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The Joys of Art

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

The Senate lies....They ain't even in D.C....They took the entire week off to observe Memorial Day....This is Memorial Week for them....Yet ANOTHER BREAK FOR CONGRESS AND O.E.D.C. (Ole Evil Demon Child) GETS TO PULL OUT HIS "SELF-CHECK OUT MACHINE"....
Let's take a
peek on the Devil's spawn: (Meanwhile in the Oval Office--doors a shut)
"Woohoo!!! Thanks Congress!!!! Thanks for going on yet ANOTHER break and leaving me to my own devices!!! Laura where's my self-check
out machine?!!! With that sweet little beauty, everything I so much as think about becomes passed and approved into law..... She's better than all the 'nukular' toys in the entire world!!! That's why I named 'her' 'Laura' after my wife Laura!!! And with all the time that I spend with 'her' I can just see Laura becoming a bit jealous.... (Dubya chuckling to himself) Speaking of my wife Laura, she didn't answer me!!!!! Laaaaurrrraaaaa!!??!!"--George W. Bush

Meanwhile in Cajun country, I'll be spending my time BBQing, sitting under the stars keeping light by the outdoor fireplace, searching the stars in the heavens with my son and his telescope and remembering the true fallen heroes....


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