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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cajun Ingenuity

Thirty-five bucks....It is made out of a propane bottle or butane bottle.... Hell I don't know the difference between LNGs....That's what I got Governor Blanco for!!! As long as something is getting hot or getting cooked then it's all good....LNG??? LPG??? Call the Governor!!!! I don't need to know all that!!! As long is it is not eroding my Louisiana coast or tearing up the environment then C'est Si bon!!!! This is NOT your mother's "Old Smoky" baby!!! It will look sweet on my bass boat..."Sharon, are you planning to BBQ fish???" Word!!!! What about BBQ fish gumbo??? That's sooooo rad!!!!

Rad Gumbo--Little Feat


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