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The Joys of Art

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Geographically Challenged

Nearly a third of all young Americans can't even tell you where the hell Louisiana or Mississippi is on a damn map!!! Pitiful!!!! PEOPLE PERISH FOR A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE....Well let me tell you if they are having that much trouble with concrete concepts then abstract concepts such as Hegelian Dialectics will truly blow them out of the water....These will be the same people heading to Mexico in droves to buy drugs as if their consciousness ( body, mind, and spirit) isn't already fragmented........These are the same egotistical (prideful and lustful) dummies (and their parents also) that don't believe in the power of God but will have more faith and confidence in the "aliens"--legal, illegal and extraterrestial....("We are not alone", they say, as if this is a good thing. We shole ain't and you don't have to look "up" to see this... Try for once looking "around" you)They believe that when "they" arrive "they" are going to love us and want to be our friends....Keep on dreaming these out of this world dreams you big dummies....But, hey, at least we did manage to rid the schools of soft drinks....Talk about "Babylon working"!!!!

BlackBerry Molasses--Mista


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