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The Joys of Art

Monday, May 29, 2006

Material vs Intellectual

Some people throw all their efforts into acquiring material wealth.....I throw all my efforts into acquiring a wealth of intelligence (ie wisdom, knowledge and understanding)....You couldn't get me to trade my pirogue and two bedroom Cajun style home on a swampy Louisiana bayou for nothing-- not even your nine bedroom, five bathroom mansion on the Florida or even Carolina coasts....Material wealth doesn't phase me---only culture and individuality does....

In fact, how are mofos (folks) just disappearing from cruise ships, jumping or even falling the hell off of them??? People have complicated their damn lives so freaking much in seach of the almighty "all seeing eye" (dollar, dollar bill ya'll) that their lives have turned uneventful and tragic and relaxation and enjoyment is simply out of the question!!!!!

I adhere to the "KISS" principle--"Keep It Simple Sharon"....A pirogue, crawfish and some Cajun/Zydeco--what else do I REALLY NEED??!!

Zydeco Boogie--Zachary Richard


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