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The Joys of Art

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Her goose is cooked

You are history Congresswoman Harris....See what happens when you sell your soul for temporary gain??? None of dem Bush boys are planning to support you in the Senate race....It's quite comical but also pitiful at the same time....Did you really think that you could tame "Satan's seed"??? The entire Bush family has dedicated themselves to the service of Satan for generations....And they even have the nerve to call you too controversial!!!! Lawd!!!! See, I'm even want to have pity upon you....Those Bush boys don't even give a damn about you!!!!! You played the fool Congresswoman Harris and I am here to tell you this....Somebody's got to do the "hard math" gurl!!! Hey!!! That's what I'm here for!!!!

Why can't they (Congress) all be like Senator Feingold?? Hell, why can't they all LOOK like Senator Feingold to include YOU Congresswoman Harris??!! I wished you did look like him!!! He's hella sexy!!!! Of course if you did look like Senator Feingold then Sean Hannity wouldn't like you anymore...Come here "shawty"....Back it up right over here Russ....You damn shole is fine as gold....Hey!!! Don't criticize me!!!! Politics is supposed to be passionate!!!!

I Like the Way--The Isley Brothers


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