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The Joys of Art

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sorely Vexed

Why don't you see more Black folks in 4-H??!! How many people CAN'T tell that my spirit has been sore vexed lately?!!! It shows in my blog posts....Well this is straight up open rebellion aginst the "status quo" baby!!!! I knew New Orleans was not open to change....I knew Nagin was going to win the re-election....I personally think that the Blacks who reside in New Orleans are NOT open to change but only time will tell....Nagin (just like his hero President Bush) played the "fear card" on the African-Americans in New Orleans....Mayor Ray Nagin has as much wisdom, knowledge and understanding as a "Vlasic" pickle!!!!! There's never a "dill" moment when he's around!!!!

No Guns No Murder (Mayor Ray Nagin)--Blazing Reggae

People do not like change....They fear change and would rather continue in the same circumstances than to step out on faith...."The just shall live by faith"....I know what it is like to lose a home (foreclosure)....I know what it is like to lose a car(repossession) but I also know what it like to stand up and move on by faith and not just sit and wallow in misery and pitiful circumstances....Most of my Black heroes are dead and they were slaves....Slave narratives were written by people with a "rebellious" spirit....You will find few if any written slave narratives BY slaves who were scared to leave the plantation and who even discouraged others to do so....An exmple is Celia, a slave (by Melton A. McLaurin) she never left the plantation..She didn't even write a slave narrative it was written on her behalf about a century after she was hanged....Now the black male slave who most likely killed "ole massa" got his black ass outta dodge and I am sure that his descendents are living free and large to this very day.....

I can't for the life of me understand why when your race or ethnic group comprises the majority of the city's population you have trouble making it in that city!!! I tell the same thing to my ex husband and he is Tex-Mex and from San Antonio...The black folks in New Orleans have no excuse the outstanding rate of crime and drugs in that city....Go tell your lame ass excuses to someone else.....You want to see "scary" try being a single (divorcced) Black female with a son living in the City of San Antonio that has a population of almost 2 million and only about an 8 to 9 percent Black population....Now that's scary!!!! Hispanics make up about 56 percent of the population of San Antonio, Whites make up about 41 percent and Blacks are less than 10 percent.....They saw me as being "alien" to their city.....Hell, I was called "black dog" in San Antonio!!!! So you New Orleans motherphuckers can go and cry that sad song to Mayor Ray Nagin, but I ain't the one!!!!!!

You black folks have NO excuse as to why you can't survive in a major city that is at least 70 percent black.....Go and tell that shidt to someone else!!! I ain't hearing it!!!! Trials come only to make you strong, make you more creative and to force you to discover (legal) alternatives.....If you don't get that by now then you'll never get it....You might as well just get in the back of the line and wait for FEMA to rescue you, and while you are at it start singing that ol' Negro Spiritual Hymn "FEMA rowed the boat ashore...Hallelujah....FEMA rowed the boat ashore...Hallelujah...."


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