayer yesterday dear governor or did she just talk "smack" concerning politics??? How about you Senator Mary Landrieu (and Senator David Vitter)??? What about you Mayor Ray Nagin??? Can I get a witness??? I know in my heart Senator Landrieu woke up yesterday morning with her mind stayed on the Lord also....I don't care what Senator Vitter says about you....He ain't still going off on you on the Senate floor is he??? If he is, he'll get a letter!!!!! I feel in my heart that Rep. Boustany said a prayer for Louisiana and the nation today.... He and Rep. Charlie Melancon look like praying Cajuns....Somebody say AMEN 'round here!!!!

"We've got to pray just to make it today..."--M.C. Hammer


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