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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Things You May Not Know (or believe) About Me

I did 50... Others did 100....Mine reads like a novel....(snicker)

1. I am an InFP...We are perfectionists and we constantly revise (our weblogs)--to include songs and downloads to songs as I have almost 300 of them on mine

2. I am 38 years old (really)...I have a brother (same mother and father) who is 23 years younger than me

3. I dye my hair....I was born with gray hair.....This is true....Really!!!

4. I stayed a virgin until age 21 even after I received my first college degree...My second college degree from George Washington University only cost me a hundred and fifty bucks....No lie!!!! My diploma in computer networking (2002) cost almost twice as much as my B.S. degree did in 1989

5. I lost my virginity to a married man (Bummer Dude!!) There is a story to this so don't jump to conclusions....

6. I am divorced

7. I have only been married once

8. I had my son at age 27

9. I joined the military (Active Duty Army) at age 26

10. I stayed in the Army almost 8 years (if you count the DEP then it was 8 yrs)...I got out 18 months early due to a hardship discharge....Can you believe that I WROTE MYSELF OUT OF THE MILITARY?!!

11. I am from Louisiana (proud Cajun)

12. I love the color pink

13. My dog sleeps with me (not sexually)

14. I take a cruise every year( I took 2 in 2005)

15. I have mostly dated White men (My current boyfriend is Black)

16. I love my Cajun/Creole culture--Yeah you rite!!!

17. My ex-husband is Tex-Mex

18. I own a bass boat named "Sweet Cajun Fire"

19. I am a democrat (moderate leaning)

20. My diet mostly consists of seafood (mostly boiled)...The most I have ever weighed is 145 pounds with me being nine months pregnant....The most I have ever weighed not being pregnant is 110 pounds.....I am not anorexic I'm just skinny....At age 38, I am comfortable with my weight and if you don't like skinny women then take that shidt somewhere else snooky!!!!

21. I love both Cajun and Zydeco music (swamp pop also)...I love accordians and fiddles....

22. I love Gumbo (even in the summer)....Especially rad gumbo

23. I am the oldest of four children (we have late babies on my mother's side of the family)

24. I am have NO sisters (Can't you tell as I am always adopting "mothers" and "sisters"!!!)

25. My favorite color lipstick is "Cherry Jubilee"

26. My zodiac sign is: Leo

27. My favorite OPI shade of nail polish is "I'm Really Not a Waitress"

28. I have a secret crush on Senator Russ Feingold (Dat's my shawty!!!)...LOL..I am just kidding but he really is handsome and personable

29. I don't particularly care for President George W. Bush (that's putting it mildly) and I don't like you either Senator David Vitter.... I don't like Sinister (Senator) Bill Frist either---the cat killer!!!!

30. My first purse was one that I made while I was in kindergarten from a popcorn box and some string after a high school football homecoming

31. The teacher took it and set it on her desk and I told my friends watch this--So while she was away I walked up to her desk and took my purse back. They all still remember that and laugh at it to this very day

32. At age 7 I had an irrational fear of Mr. Potato head....There is something freaky about damn russet potato who has eyes, ears, nose, a moustache, who wears eye glasses and even smokes a pipe!!!!! He was scary and he still is!!!!! I don't care what ya'll say!!!! I stand corrected!!! I found out today that the little mofo is actually an "Irish" potato!!! But hell, he traumatized me so badly that I still to this very day would be scared to pick his little spud azz out in a "police lineup"!!!! (snicker)

33. In third grade I felt that I had to defend my playmates' "rights" during recess and I told the teacher on recess duty that we were going to sue her....What did she say?? "Little girl you don't even know what that means!!!"

34. My teachers by fifth grade had labeled me as retarded and even told my parents so....(Ouch that one hurt but I didn't find out that they had told my parents that until my father told me. I was over 21 and had my first college degree.)

35. I made horrible grades in grade school

36. I suffered from migranes in grade school due to the fact that I had an alcoholic parent and I had to worry all the time

37. I made decent grades in junior high school

38. I had to write a report for talking in 6th grade science class and since it was the 2nd report in a week that I had to write for cutting up so I decided to cut corners by not doing the research. I started off well but filled in the rest of the body with stuff I heard on television that night. I didn't think the teacher would read it. My friends still clown me for putting "Eeks!!! I saw a mouse" in my report. Not only did the teacher read it, she also read it to the class

39. I made excellent grades in high school

40. I kept my virginity all throughout my highschool days (see number 4)...Since I already mentioned this I must say that I have very long fingers.... (Don't even go there!!) I went back and read what I had written and how somebody is going to take it out of context but I'm gonna leave it, so have fun.....

41. My math teacher in high school kept me after school for using the word "suck"...It was a relatively new term at the time and I heard some kids using it so I blurted it out in class.... I truly didn't know what it meant and still really don't now....I can only figure that it pertains to President Bush...Anyway there was a long period of silence in the class as everyone was filled with shock and disbelief...Then the class started laughing hysterically....

42. I was in Band, French club, science club and Beta Club in high school

43. I really wanted to be a Ragin' Cajun and go to USL (now ULL) but my father pushed me into going locally...I did stay on campus all four years though....

44. I sometimes do naughty things such as the time I sneaked into the male athletes dorm with my friend. We got caught leaving...Honestly we just watched movies with a couple of friends....

45. The person that I consider that I hurt the most in life was neither my mother nor my father(because I feel that they have placed impossible demands on me throughout my life) was the Dean of Student Services who I worked for and who found out about my little "daring adventure" and was very hurt that I did that to her (I also worked in the dorm). Tearfully she told me that she loved me like she loved her own son and that I had almost put her in a bind being that I could have gotten expelled. Even though I apologized, it tore me up because I also considered her my "mama". I indeed became depressed about it and stayed inmy dorm room for almost a week, but she knew--because she sent word by one of my friends saying that she was not angry at me at all and that all was forgiven.....Awwwwww!!!! That's so maudlin!!!!! Sometimes you hurt the ones you love and it broke my heart to see her cry. A week?!!! Yes about 5.5 days....We were between summer and fall semesters and I had a dorm fridge even though I didn't eat that much until my friend came and got me....(Awww....I'm even in tears just thinking about that particular summer....Wonder what my parents woulda done if I had gotten expelled?!!)

46. I have been cross-stitching for over 19 yars. The year I graduated college I crossed-stitched her a religious design and she loved it so much that she spent three of her lunch days looking for the perfect frame and matts for it. I know because she took her secretary along all three days and it was her secretary who told me this. She moved to Arkansas and I haven't seen her in years.... You're still my "mama" Jo Eddie Dowers!!!! (Did my mama care that I called another woman "mama"?? Nah!! She liked Dean Dowers)

47. Do you all want to hear about the time I got in trouble in Cameron Parish?!!!! This was after the dorm incident!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!! Now this was a very serious matter!!!! Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (da game warden!!) thought we were poaching!!! It wasn't poaching that was going on!!!! I just felt like "doing it" in a "natural habitat"!!! "But on a federal wildlife Reserve, Sharon ?!!" Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! Yeah that incident had me "sweating" in more ways than one!!!!

48. My girlfriends laugh at this but I once stayed in a hotel for three days and stayed naked for the entire three days....You do the math!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

49. I've settled down a lot by age 38. I have gone through many trials and tribulations before that.....So I have decided to be "good" now....No more doing "naughty things"....That is why I stay away from two places and they are Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin...I'd hate to have to pull a Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and backhand some Capitol Hill police officers if they got in the way of me looking for my "boo" Senator Russ Feingold. "Where you at shawwwtaaay?!!" Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! Oh let me quit before I get issued restraining orders....(snicker)
My Boo--Ghost Town DJs

50.I don't plan to ever leave Louisiana to live anywhere else again....After hurricane Rita I woke up crying because I had a dream that my family was going to leave Louisiana for Georgia and South Carolina....I woke up actually crying and saying "Well who is going to stay and fight for Louisiana?!!" "Me"!!! That's who!!! It's my desire and God's will for me to stay in Louisiana--to help heal, help mend, help restore.....It's about YOU Louisiana.....


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