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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tolerant of Nagin

That's all you can be of Mayor Nagin, Governor Blanco--is tolerant....He has been playing "devil's advocate" for too long....He needs much prayer....I'm praying that God will put someone else in office as Mayor of New Orleans....A person (Mitch Landrieu) filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding....Not "Willie" Nagin and the chocolate factory....That's bad when they print your mishaps on t-shirts....And by the way why is he so worried about things moving slow when he bought (bought??) a home in Dallas, Texas?!!! Texas??!!! Couldn't find any in Shreveport or Baton Rouge??? At least the Landrieu families didn't retreat to Texas and many of their homes were destroyed!!!! Shows you how much he cares about New Orleans and the state of Louisiana....Anything that you love is worth staying and fighting for!!! MAYOR NAGIN YOU NEED SOME SERIOUS PRAYER!!!!!!!


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