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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dark Chocolate Thoughts

Jolie Blonde--Zachary Richard

People might ask why are you trying so hard for New Orleans?!!! First of all let me just say that all my relatives are from Cajun country with them hailing from Lafayette, Rayne, Plaisance, Washington, Port Barre and Opelousas....I do NOT have ANY relatives in New Orleans whatsoever nor have I ever lived there....In fact I live on the complete opposite end of the state....But I for one do take that comment very personally what Nagin said about a damn "chocolate city" because New Orleans is very much a "part" of Louisiana....Oooohhh look Governor Blanco some interesting stuff coming out of New Orleans outside of malted milk balls....

First of all no one knows what is truly in your heart Mayor Nagin so that leaves us pretty much in limbo as to where you were coming from with your comments...I know that you lived through more of the 60's than I did and saw all the civil rights stuff and the goings on but let me tell you this!!! Your actions as a Black male really turned me the phuck off...You conjure up all the fears in my mind of the typical Black male (THINK OJ BABY) who will walk over whoever he needs to in order to get whatever he wants to and trust me darling that is no phucking compliment...This is my opinion so if anybody disagrees with me I will just cuss your ass out!!! So don't write me trying to tell me shidt!!!! This is my blog and my feelings and if you don't like my opinions on the subject then click the phucking x and drive on Tyrone!!!! This is how I feel and I have a made up mind on this....My stress level Mayor Nagin is very high and if I were to write you a letter right now it would take total control of everything in my being to keep from cussing your ass out!!!! That is why after locating "Brownie" (my little "mousse" head) I refuse to write him at the moment because I would go off!!!! But he'll be getting a letter pretty soon enough.... My patience is very thin with you politicing motherphuckers at the moment!!!! You all are starting to disgust me!!!!! See Mayor Nagin, I can cuss just as much as you do...In fact I spent almost eight years active duty Army....They only teach you TWO things in the Army and that is how to kill and how to cuss....Trust me, before leaving the military I had them both down to a science!!!!

Look at how Nagin's ass treats Governor Blanco....Second of all I just want to say that although I will fight for New Orleans' culture, life and vitality I am certainly glad that I do not live in New Orleans because it seems as though too many of you folks from New Orleans are "chocolate city" minded...Mayor Nagin you actually made me glad that I DON'T HAVE FAMILY IN NEW ORLEANS!!!! I thank God for my Cajun culture each and every single day.....As you might have seen on my video when we evacuated we stayed at some White friends of ours home....Now if each motherphucker in New Orleans would have reached out to another motherphucker in New Orleans then no motherphuckers in New Orleans would have been left behind to drown!!!!! THINK ABOUT IT NEXT TIME!!!!!! Ya'll too busy trying to be "chocolate" and "vanilla" down there!!!! Governor Blanco, do you think that they even listen to Zachary Richard's music in Mayor Ray Nagin's "Chocolate city"??? Let us Cajuns show you how we do it around here Mayor Nagin.....Now I am going to take some time off this blog and clear my thoughts and enjoy MY little slice of heaven with that being some Zydeco/Cajun music, some boiled blue crabs and some pictures of my "shawty"(snicker).....I'm outtie!!!!!

p.s. I am going to be doing a "shift" change and getting back into my picture taking and culture promoting....I'll be hanging out at da "Cajun Hideaway"....God has been calling me to do this but I've been so busy with other tasks that I haven't even stopped to listen to Him and thus allowing you politicians work my last nerve!!!! But I'll tell you this....No one makes my heart more heavier than Governor Blanco and Senator Landrieu....Outside of my "shawty" the majority of you politicians jsut make me angry!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!


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