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The Joys of Art

Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's Terror Time Again!!!

It's Terror Time Again--Scoobie Doo (on Zombie Island)

Congress you all crack me up!!!! There is always something going on with you Congress and now you want the nation to cater to your "culture of FEAR".....Zoinks!!!! SMDH!!! Congress are we at the point where we're supposed to be so frightened that when we flee in fear our legs appear as though they are moving backwards?!!!!
"Yes, It's terror time again....They've got you running through the night....It's terror time again, and you might just die of fright.....It's a terrifying time!!!" Snicker....Lawd!!!! Sigh....Happy Memorial Day Weekend Congress....Sigh....They just don't make U. S. Congressional delegates like Congressman Leo Ryan anymore....I think his death was a planned assassignation just like Senator Paul Wellstone's and Mel Carnahan's deaths.....Our U.S. government is no phucking good....It's evil, vile, diabolical, contemptible and Illuminati demonic run to the core......Satan himself is in charge of our government but the Lake of Fire awaits him and his minions.....

Side Note: My boyfriend (is that what we still are nowdays??) says that he is coming over today and fix my toilet...We'll see....I'll call Gerald later on after I get a couple of hours of sleep (Shhhh!!! Don't tell God that I didn't go to bed last night...LOL...Like He doesn't already know!!) and let him know that my Uncle and Aunt from Germany will be coming down today....He'll definitely come over then....


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