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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cotton Picker Blues

Cotton Picker blues--Clifton Chenier

Sigh.....What are we going to do with the Baby Boomer generation?? They always feel the need to be in competition with Generation X....It is a good thing that I was not highly aggitated tonight or it prolly would have taken on a dramatic flair....So my uncle and aunt are from down from Germany and I have to listen to my own mother try and shoot down every phucking thing that I have to say--to include my bass boat, my nails and all this is nothing of her damn concern anyway...So why is she all up in my shidt and all up in the conversation in the first place??? I mean if you are a woman who has been totally dependent upon a man for all of your life, then why do you feel the need to shoot down my shidt...I don't get it!!!

This woman is afraid to drive 150 miles down the road to Houston but yet she feels the need to try and shoot me down concerning shit that I happen to be quite knowledgeable upon....She couldn't even tell me how to insert a damn tampon because she has never even used one but yet she feels the need to make me look stupid about shidt that she doesn't even have ANY knowledge of and it wasn't her conversation anyway!!!! Now here she is trying to make me look totally dumb in front of my own relatives....You baby boomers are going to pay for your misdeeds....Try training up your children the right way and NOT provoking them unto wrath....I have totally stood by while my own mother put all her three sons before me and I didn't say shit to that extinct at all....Hey, but who was it that suffered from the migranes and the trichotillomania due to her alcoholism?!!! But this isn't the only time that she has done this...I have come to the point that I don't like being around her when she is around company....Somehow I feel this all boils down to a powerplay between her and my daddy (truly it has always been, if I care to be truthful) and I through no fault of my own happen to be caught in the middle.....

But hell, the buck has finally stopped!!!! Like I say I have given up pleasing my parents as I don't get anywhere...They won't ever let me forget that I was their only bastard offspring....So phuck it!!!!! Sigh....I might as face the horrible truth that my own mother hates to see me happy and successful....As far as I'm concerned I never really had a mother who really understood my needs.....So why knows why she is in one of her competition moods-could be something that went on at Church, could be an argument that went on with daddy (A powerplay--and lawd knows he can be controlling in his own right), could have been a debateful argument that went on with my Aunt and Uncle (my mother feels the need to ALWAYS BE RIGHT)....I don't live under those generation curses anymore as I have totally renounced them....So phuck it!!!!!

So what do you do??? You put on the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood to soothe your soul.....


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