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The Joys of Art

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keep on Walking

My ex-husband (who I am glad to give back his fracking last name to him) tried to tell my son several days before "A day without Mexicans" was to begin that he and my son were "Tex-Mex".....Lawd help his dum azz!!!! My son promptly told his father (Father?? Anybody can make a baby!!!!) that he was indeed Cajun and that he didn't have any taste for that damn Mexican stuff that he had ordered at the restaurant and was currently trying to shove down his throat....He also told his father that I was taking him somewhere over the weekend so that he could eat Cajun food to his heart's content....

Side note: Anyone else besides me think that Vicente Fox looks quite "reptilian"??? Like a sneaky and slimy "snake" in the grass!!!

So my ex-husband come telling me all this shidt on the phone and I was a bit more than irritated....Louisiana women (with particular emphasis on Louisiana Black women) had my ex pegged right because all of them that dated him ended up despising him....Some people need to stick with their own kind....

Hispanics (with emphasis on Mexicans) have been given a "pass card" in American society....I was having one of Senator Landrieu's Mad Bush moments.....I started to tell my ex that if my son was so damn Tex-Mex why didn't he stick up for me when his own family and friends were calling me "black dog" all night long back in 1993!!! Yeah but they also love the "equality" that Black Civil rights marches also brought them... And if my son is sooooo Tex-Mex didn't he say shidt when T. Kelly (his Army collegue) was at our own home and in our company telling me shidt like "As far as slavery goes Black people have nothing to complain about...It wasn't that bad so Blacks have nothing to complain about their ancestors being slaves"?!!! This same man went with us to eat out on our anniversary the first year.....A White lady in the American Legion was the only one that had my back that night!!!! All this stuff still grates me....Someone once asked me online why didn't my ex stand up for me....I told them "I guess it wasn't his fight..." Well it is MINE and I plan to put up one hell of a fight!!!!! WATCH!!! FIGHT!!!! PRAY!!!!!

If this phucker who has already been given a "pass card" by White society thinks that he is going to hang around Louisiana and drive me back into the dirt then he has another thing coming"....See my ex taking time off (when he just started this damn job) is grating me to no end....I know how he gets...He is a "loosh" vampire and he thinks that by virtue of me being a WOMAN and being BLACK that I owe him something and that something is to fix his phucked up childhood--cater to his physical and emotional needs....In other words be a "nanny", a "wet-nurse" and a "mammy".....I do NOT want him back!!!! I know what displaced Katrina residents from Louisiana feel concerning the lack of acceptance in Texas.....I've been there myself!!!! They don't accept you Katrina victims!!!! They are just tolerating you!!!!!

I will clean on run his azz out of town....He will not come (here) and mooch on me anymore....This man who wants NOTHING (IN LIFE) but feels like I owe him SOMETHING!!!! I don't trust him and thanks to the fact that Hispanics have basically been given a pass card they will continue to keep on thinking that way.....I don't care if he did buy me a boat...Hell he is back on his child support in the thousands...He'd better NOT make me call the governor on his azz!!!!! This is definitely going to God in prayer.....Keep your (illegal) Mexicans White America....I could use PLENTY of days without them!!!!!! Keep on walking motherphuckers!!!!

Keep On Walking--Ce Ce Peniston


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